Essential Oil Patches, What Are They?

Essential Oil Patches, What Are They?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock shielding yourself from the internet for the last few years (which: understandable), there’s a pretty good chance you’ve noticed that essential oils have taken the wellness movement by storm. Thanks to their lack of icky chemicals and power to fix just about anything, from itchy bug bites to depleted energy levels and everything in between, essential oils are in the limelight. 

The most common way many people use essential oils is to inhale them— both for their undeniably amazing scent and their incredible therapeutic properties. But they can also be used in humidifiers and diffusers, as well as diluted with a carrier oil and applied directly to the skin. 

While these are all great ways to use essential oils, our favorite way to benefit from the powerful plant extracts is with an essential oil patch.

What are essential oil patches, you ask? We’ll tell you everything you need to know. 

But First, What Exactly Are Essential Oils? 

Simply put, essential oils are tiny compounds extracted from plants distilled into oil. They are made by pressing or seaming various components of a plant (flowers, leaves, bark, stems, roots, etc.) to capture the powerful compounds that produce the plant’s scent and flavor, or “essence.”

That being said, it takes quite a bit of plant material to make an essential oil. For instance, around 5,000 pounds of rose petals make only one pound of rose essential oil. Because it takes so much of the plant to make essential oils, it’s a pretty powerful botanical medicine.

OK— What Are Essential Oil Patches? 

As we mentioned above, the most popular way to use these powerful oils is to simply inhale them either directly out of the bottle or by using a humidifier or diffuser. Many people also like to dilute their favorite essential oils with a carrier oil to apply directly to their skin. 

These are all great ways to reap the benefits of essential oils, but sometimes they can get a little messy — especially if you’re rubbing the oil directly onto your skin. That’s why we love essential oil patches.  

These powerful patches are infused with essential oils. This allows for the carefully targeted delivery of the beneficial essential oils without the main drawbacks of balms and rubs — oily, greasy skin and stains on clothing. Plus, patches require no virtually clean-up and leave no oily residue on the skin during use or after removal. What’s not to love?

What Are Some Common Kinds of Essential Oils and Their Uses? 

There are many different types of essential oils that offer a wide range of incredible benefits. 

Here are some of the most popular kinds:

  • Lavender

Ah, lavender! This deliciously subtle floral scent can help people to relax and drift off to dreamland. But that’s not all — one study showed lavender essential oil is also effective at repelling icky adult mosquitoes. 

Seeing as commercial insect repellents are often jam-packed with questionable ingredients and harsh chemicals, lavender essential oil poses an excellent holistic approach to combating these pesky buzzing bugs. In fact, lavender essential oil is one of the few ingredients we use in our all-natural mosquito repellent patches.

Skip the toxic stuff and say goodbye to mosquitoes the natural way with BuzzPatch. Not only is it made with clean ingredients, but it smells amazing and is environmentally friendly: perfect for protecting your little ones from bug bites. 

  • Peppermint

Derived from the peppermint plant, peppermint essential oil has been used for centuries to treat a wide range of illnesses, including headaches, colds, and digestive conditions. The minty oil has also been used to provide safe and effective relief from itching.  

  • Citronella 

Another super popular essential oil, the incredible benefits of citronella essential oil, can be attributed to its many properties as an antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, tonic, and more. Used all over the globe, citronella is most famously used for its unbelievable mosquito fighting powers, offering a much healthier — and natural — way to combat the winged pests.

Here at The Natural Patch Co., we can’t stand all the harsh chemicals found in popular insect repellents, so in order to keep our favorite mini-humans safe, we created BuzzPatch — a non-toxic, DEET-free mosquito repellent patch infused with powerful insect-fighting essential oils like citronella and lavender. 

Essential Oil Patches Are the Bee’s Knees! 

If you want to benefit from the holistic medicinal powers that come from essential oils, we recommend essential oil patches. Not only are they super easy-peasy to use, but they provide the targeted benefits of essential oils without feeling greasy or oily. 

Here at The Natural Patch Co., our effective mosquito repellent patches contain undiluted essential oils like citronella and lavender on non-woven fabric and are safe to wear on outer clothing — perfect for kids!

Non-toxic, DEET-free, and made with all-natural ingredients, our mosquito patches are not only easy to apply, but they smell great and prevent itchy mosquito bites instantly. 

Ready to kick mosquitos to the curb once and for all? Arm your little ones with BuzzPatch and tell those pesky bloodsuckers to fly the other way!



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