Five Foods That Repel Mosquitoes

Five Foods That Repel Mosquitoes

We all want the same things in life. To be happy, for our kids to be happy (and let us sleep from time to time). Oh, and not be eaten by mosquitoes. 

Some of us are more susceptible to being bitten than others. For those of us higher on the menu board, we need protection. Keeping ourselves and kiddos bite-free is the best chance we have at keeping any unwanted side effects in our homes. These include the harmful disease that mosquitoes spread, intense allergic reactions, and scarring from scratching.

All of these are serious side effects from such a tiny insect. While our beautiful Earth needs mosquitoes to pollinate flowers and plants, we are not a required food source. We’ve already brought you the list of plants that will keep the mosquitoes away. Today, we’ve gathered a list for you of the five foods that will help you keep mosquitoes away, as well as a few items to avoid. 

How Did We End Up Bitten?

So how likely is it that we are more attractive to mosquitoes? While mosquitoes do prefer animals to humans, they won’t turn their nose up at a good source of protein. According to reports, certain blood types are more attractive to mosquitoes. These types include A, B, AB, and O. 

This means for some of us, our chances are pretty good and meeting a flying pest or two. What are some other things that make you oh-so-tasty?

Turns out, quite a few:

What Else Do We Know?

Mosquitoes can find us at ranges of 50 meters plus. This means that if we are better suited than others for a meal, they’ll find us. 

But it’s not just our bodies that make us attractive; it’s our breath. According to studies conducted, female mosquitoes are able to find us based on their ability to zero in on our exhales. This is why pregnant females and those exercising outdoors tend to report more bites than others. Both of these states cause us to breathe deeper and exhale heavier, making those groups more vulnerable. 

For some, it’s the way our bodies process cholesterol. Those that process it quickly will have a higher probability of getting bitten as our pores will exude more cholesterol, making us a better target. Science is still learning more, and so are we.

What Should We Do?

Even if hiking isn’t our thing, we all go outside from time to time. So, protecting yourself from getting bitten is our top priority. We recommend stocking up on our BuzzPatch. It’s an all-natural blend of essential oils that have been used for thousands of years to ward off mosquitoes and other insects. Wear a few on your clothes and stick a few on your kids as well. This will help keep the mosquitoes at bay all day. 

Kids spend an adequate amount of time outside every day. Putting these cute and fun stickers on their clothing every morning will keep them bite-free and fancy-free. These stickers are safe, effective, don’t use harmful chemicals, and smell amazing. Your kids will never smell better. We call that a parent win-win. 

What Else Do We Need to Know?

So, yes, some of us are just more attractive to mosquitoes than others. But there are a few foods and drinks that we consume that also bring us to the top of the list. We are sorry in advance; some of you might feel personally attacked by these items. 


We know, but we did warn you that you might not like the list! Beer increases our carbon dioxide releases when we breathe, so drinking a few at a backyard BBQ will have you bitten in no time. 

This isn’t to say that you can’t enjoy a few, but maybe choose a different cocktail at outdoor events, at least at night when mosquitoes are on the hunt. The summer months are when it’s important to be extra alert for bites, so you should really find an alternative for those hot nights. 

Sweet Foods

Ok, we know we aren’t making any friends here. Sweet foods attract extra unwanted attention from mosquitoes. In the summer months, when we are more likely to indulge in ice pops and bowls of ice cream to cool off, mosquitoes are out and about. 

The dairy in ice cream and other cold treats creates lactic acid (sweat) that emanates from our skin. Mix this with the sweet aromas from sugary concoctions that fill the air around us, and we might as well wear a bullseye on our arms and ankles.

Salty Foods

Salty processed foods are another big target for mosquitoes. They’re a staple item at many picnics and outdoor events, but they aid our bodies in creating excess lactic acid. Which, as we’ve already learned, attracts more mosquitoes. 

The Five Foods Mosquitoes Hate

Luckily for us, the foods we can eat are healthy veggies and herbs that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. It’s great for adults and kids, getting everyone to eat a little healthier and repel pesky insects.


It smells great and tastes amazing in foods, and mint will naturally repel mosquitoes. The fresh smell is a natural deterrent for other insects as well, so keep some in your garden. 

Mojitos are a perfect summer cocktail if you are looking for a beer alternative. It’s refreshing, meant to be enjoyed very cold, tastes great, and is easy to make. If mojitos aren’t your thing, you could also go for adding mint as a garnish to other drinks, like a Moscow mule. The best part? You can also make drinks in virgin varieties so kids can enjoy fun mocktails all summer with an added bonus. 

Try adding some freshly chopped mint to fruit or yogurt for a sweet treat. It’ll have fewer added sugars than ice creams or other desserts and will still be satisfying.

2. Basil 

Basil is a fragrant herb that insects avoid, so adding this to your diet will help keep the mosquitoes at bay. 

Caprese salads are delicious and packed full of basil and other health benefits. Try topping one with coarse salt and a little balsamic drizzle for extra flavor. 

Looking for a main dish to add basil to? Well, in addition to it being a perfect and edible garnish to any meal, try making fresh basil pesto. It will work as a dip to bread but will make a great sauce for freshly made pasta. Plus, it adds in the benefit of another mosquito deterring food that we will get to in a minute. 

3. Garlic

Garlic isn’t just good for getting rid of vampires. Garlic can help repel mosquitoes. When you breathe out the aromas of garlic, it will keep the bugs away, and some even use garlic oils as repellents in their gardens. 

The best part about garlic is that it can be used in a multitude of ways. One thing to consider: fresh garlic is the best way to go. If chopping garlic isn’t your thing, you can buy jars of chopped garlic that can be used the same way. Although, we suspect that fresh garlic on your hands for a few days will be an added bonus to keeping mosquitoes away. 

Saute it with proteins or add it to salad dressings to add some amazing flavors. Garlic brightens any dish up and smells amazing when cooking, so don’t be afraid to add a lot. It’s also a heart-healthy option; the whole family will benefit two-fold from eating it with everything. 

4. Citrus

Citrus fruits are a delicious additive to a variety of foods, but the oils in citrus also help repel mosquitoes. 

Freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juices are deliciously sweet without the added sugars. The oils released from the peels also have added repellent qualities, so you’ll have added benefits from squeezing these juices yourself. 

Lemongrass is a way to enjoy citrus flavors without cutting any actual fruits and will work great in a lot of main dishes. Add some to the simmering broth you plan to use to make risotto, or add fresh lemongrass to a marinade for light proteins like chicken. Your family will eat every bite and will help keep the bites away. 

Bonus: Adding a little citrus into your daily diet is an amazing reason to go to brunch. 

5. Fresh Brewed Coffee

This one is probably just for the parents, but who doesn’t love the smell of fresh coffee grinds? The aromas released from freshly ground coffee repels mosquitoes. If there was ever a time you planned on investing in a full coffee bar for the house, now is it. 

You could also try burning some coffee grounds (responsibly, of course) to further the aromas in the house. While the science behind this isn’t conclusive, there are those who swear by the method. 

Time To Go Grocery Shopping

We are confident that you will love these recipes. Adding these foods to your daily diet is not only great for repelling mosquitoes, but they are also wonderful healthy additions for the body. Your kids will devour the delicious creations, and you’ll rest easy knowing that you’re protecting them against biting pests. 

Remember to always have fun this summer with friends and family and enjoy the process of naturally keeping mosquitoes away. 


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