The 2 Most Effective Essential Oils For Concentration

The 2 Most Effective Essential Oils For Concentration

Concentration can be a hard thing to come by for many adults. Between the stressors of work, relationships, and parenting, distractions set in and set up the house. But, due to work obligations, relationships, and parenting, we can’t let our concentration have the week off.

At The Natural Patch Co., we know that life can be complicated and get in the way of our daily concentration, but we are here today to talk about the ways in which you can get it back. 

How do you know what’s best to help you on your concentration journey with all the products on the market now? It’s no secret that chemicals and supplements can be addicting and have troubling side effects. Plus, quitting can be difficult or even dangerous.

That’s why we would rather do things the all-natural way. Check this out: Oils and natural techniques can help invigorate your day, promote healthy brain function, and create lasting change. These tips and tricks strengthen your brain naturally and are non-invasive. 

We know, we like the sound of the second one too! Essential oils have been around longer than any chemical products you see on the market today. They are tried and true all-natural oils that help you naturally gain clarity and concentration.

Why try the rest when you can have the best? Cheesy, but seriously, it’s been the go-to for indigenous cultures for generations, so we know that it’s been proven effective and better than anything that’s come to market since. 

What Is Concentration?

We want to begin by defining concentration so that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into and exactly what is missing from your day. 

Concentration is your brain’s ability to start a task or activity and see it through to the end. Meaning if you start something, you’re able to finish it timely and effectively before moving on to something else. 

To start, keep in mind that harder tasks or more stress-inducing activities do require breaks and small stress relievers to keep the motivation needed to complete whatever it is you’re doing. Yet, those “brain breaks,” as we like to call them, shouldn’t lead to an abandonment of the original to-do.

They should provide just enough time to let your brain have a rest and then complete whatever you started. If you find that you’re not taking breaks but instead stopping an activity halfway through then moving on to start something else, this might sound familiar. At the end of the day, do you realize that you only have five to 10 partially done tasks? So, not only have you created a black hole of errands, but you also have a concentration issue. 

But there are many essential oils out there that, when used together, can effectively change your brain’s course. Below we have put together the best list of oils that will work in your favor. 

How Do Essential Oils Work?

If you plan on using essential oils for anything, it’s crucial to learn how to use them… and that’s through your nose. Smelling the oils invigorates your senses and allows your nasal passages to carry the scents from your nose to your brain, promoting the different benefits you get from various oils. 

Everything is connected from your brain out to the rest of your body. Your brain tells your body what to do, how to behave, and how to take in a situation. When your nose carries the scents to your brain, your brain tells your body how to react. In the correct blends, your nose can effectively help your brain’s concentration improve. 

There are two benefits to this:

  • One, as we’ve mentioned, your brain is being strengthened naturally and for the long term.
  • Second, they smell amazing! You’re going to love the scents that these oils give off and can smile brighter knowing everything you’re getting out of them. 

Promote Your Best Self

An important part of creating better concentration is creating a better attitude for yourself. A positive outlook on your day will help you focus as best you can. When you need to get things done, part of the battle is knowing you can do them. So confidence in yourself is vital. 

Bergamot helps with promoting self-confidence and positivity. When inhaled, bergamot will help reduce stress levels by easing anxieties and worries. It naturally helps you to feel more positive about your day. This is important because anxieties and troubles about the tasks we need to complete, as well as outside stressors, can reduce our ability to concentrate. 

Clear the Slate

In order to achieve the best concentration possible, it is also pretty critical that you are able to clear your mind. We’ve all seen the memes that show people working with a million tabs open, and if you’re able to relate to it (most of us are, don’t worry), then it should come as no surprise that your concentration and abilities to focus are being compromised. 

When you can’t “turn off” the noise inside your head, it makes completing tasks next to impossible. Just like when you have a negative outlook on your day, the number of tabs open in your head will constantly be pulling your attention away from whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. 

Adjust Your Perspective

For someone who struggles to concentrate, clearing your mind of these worries and distractions is crucial for getting through a day productively. To put it in perspective and make you feel like it’s possible, think about it this way: if you’re worried about what you need to get done three days from now, you’re causing yourself unnecessary and unhealthy stress. 

Your appointment or meeting won’t happen for a while, so stressing over the details is just wasting your time. If you’re trying to clean the house, don’t worry about cleaning the windows while you’re doing the dishes. The windows will get clean, but you are elbow deep in dish soap and warm water. Prioritize, plan, attack. 

To-Do List Item Number One: Make a Plan

The best plan of attack for your day, or daily errands, is a to-do list. Put them in order of time or priority if there’s flexibility and check them off one by one. But when you’re someone who operates with a million things asking for attention at once, that’s easier said than done. 

At Last: Atlas Cedarwood

That’s where the oil from the Atlas Cedarwood tree comes into play. Your body stresses out with the more items on your errands list, so Atlas Cedarwood is a natural remedy to calm your racing mind. It works by relaxing your nervous system (the connections from your brain to your body). 

Atlas Cedarwood and the Nervous System

The nervous system works by reacting to the stressors of your life. It takes the messages from your brain and tells your body how to react to anything and everything you’ve got going on. For adults, this is where those millions of tiny details flood our minds and overwhelm us to the point of that deer in headlights scene. For children, overstimulation will cause tantrums, outbursts in quiet situations, and unhappy moods. 

When you breathe in the scents of Atlas Cedarwood, your brain is calmed and, in turn, tells your body to chill out. It’ll give you the building block you need to focus your attention on each to-do list task and check them off one by one. 

Atlas Cedarwood in Meditation

Atlas Cedarwood is also highly effective in times of meditation. Those who are seeking a few minutes of quiet need a way to help their brain turn off for some reflection and regeneration. We often try to close our eyes to refocus our day, but our brains are yelling at us to hurry up because there’s a lot to do. 

Your brain needs these moments more than you realize to settle down. As Taylor Swift put it, “You need to calm down.” Meditation, and furthermore Atlas Cedarwood, is the perfect helping hand. 

Also, contrary to popular belief, this is not the type of Cedarwood used for mothballs. Atlas Cedarwood is woody but subtly sweet, so when you close your eyes for a few moments of self-reflection and rejuvenation, you won’t be transported to your great-aunt’s attic.

A Breath of Fresh Atlas Cedarwood

It’ll be more like the sweetest, freshest forest — all alone and peaceful. We know the kids make it hard to imagine, but if they’re wearing the ZenPatch also, your few minutes of quiet time are closer than you think. 

Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed

It should come as no surprise that you need proper rest and sleep for your brain to function at its best. When you get a full night’s sleep, your brain has had enough time to process the day and tone up for the next day’s events. You wake up with the right mindset to tackle anything that’s thrown your way. 

But days take a lot out of us, and sometimes we start to slow down. Even with the right amount of sleep each night, there are some days that just work us harder than others. On days like these, you’ll need a midday power-up, something that wakes you back up and puts your mind back on track for whatever your afternoon asks of you.

Peppermint and lemon essential oils are the best ways to naturally give you a pick-me-up throughout the day. These oils invigorate and stimulate the mind. When your mind is pushed in this way, it wakes up from the afternoon slump it started to fall into. You can feel your body and energy levels perk back up to finish out the day. 

We’ve Got You Covered

If you’re worried about where you can find all of these oils and how to get the blends just right to work in your favor, worry no more.

We created the FocusPatch to help keep you on the right track all day. Our cute and fun sticker designs go on clothes, and the scents will last for hours, so your brain will have the stimulation it needs to concentrate all day. With the help of modern science and ancient techniques, we have stickers and patches for anything life can throw at you.

Your Days Won’t Get You Down

We know that between our work and home lives, concentration can be a hard thing to accomplish. Kids need at least four things every time they ask a question, and your boss acts like you’re never busy. But our patches and perfectly blended oils will have you tackling even the hardest tasks you’re given, anytime, any day. 


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