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If You’re A Pet Parent, You NEED To Read This

If you think that chemical tick collars are protecting your pet…

It’s time you hear the truth.

One of the most popular flea and tick collar brands, Seresto, has been linked in a recent report to 2,500+ pet deaths. 

And it’s all thanks to the dangerous chemicals they use to repel fleas and ticks.

But what if there was a way to give your pet the protection they deserve without the risk?

That’s what NATPAT is here to bring you!

Now It’s Possible To Get Effective Tick Protection Without Any Dangerous Chemicals.

NATPAT Tick Repellent Stickers do more than just protect your furry friends from the great outdoors. By choosing to keep your pets safe with natural solutions, you’re protecting them from toxic chemicals that could cause irritation, skin lesions, or in the worst cases, death.

Here’s Why Pets And Families Love NATPAT

Designs Everyone Loves!

Printed with fun emojis and patterns.

Easy To Use!

Stick to collars and harnesses with ease.

Amazing Smells

Natural oils like Fractionated Coconut Oil, Geranium, Cedarwood, Vetiver essential oils

Effective For 8 Hours!

Never worry about reapplying bug spray again.

100% Natural Ingredient, Never Chemicals

Our Tick Repellent Sticker uses natural ingredients to keep you safe: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Geranium, Cedarwood, Vetiver essential oils. With our guarantee to never use dangerous chemicals, our products will always be safe for pets.

Aroma Weave Technology

By infusing biodegradable bamboo fibers with natural essential oils, our AromaWeave™ technology is able to provide therapeutic-grade tick protection. And while they may be tough on ticks, our natural oils make these stickers gentle on your pup’s senses.

Long-Lasting Protection

Each sticker offers up to 8 hours of consistent tick repellent power, so you and your pets can enjoy outdoor adventures worry-free.

48 Colorful Patches

In Every Bag

Airtight Seal

Keeps Your Patches Safe Between Uses. Just Seal The Bag And Your Stickers Will Last Up To 12 Months.

Easy-to-Use and Functional

Just peel, stick on your pet’s tag or their collar and let the playful designs bring a smile to your face while offering serious protection.

Pet-Friendly & Safe

Perfect for all kinds of pets, these stickers are DEET-free and crafted using non-toxic, plant-based ingredients.

What Tick Problems Are You Looking To Solve?

What Tick Problems Are You Looking To Solve?

With our stickers, you can let your child enjoy the outdoors without the constant worry about ticks. These stickers are infused with natural essential oils that repel ticks effectively. Simply stick one on your child’s clothing, and they’ll be protected for hours of outdoor fun.

We hear you! That’s exactly why we’ve created our Tick Repellent Stickers. Unlike sprays that can feel sticky and be a hassle to apply, our stickers are a breeze to use and super comfortable for kids. Just stick one onto your child’s clothing, and they’ll get effective tick protection without any mess or fuss. Our Tick Repellent Stickers combine fun and functionality, ensuring your child stays protected while enjoying the outdoors.

We understand how concerning allergic reactions can be. That’s why we’ve designed our Tick Repellent Stickers with natural, gentle ingredients. Our stickers are infused with pure essential oils, providing effective tick protection without the harsh chemicals found in traditional repellents. Our stickers utilize our unique AromaWeave™ technology, made from biodegradable bamboo fibers, ensuring they are safe and skin-friendly. Simply apply one of our stickers to your child’s clothing, and you can feel confident knowing they are protected without the risk of irritating their skin.

Our stickers are made with natural essential oils that effectively repel ticks without any harsh chemicals. Plus, they have a pleasant, natural scent that both you and your child will love. Our innovative AromaWeave™ technology ensures the essential oils are released gradually, providing long-lasting protection in a gentle, eco-friendly manner. Just stick one onto your child’s clothing, and enjoy worry-free outdoor time without the chemical smell.

Our stickers provide long-lasting protection, so there’s no need to constantly reapply repellent while your child is playing outside. Simply stick one of our Tick Repellent Stickers onto your child’s clothing, and they’ll enjoy hours of effective tick protection. Our stickers are infused with natural essential oils, gradually released through our innovative AromaWeave™ technology, ensuring continuous protection throughout their outdoor adventures.

How Do Our Tick Repellent Stickers Compare?


Yes, tick stickers like these are effective in repelling ticks. They use natural essential oils like Fractionated Coconut Oil, Geranium, Cedarwood, and Vetiver essential oils to create a scent barrier that confuses and keeps ticks away.

Tick repellent stickers are generally safe as they are made with natural essential oils and are free from harsh chemicals like DEET, making them suitable for use by families with pets.

Small pets need 1 sticker to be placed centrally on a pet’s tag or collar or other harness. Medium sized pets need 2 patches.

We stand by the effectiveness of our tick repellent stickers. If you use it as directed and it doesn’t work for you, simply contact our customer service, and we will refund your purchase. It’s that simple - if it doesn’t work for you, it’s free!

The bag has a ziplock. Put the unused patches into the bag and seal it. Tick repellent stickers when sealed will last up to 24 months.

If you have a pack that is past its use by date, send a photo of the unopened pack to care@NATPAT.com and we'll send you a new one.

Patches are formulated and designed in Australia.

Ticks locate bodies using their sense of smell. Certain compounds, including specific essential oils, overpower the scents we emit, essentially hiding us from ticks.

All orders are dispatched the same day, and usually take 3-5 days to the USA, Canada and Australia.

Yes! We provide FREE, worldwide shipping on all orders.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 281 reviews
H.P. (Portland, US)
Camping trip saver

I ordered a couple of packs after seeing someone else talk about them on Instagram. I luckily don’t have a ton of mosquitos around my house but I was camping in the Redwoods a few weeks ago and we were completely swarmed morning and night - the most mosquitos I’ve ever seen. I passed them out to the group and they were a trip saver. After 4 days, the only bite I got was when we were packing the car and I changed out of the shirt I had my sticker on!

R.W. (Croydon, GB)
Repellent and Itch Relief patches

Super impressed with the itch relief patches.. they really work and they stay on weather in the pool for hours for days! The repellant stickers also effective. They do fall off certain materials so you need to key and eye on them.. but they work well!

E.B. (Arlington, US)
best purchase ever

too bad I waited so long but now we're stocked and loyal customers. we use the buzz patches for the whole family now after buying them for my 8 month old. they work like magic and we love in swampy hot climate perfect recipe for bugs especially mosquitoes. wearing the patches you will see them fly right on by

A.B. (Ilderton, CA)
Works better than bug sprays!

The patches worked better than expected. Bug sprays rarely work for me. I shared with other adults and we had a good chuckle about which fun designs to use.

C. (Mesa, US)
Buzz Patch is Great!

At camp last summer and this summer, I was one of the only people without mosquito bites. Most everyone was using the Off bug spray while I used a small sticker. I also love that they are stickers and easy to apply without having to spray my body. BTW - the camps were in 2 different locations. Highly Recommend!!

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