Why Do Bug Bites Itch?

Why Do Bug Bites Itch?

The sun is getting ready to set, which means your child is about to race through the front door, begging to play outside just a little bit longer.

If it's the weekend, there’s really no harm in letting your kid stay out an extra hour or two past curfew. After all, they did finish their chores, and you know exactly where they’ll be. 

You nod your head, giving your child the coveted parent stamp of approval, and just like that — your kid is out the door. Ahhh, peace and quiet. 

Knowing that you have a couple of hours to yourself, you don your coziest pajamas and snuggle up on the couch to catch up on some of your favorite shows. But just before you reach a state of total relaxation, it happens — “Moooooom?”

With tears streaming down your little one’s face, they quickly hurry to your side for comfort, revealing the massive reddish bump developing on their arm. Relieved that it’s nothing more serious; you kiss your child on the cheek before letting them know that everything is going to be A-OK.

Lots of bugs can cause itching: bedbugs, bees, mites, and more. But we are here to talk about mosquitoes.

“It’s just a mosquito bite.” You tell them. But despite knowing the culprit behind the lump, your child cries. Why? Because they simply can’t handle the itch — that’s why!

The Dangers of Mosquito Bites

For most of us, we often experience swelling, inflammation, and a case of the itchies after getting bit by a mosquito. Our children, however, tend to get it much worse, especially those with skeeter syndrome

Symptoms of skeeter syndrome include nausea, hives, and a fever, to name just a few. A severe allergic reaction can also cause the throat to close in a case of anaphylaxis. 

Skeeter syndrome isn't the only threat. Mosquitoes can also carry illnesses and viruses like Malaria, Dengue Fever, the Zika Virus, and the West Nile Virus.

What’s more, despite our best efforts to remind our little ones not to scratch, they still do.

And sounding like a broken record, nagging your child becomes the norm for the next few days: 

“Don’t scratch.” 

“Itching will only make it worse.”


As parents, there’s arguably nothing worse than watching our vulnerable kids struggle with an uncomfortable boo-boo — especially one that itches. Sure, a scraped knee can surely summon the waterworks, but it’s nothing that a bandaid and kiss can’t fix. 

An itchy bug bite, on the other hand, can be tough. Not only do these ouchies require a little TLC, but in order to heal, it’s crucial to fight the urge to itch. 

Sounds pretty simple, right? 

Well, not exactly. You see, while it might be a wee bit of a challenge, fighting the urge to scratch an insanely itchy mosquito bite is a skill that many adults have developed over time. Children, however, do not have this ability just yet and will mindlessly itch a bug bite without even realizing it. 

Why Is Itching Bug Bites Bad? 

When your child is tired, they go to sleep. When your child is hungry, they ask to eat. When your child has a huge, itchy bug bite, they will try to scratch it — but not on your watch!

While itching a mosquito bite may provide some fast relief, the truth is that scratching will only make things worse. Much worse. 

Although the urge to itch can be excruciatingly overwhelming, giving in can irritate the area more than it already is, causing the bite to last longer and itch more.

But, that’s not all:

In addition to extending the longevity of an itchy bug bite, scratching may result in a painful infection requiring professional medical care to treat. If the bites turn into small blisters, it is even more of a problem to scratch. 

Why Are Bug Bites So Itchy? 

To really understand why bug bites are so gosh darn itchy, it’s useful to first learn how a mosquito bites. A mosquito bite is different from wasp stings, flea bites, or even tick bites. Unlike the brown recluse or the black widow, mosquitoes don't rely on venom at all.

When a mosquito lands on your child, it will use its needle-like mouthpart (called the proboscis) to pierce the skin. This allows the hungry insect to probe in the tissue until it locates a small blood vessel. 

As the mosquito is feeding, it will inject some of its saliva into the skin to prevent the blood from clotting. When finished with its meal, the mosquito will buzz off, leaving nothing behind but its saliva. 

The proteins contained in the saliva are viewed as foreign substances by the body and trigger an immune response. A compound known as histamine is then released and sends a signal to the nerves surrounding the bite site, causing the area to become super itchy.    

So, it’s actually your kid’s own immune system that causes a mosquito bite to itch.

How Do You Stop the Itch From Mosquito Bites? 

  1. Don’t scratch.
  2. MagicPatch.

When our little ones are battling an itchy mosquito bite, it seems as though the only thing we can do is gently remind them not to scratch. In most cases, it just takes time for the uncomfortable, itchy sensation to subside. 

That being said, most of the time, our children obsess over the itch from dawn to dusk. 

As parents, we all have a "toolbox" full of tricks at our fingertips to help soothe our little ones when they’re feeling blue. 

For example, when our child has a difficult time getting settled for the night, we might enlist the help of a little aromatherapy. If an upset tummy is causing distress, we have a solution for that, too. And when a mosquito nips our kid, leaving behind a red itchy welt — we have MagicPatch

These award-winning, non-spray, non-chemical magical patches provide relief from itches and bites. They are scientifically engineered with our revolutionary Grid-Relief Technology that uses a mechanical action to gently create a micro lift in the skin/ This gives the lymphatic system the boost it needs to drain the biochemicals that cause the icky itch sensation. 

Super easy to use, the moment your child gets bit by a hungry mosquito, simply peel off the MagicPatch sticker and apply it directly onto the bite. In less than one short minute, your little one should feel relief from the itch. 

 No sticky cream or calamine lotion needed!

What’s the Best Way To Prevent Itchy Bug Bites?

While MagicPatch can help fix the itch on the spot, when it comes to keeping our kids safe from mosquitoes, prevention is key. 

Here are a few quick tips to prevent mosquito bites:

  • Dress your little one in long sleeves and long pants. 
  • Tuck shirts into pants and pants into socks to cover gaps in your child’s clothing where sneaky mosquitoes (or ticks and spiders) can get to exposed skin. 
  • During mosquito peak hours, avoid going outside. 
  • Control the mosquito population around your house by getting rid of standing water and keeping the lawn mowed. 
  • Add plants that naturally repel mosquitoes to your property. 
  • Strategically place a few fans around your patio or deck to blow the buzzy pests away. 

In addition to all of these great tips, we also recommend arming your child with BuzzPatch!

Designed with you and your little one in mind, our brilliant mosquito repellent patches are truly one-of-a-kind. They are made with a scientifically formulated and tested blend of highly effective, all-natural essential oils that have been used for hundreds of years by indigenous communities to repel mosquitoes. 

Perfect for infants, toddlers, kids, and adults, our innovative repellent stickers are made from medical-grade non-woven fabric and contain a kid-friendly Citronella essential oil blend. These patches work both indoors and outdoors for continual protection. This careful formula keeps mosquitoes away naturally without any of the dangerous chemicals found in DEET and Picaridin. 

To use BuzzPatch, simply peel off a super cute sticker and place it on your child’s clothing nearest to the exposed body areas. Plus, our zip lock bag means you can keep our mosquito repellent patches effective for up to six itch-free months. 

The Natural Insect Repellent: Buzz Off, Mosquitoes 

So, why do bug bites itch, you ask?

Simply put, mosquito bites itch due to the mosquito’s saliva. When injected into the skin, the body naturally reacts by triggering an immune response. It is this immune response that is responsible for all of the itchiness.

To combat a case of the incessant itching following a mosquito bite, we suggest applying one of our incredible MagicPatches directly to the site of the bite on your little one’s skin — just like a bandaid. Within 30 to 60 seconds, your child should be comfy, happy, and ready to get back outside. 

At The Natural Patch Co., we believe the outdoors is one of the best places to make memories. There’s no time to be slowed down by icky mosquito bites and itches that won’t disappear.

Stop the bugs with BuzzPatch and relieve any itching bites with MagicPatch. Nature can’t stop us from enjoying nature.



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