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Partnering with NATPAT: Climb Aboard Our Meteoric Rise!

Unmatched Brand

We're more than just a product; we're a household name. While many brands lean on retailers for visibility, we've invested over $20 million to ensure Natural Patch is the whispered secret among parents and the talk of the playground among kids. With 50,000 monthly visits to our store locator, our dedicated community is actively seeking places to grab our products, and fast.


We're not just occupying shelf space; we're making it count. With category-defying gross margins, retailers find tangible value in showcasing our products. It's not just about selling; it's about ensuring prosperity for our partners.

Impressive Sell-
Through Rates

Our products aren't just popular; they're essential. Once a customer tries Natural Patch, they're hooked. And they're not just buying for themselves—they're spreading the word, driving consistent demand and rapid stock movement. The right placement, and you'll witness sales velocity that's truly second to none.

Efficient Direct

While we do collaborate with major distributors for streamlined ordering, we pride ourselves on our direct-to-store capabilities. Through our online portal, we ensure swift shipments right to your doorstep, all dispatched within a day. Plus, by managing this in-house, we pass on significant savings to you.


We've got your back, and front, and sides! From eye-catching display stands and educational materials to staff training sessions, we set you up for success. And because we're all about community, we amplify your presence with geo-targeted ads, shoutouts to our massive follower base, inclusion in our store locator, and even special email promotions targeting your locality.


No bots, no automated responses. When you partner with us, you get a dedicated account manager, available 365 days a year. Whether it's a query, a special request, or an exclusive offer, we're here, always ready to assist.

At NAPAT, we're redefining partnership. With us, it's not just about products; it's about shared growth, commitment, and a journey towards collective success.

Join Our Journey:
Natural Patch's Blend of Heart & Excellence

At NATPAT, we've woven a remarkable story since our humble beginnings in 2020. From our roots in Australia, we've touched families across continents, making waves from the US to unexpected spots like Iceland.

Crafted with Precision & Passion

Our dedication runs deep. By partnering with global experts, from aromatherapists to pediatricians, we ensure our products are scientifically sound and naturally nurturing. And while we've caught the eye of retail giants in the US and abroad, we've instead chosen to focus on authentic, local independent retailers across 15 countries, maintaining a passion for authentic connection.

Diverse Range, Consistent Praise

From our acclaimed BuzzPatch Mosquito Repellent Stickers (yes, even Kim Kardashian's a fan!!) to our expanded lineup of 8 wellness allies, we've earned raving reviews from parents everywhere. These products are not just effective; they resonate with the daily challenges of modern families and hailed as game changers.

Eco-Conscious at Heart

Our commitment extends beyond immediate wellness. We're passionate about our planet, embracing biodegradable materials and recyclable packaging. It's our way of ensuring that while families benefit today, future generations will too.

Why Partner with Natural Patch?

Beyond our global recognition, we represent trust, authenticity, and purpose-driven innovation. Stocking Natural Patch means aligning with a brand that balances quality with heart, resonating both with discerning retailers and the families they serve.

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