Mosquito Bite Infection: What To Do

Drawing of a mosquito biting a human hand.

Buzz… buzz… OUCH!

Ah, mosquito bites. Every parent's worst nightmare. 

Sure, scraped knees aren't great either, but if we had to choose, we'd pick the latter. 

Think about it: When your little one gets an ouchie on their knee, it's just about every parent's superpower to make it disappear. 

Simply clean the boo-boo, put on a bandage before sealing it with a kiss. Just like that— kids are back to building forts in the backyard without a care in the world.

On the other hand, Mosquito bites are so overwhelmingly itchy that they're practically impossible to ignore. 

And the worst part? 

Scratching a bug bite can make it even itchier! *Gasp* 

Resisting the urge to itch comes easy for parents who have quite a bit of experience dealing with mosquitoes. Why?

Because we've had a bug bite or two in our day and know firsthand how terrible scratching can be. Not only will itching those red bumps from dusk to dawn cause the itching to become way worse, but scratching can also delay healing. 

As for our little ones who are relatively new to the world and all the biting bugs that live in it, not scratching an itchy boo-boo is often much easier said than done. And despite giving them numerous gentle reminders not to scratch — they still do. 

In addition to being extra itchy and not healing properly, there's another major reason why it's important not to scratch a bug bite: infection. 

Sadly, it's true. Something as harmless as scratching an itchy ouchie can result in a painful mosquito bite infection. But don't panic; The Natural Patch Co. is here to help!

In this post, we're exploring mosquito bite skin infections, so you'll know exactly what to do in the event your child gets one.

Are you ready? Let's dive in!

Mosquito Bites: Fast Facts

"Please don't touch your bug bite."

"Stop scratching it, please…."


When your kids get a mosquito bite, it's hard not to feel like a broken record player. If our little ones were superheroes, scratching bites and stings would be their ultimate weakness. 

But despite being blue in the face from saying, "Don't scratch," a hundred times, we'll continue to keep reminding them, and for a good reason. If your kid scratches hard enough, that itchy mosquito bite can quickly transform into a painful mosquito infection. Yikes!

Why Are Mosquito Bites Itchy? 

The short answer: mosquito saliva.

It's first important to understand why mosquitoes bite and what happens when they do. 

While mosquitoes are able to fuel up on sweet sugary plant nectar, female mosquitoes require extra nourishment from blood to create and lay eggs. This makes you and your little one a prime target. 

Once the hungry insect lands on your child, she will extend her needle-like mouthpart to pierce the skin, hoping to strike a blood vessel. As soon as the mosquito finds one, she injects some of her saliva to prevent blood clotting before feeding.

In response to the mosquito's saliva invading the body, your little one's immune system will quickly jump into gear. Their bodies release histamine. It is this histamine that is responsible for the swelling and itchiness: Sort of ironic, very unfortunate. 

What Diseases Do Mosquitoes Carry?

But this isn't all mosquito saliva does: fighting off these bugs is also part of disease control.

According to the CDC, this substance also transmits these diseases:

  • West Nile Virus
  • Zika Virus
  • Dengue Fever
  • Encephalitis
  • Yellow Fever

What’s the Quickest Way To Stop the Itch? 

When a mosquito nibbles on your kid and an itchy bug bite forms, scratching is sure to follow suit. But seeing as scratching is a major no-no and can lead to a painful infection, parents will try just about anything to help their unhappy child resist the urge to scratch. 

From duct-taping oven mitts onto their tiny hands to bathing them in buckets of hydrocortisone cream — we've seen it all.

Of all the methods, however, the one we've found to work the best is none other than MagicPatch.

The world's #1 all-natural, non-spray, non-chemical magical relief from itches and bites, these patches will have your child convinced that magic is real.

The moment you put one on, our scientifically engineered Grid-Relief Technology gets to work using a mechanical action to gently lift the skin. This helps the lymphatic system drain the biochemicals that cause the uncomfortable itch sensation. 

Super easy to use, simply peel off a MagicPatch and apply it directly onto the bite — just like a fun sticker. In less than one single minute, your little one should begin to feel relief.

Put the sticky creams away: MagicPatch is here to save the day.

Tell Me More About Mosquito Bite Infections 

If you don't have MagicPatch and your child scratches their itchy boo-boo into oblivion, the bite can become infected. 

An infected mosquito bite is often the result of dirty fingers scratching away, ultimately causing the skin to break. When this happens, bacteria from the hands and under the nails are typically the culprit and can lead to a variety of painful infections.

Simply put, scratching a bug bite is a terrible idea... especially with dirty hands!

Some of the telltale symptoms that your little one's mosquito bite requires medical attention include:

  • Warm to the touch
  • Puffy and swollen
  • Oozing
  • Red and inflamed 
  • Skin dimpling (cellulitis)

If you notice any of the signs above, take your child to the pediatrician as soon as possible. If left untreated, a tiny mosquito bite infection can develop into a much scarier life-threatening infection. 

Can You Be Allergic to Mosquito Bites?

Yes. This allergy is called Skeeter Syndrome. Some bug bites are worse than others. No, we're not talking about the differences between spider bites, tick bites, and mosquito bites—We're talking about allergic reactions. 

Those, especially children, who are allergic to mosquitos have a hard time avoiding the temptation to itch. These aren't the cases that a simple antihistamine, calamine lotion, and ice pack can fix. Severe allergic reactions, while rare, can be dangerous and require a trip to the emergency room. 

Call your doctor if your child experiences any of these symptoms:

  • ​Confusion
  • Body Aches/Headache
  • Bites that look more like blisters

What’s the Best Way To Avoid Mosquito Bite Infections? 

After getting attacked by even just one skeeter, scratching to combat the itch is almost inevitable, especially when it comes to kids.

With that in mind and seeing as scratching is how an itchy boo-boo can become infected, the best way to prevent a mosquito bite infection is simply by avoiding the reason for the itch: mosquitoes.

Sounds pretty simple, right? 

Well, not exactly… unless, of course, you have BuzzPatch

The #1 all-natural, non-spray shield to protect you and your loved ones against itchy bites, our plant-based mosquito patches are truly a game-changer and a must-have in every parent's on-the-go toolkit. 

Made by parents for kids, BuzzPatch is non-toxic, picaridin-free,  DEET-free, and, most importantly, effective. Each patch is infused with a powerful but very gentle blend of kid-friendly essential oils that have been used for hundreds of years to repel hungry insects. 

Incredibly easy to use, simply peel off one of the frankly quite adorable BuzzPatch stickers and place it on your child's clothing nearest to the exposed body areas. That's it. 

Oh, and the best part? 

Seeing as kids hate putting on smelly sprays and sticky lotions, we designed BuzzPatch to be a super fun emoji design that kids just love to wear! After all, what kid doesn't like stickers? 

Stop Infections with Insect Repellent 

From the puffiness and oozing to the pain and tears, mosquito bite infections are certainly not pretty! 

If you suspect your little one's bug bite is infected, make an appointment with the pediatrician as soon as possible. 

As parents here at The Natural Patch Co., we love seeing kids at play with no concern in the world about mosquitoes. With our all-natural repellent patches, they can do just that! 

Infused with a powerful blend of kid-friendly essential oils designed to hide your little ones from the mosquitoes' senses, skip that chemical-ridden bug spray and try BuzzPatch for a natural solution to keep the biting bugs away. 

Ready for itch-free days and smiling kids? Check us out today and prevent itchy bug bites tomorrow. Just remember — don't scratch!



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