Mosquito Bite Scars: Causes, Itch Relief, How Long They Last & More

Mosquito Bite Scars: Causes, Itch Relief, How Long They Last & More

When you’re outside trying to enjoy the nice warm weather with your favorite mini human, getting attacked by a swarm of hungry buzzing bloodsuckers can be a total killjoy. 

Mother Nature’s biggest nuisance, mosquitoes, are a total headache. From the relentless buzz that never seems to leave your ear to the insanely itchy red welts that can drive just about anyone mad, the little vampires suck— quite literally

If you find yourself with a mosquito bite, it can be really tough to think about anything else other than itching it into oblivion. However, the truth is that scratching your bites can make them much itchier and ultimately prolong the healing process. 

What’s worse, on some occasions, scratching a skeeter bite can lead to scarring, leaving behind a constant memory of the pesky pest who helped itself to your blood. But that’s not the only way to get a mosquito bite scar; those with especially sensitive skin can develop a scar from a bite, too... even without scratching!

But don’t worry: in most cases, these scars don’t last forever. And with a little TLC, you can help speed up the healing process to get rid of them sooner rather than later. 

Want to learn more? You’re in the right place. Read on to discover everything you need to know about mosquito bite scars, including how long they last and how to prevent them from happening in the first place. 

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in!

Mosquito Patches for Kids

Mosquito Patches for Kids

A scientifically formulated and tested blend of highly effective, all natural essential oils that have been used for hundreds of years by indigenous communities to repel mosquitos.

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But First, Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Anyway? 

Did you know that there are over 3,000 different species of mosquitoes that roam the planet? It’s a bummer, but yes. While we wouldn’t blame you for hating every single one of them, the truth is that they’re not all created equal. First of all, it’s only the female mosquitoes who suck blood. 

What do male mosquitoes eat, you ask? Males prefer a diet rich in sweet sugary plant nectar. In fact, these harmless fellows don’t even have the mouthpart to suck blood. As for the ladies, they require nutrient-rich blood to reproduce. So, in order to obtain blood, evolution gave these gals a sharp needle-like mouth that can easily pierce our skin so they can snack on our blood. 

OK — Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch? 

When a female skeeter lands on your skin, she will immediately start to feed. Her mouthparts contain sharp bristles and tubes. The bristles slice a tiny hole in the skin, allowing the female to probe in your tissue until she hits a small blood vessel. Then two itty-bitty tubes are inserted into the blood vessel, with saliva flowing through one tube and your blood being sucked up through the other. 

The bug’s saliva acts as an anticoagulant (prevents blood clotting) that allows blood to flow more easily. This helps the mosquito to feed quickly. Once her belly is full, the blood thief will fly away, leaving behind her saliva. This is when your body kicks into action. 

Your immune system interprets the saliva from the bug as a foreign substance. This triggers an immune response to produce histamine. Histamine sends white blood cells and increased blood flow to the site of the bite in order to confront the invading substance, resulting in inflammation.

This increased swelling in the surrounding area is what causes the mosquito bite to itch and turn red. This is especially true for those who have allergic reactions to mosquito saliva. 

What’s the Best Way To Relieve the Itching? 

First things first: stop scratching

Scratching will only result in your skin becoming more inflamed, angry, and irritated. You also run the risk of breaking your skin, causing an uncomfortable infection, and — you guessed — more of an itch.

While there are many ways to help relieve the itching, we recommend our itch relief patches: MagicPatch! Using our innovative grid-relief technology, our Itch Relief Patches gently lift the skin to help the lymphatic system drain the itch-inducing saliva that was injected by the mosquito.

Super simple to use, all you have to do is tear off a relief patch, place it over the itchy area, and within 30 to 60 seconds, you should feel relief from the itch. 

What Are Mosquito Bite Scars?

A bite from a bloodthirsty mozzie tends to disappear within a week. However, there are some cases where marks on the skin can linger for much longer. For instance, if you scratch a mosquito bite hard enough, it can become a scar. 

In addition to scratching, if you happen to have extremely sensitive skin or an allergy to these pesky bugs, a scar can quickly follow suit after getting bitten. 

Are Mosquito Bite Scars Permanent?

Everyone is different and can experience mosquito bites differently. Some scars go away in just a couple of weeks, while others can last a lifetime. It all boils down to you and your body.

That being said, to avoid mosquito bite scars, preventing them from happening in the first place is key. Not sure how? Try BuzzPatch — the natural way to keep hungry skeeters far, far away!

Non-woven fabric patches infused with a powerful combination of kid-friendly essential oils, BuzzPatch is designed to confuse mosquitoes and hide your kids from their senses.

And the best part? Unlike topical bug sprays that contain DEET or Picaridin, our mosquito repellent patches are super easy to apply, smell amazing, and are non-toxic. What’s not to love?

No Bite, No Itch, No Scar: BuzzPatch — The Natural Way To Ditch Mosquitoes

At the end of the day, not everyone gets scars from mosquito bites. If you’re prone to scarring, have a mosquito allergy, or simply can’t stop scratching, you may be more at risk for scarring as the result of a bug bite. 

To keep your beautiful skin blemish-free, prevention is key. Don’t go outside without protecting yourself and your loved ones. And if you do happen to get a bite, quickly apply one of our revolutionary Itch Relief Patches to help your body drain the insect’s saliva to stop the itch in its tracks.

Remember, scratching a bug bite might feel good for the moment, but it can quickly turn into a pesky scar. 

Here at The Natural Patch Co., we know how irritating and painful bug bites can be — especially for our little ones. That’s why we created BuzzPatch. Our all-natural convenient patches are not only effective but convenient and perfect for those on the go. Simply place a sticker on clothing, backpacks, tents, or chairs to keep everyone protected, day and night. 

For itch-free happy kids, try BuzzPatch today and see why so many parents are turning to our all-natural mosquito repellent patches. Whether you’re taking the kiddos on a hike, roasting marshmallows around the campfire, or simply enjoying a sunny day in your backyard, BuzzPatch is perfect for all of your outdoor family adventures. 

Say hello to BuzzPatch and say goodbye to mosquitoes!



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Mosquito Patches for Kids

Mosquito Patches for Kids

A scientifically formulated and tested blend of highly effective, all natural essential oils that have been used for hundreds of years by indigenous communities to repel mosquitos.

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