The Florida Mosquito Season Explained

The Florida Mosquito Season Explained

Florida is a beautiful place to live and visit; between the beaches and the theme parks, there really is something for everyone there. But Florida is a big place, and it’s very humid… which means that the mosquitoes thrive.

If you and the family love Florida as a home or as a vacation destination, here’s what you need to know about mosquitoes and where they set up shop. 

Why Florida?

Unfortunately for Florida, it’s the perfect place for mosquitoes. There is a lot of rainfall, and the state is pretty humid, which is perfect for the breeding season. The weather and expansive coastal regions are the mosquito’s dream. We mean, can you blame them? That sounds pretty great to us too.

The winter season in Florida is pretty mild, meaning that mosquitoes will have to go dormant in the winter. But that doesn’t last very long. In addition, Florida saw the winter leave quickly last year and give way to warmer temps in spring. Unfortunately, this meant that those pesky insects were back faster than ever. 

Mosquito season is technically supposed to start in June when the heat gives way to a substantial amount of rain. Yet, experts are saying that this year the season will begin in May, if not earlier than that. What’s more, coastal cities like Miami, known for the hotter weather in all of their seasons, typically have mosquito activity regardless of the time of year. 

But don’t worry, it’s not hopeless. More northern cities, especially those that carry the most appeal for families looking for a great place to visit, will have less activity in the winter months and more comfortable temperatures too. 

However, scientists are reporting new species of mosquitoes hitting Florida cities, so protecting yourself from them is as important as ever. The Natural Patch Co. wants you and your family to be protected and vigilant against these buzzing beasts.

So, we’ve provided this list of tips and tricks to keep you from going crazy (at least because of insects) in Florida. 

Wear the Right Clothing

It’s Florida: You are battling heat and humidity pretty much all year. However, try to cover up as much skin as you can. But mosquitoes can bite through thinner material, which means wearing clothing made of heavier cotton or denim.

If it is peak summertime, try wearing clothes made out of windbreaker material. It’ll breathe better but offer way more protection than anything made out of spandex. 

Protect Your Surroundings

If you live in Florida, you probably already know that safeguarding your house against mosquitoes is a top priority.

Your Home: Your Fortress

Make sure there isn’t any standing water anywhere. If you like to have bird baths or potted plants in your yard, ensure that you’re dumping out any extra water from pots instead of letting it sit. Clean out those bird baths regularly.

It’s best not to leave water in them constantly as standing water is where mosquitoes breed. So emptying it at night and keeping them clean will discourage mosquitoes from leaving eggs behind. 

You’ll also want to keep gutters and curbs around your house clean. A buildup of leaves and other greenery breeds moss and moisture that mosquitoes love. If you leave your gutters full of these wastes, you’re basically asking for mosquitoes to rent a room in your house, and they don’t pay rent. 

Outfit your homes with screens for doors and windows, and make sure that all screens are free from tears or rips. If your screens do get snagged at some point, replace the mesh as soon as possible so that your home is always protected. 

On a Vacation Adventure

You might be vacationing in Florida, but these are still steps you can take to ensure your family is better prepared and protected from mosquitoes. With the uptick in rental homes versus hotels these days, big families are able to take vacations to their favorite places without breaking the bank. Well, it still isn’t free, but it’s a little more manageable.

When you’re looking for homes to rent, look for houses that have fitted screens on doors and windows and check for big fountains or empty pots all over the yard. 

It shouldn’t be a dealbreaker but ask the owners to keep the fountain empty for your visit and ensure that screens are clean and tear-free. It’s part of taking care of your home and keeping your guests happy. Keep the dialogue friendly and ongoing so there won’t be any issues with your stay. 

Protecting Yourself Outside the Home

At some point, you’re obviously going to leave the house. On top of making sure that your clothing is appropriate for safeguarding against bites, you need to make sure that you’re not attracting any extra unwanted attention from mosquitoes.

When we breathe, we emit carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes. So that means when you go to theme parks or museums that are packed to the brim with people, you can expect mosquitoes to follow. 

These activities are what brought you to the area in the first place, so we aren’t saying you should cancel your plans. Instead, stock up on our BuzzPatch bundles to keep you and your family protected all day long.

Powered By Nature (Made by Nature’s Biggest Fans)

We use all-natural essential oils that are proven to keep you and your family safe from mosquitoes. Simply stick the BuzzPatch onto your clothing and go on with your day. They’re safe for kids too, and your little ones will love the fun stickers that make their days a little brighter.

Of course, we’re not worried about all mosquitoes. Did you know that only female mosquitoes bite? Male mosquitoes are just pollinators, meaning that they do the same job as most bees, so you don’t have to be worried about them. Because of this, scientists recommend floral scents or fresh flowers around you, which repel female mosquitoes.

Our BuzzPatch uses lavender essential oils, which are derived from a flower. So you can stay clear of mosquitoes all day. Add citronella to this, and all mosquitoes will want to stay away from you!

These stickers are family-friendly and come in fun designs, and we haven’t met a kid yet who hates stickers! Kids will love getting to choose the designs for their clothing. The recommended amount of stickers depends on the age of the child. Plus, adults will love the satisfaction of knowing they’re having fun and keeping safe from bug bites.

Be Ready If a Bite Happens

IF a bug bite happens, you want to be ready for it. The itching will drive you and your kids crazy, and everyone ends up miserable. So, make sure to pack some of our MagicPatches as well.

These patches are scientifically-designed with a grid technology that stops the itching sensation. We know that the BuzzPatch will keep you and your family safe, but we, as parents, want to be ready for anything that may come our way. 

Have Fun and Stay Safe

These tips, tricks, and stickers are the best way to make sure your whole family is protected from any mosquito that might come your way, and if you’ve taken our advice, all that’s left to do is make great memories with your kiddos that will last a lifetime!


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Mosquito Patches for Kids

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