How To Fight Mosquitoes and Avoid Bites

How To Fight Mosquitoes and Avoid Bites

Mosquitoes: it’s so easy to forget they exist until they decide to bite you or your child. Then there is no way to forget, at least not until you relieve the pain and itch. So, how can we best solve this problem?

Thankfully, scientists have got your back. Who knows, maybe their kids are the reason for such breakthroughs? But through multiple studies, they experimented to find out how to best fight mosquitoes and avoid their blood-sucking bites. Mosquitoes are the prime culprit of ending outdoor fun and everyday adventures. 

Looking for something to help keep mosquitoes far, far away? You’ve come to the right place.

We are going to discuss all the ways to keep these flying pests away from your family for mosquito-free fun.

There are ways to avoid mosquitoes and keep them away, and you can also fight them head-on with assorted tactics. First, you need to know why mosquito bites should be avoided, other than the itches and cries that follow their bites. After you understand why mosquitoes’ bites can be harmful, you will see basic ways we can make life more difficult for them and a lot easier for us.

Some things, like adjusting your clothing choices, can make a big difference without being too much of a pain to do. Other factors, like blood types and pregnancy, can’t be changed, but we can still be better prepared.

Why Should I Avoid Mosquito Bites Anyway?

Mosquitoes seem like no big deal, for the most part. You are probably not really bothered much, other than applying some kind of repellent when it comes to protection.

But mosquitoes can cause more problems than you realize. There are all the crazy diseases that are spread by mosquitoes.

Some of the diseases mosquitoes spread include:

  • Zika virus 
  • West Nile virus 
  • Chikungunya virus 
  • Dengue
  • Malaria

Those all sound pretty familiar, but what is Skeeter Syndrome? Skeeter Syndrome is when your child gets bitten by a mosquito and has an allergic reaction to the mosquito’s saliva. It usually includes fever and inflammation.

When they bite us, mosquitoes release their saliva into our bodies. This is how those nasty diseases and Skeeter Syndrome are spread. Mosquito saliva carries certain proteins that everyone is slightly allergic to. That allergic reaction is what causes the dreaded itchy sensation in mild cases and Skeeter Syndrome in the worst cases.

The scent of carbon dioxide is very appealing to mosquitoes. When you and your family are playing or hiking, or even just having fun outside, you tend to breathe heavier from that exertion. That will produce more carbon dioxide, making you noticeable by mosquitoes.

Is it even possible to stay hidden from the pesky pests? You don’t have to be a world-class spy to remain undetected.

Read on for more. 

How To Avoid Mosquito Bites

Believe it or not, we have many options available to help us avoid mosquitoes. Inventors and scientists have put their heads together for years creating new ways to protect us. Their creations give us plenty of ways to protect those we care about.

Spend Some Time Inside

The first, most obvious thing we can do is stay indoors when possible. Knowing when the hot spot times are and planning around those when possible. This also means keeping up maintenance on screens, doors, and walls, and even putting up mosquito netting when needed. If you have a stroller or baby carrier, don’t be afraid to slap some mosquito netting around it. 

Dress the Part

The next step is to wear the right clothes. Pants and long sleeves provide an extra layer of protection against mosquitoes. Keep in mind that mosquitoes can bite through tight clothing, so make sure to wear loose pants and long sleeves. Lighter colors are also best.

Don’t Stand Near Standing Water

Removing the conditions that allow mosquitoes to thrive is also very effective in minimizing bites. Start by removing any sitting water that you notice around your home. 

Gutters, ditches, buckets, puddles, containers, toys, and even old equipment like tires and wheelbarrows can collect water, especially when it rains. The water stays there till you remove it. So yeah, that tire swing that your children love could be a secret mosquito breeding ground. 

Sometimes, we get so busy with everything else going on we don’t even think about these areas becoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes. 

Avoid Strong Scents

Mosquitoes are also drawn in by strong smells. Floral perfumes and lotions, as well as sweat and body odor, smell very appealing to mosquitoes. Spray on the sunscreen, but leave the perfume in the cabinet. 

The Factors You Can’t Change

Blood type can draw mosquitoes in, too. People with type O blood are bitten more often than other types. Be aware of where your blood type falls on the mosquitoes’ favorites list. 

Mosquitoes also love pregnant women and not for their pregnancy glow. It is unfortunate but true. This is likely because pregnancy makes moving around a little harder, as many of us know.

Pregnant women have to work a little harder to get around, meaning they breathe harder (aka, emit more carbon dioxide). They have a warmer body temperature, thoroughly enticing mosquitoes. 

Obviously, some things that attract mosquitos can’t be changed, such as blood type. However, keeping in mind what draws them in and making slight changes to protect your kids better is an excellent place to start. 

Ways To Fight those Mosquitoes

There are tons of easy steps you can take to ensure your child is better protected from mosquitos. From using bug repellents to avoiding factors that attract the mosquitoes to keeping your kids in safe positions, you can take quite a few steps to ensure your child’s safety. 

Use Mosquito Repellent

There are many kinds of insect repellent spray you can buy. However, most contain either DEET or Picaridin, also called Icaridin, which are both harsh chemicals. 

BuzzPatch is a wonderful alternative. When compared, only one of the three can be used without the threat of toxic chemicals. 

BuzzPatch is 100% safe for your kids. Instead of a sticky spray that your kids might get into their eyes or mouths, it’s a cool sticker that they will never want to take off!

Each sticker lasts up to 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry about reapplying either. The stickers do not even go on your skin. Instead, they go on clothing, making BuzzPatch a perfect alternative for those who have sensitive skin.

Each sticker features a fun emoji that kids love. Instead of chemicals, BuzzPatch uses a natural blend of essential oils that help ward away mosquitoes. Unlike the choke-inducing smells that bug sprays create, BuzzPatch’s smell is sweet and refreshing (but only to humans).

In fact, BuzzPatch’s essential oil’s smell is what negates and overpowers the smell of carbon dioxide that our breathing creates.

What If We Do Get Mosquito Bites?

Don’t panic! The best thing you can do is to avoid scratching. Everyone knows this, and you’ve probably been told by your mom, your grandma, and her grandma, along with every adult to walk the face of the earth. But, it still holds fast.

We are all guilty of sneaking a scratch or two when we think no one’s looking, even as we chastise our kids for it. Your best bet here is to use some type of itch relief

Most itch-relief creams, like bug sprays, are a mashup of chemicals. But The Natural Patch Co. comes in to save the day again with yet another natural alternative to the chemical-filled options that are commonplace in today’s society. 

Our MagicPatch solves two problems at once. It saves you a boxful of bandaids and a tube of hydrocortisone. Instead of worrying about whether your kids will leave their bandage on and reapplying it every hour, you can slap on a little, colorful sticker over the bite to cover it and reduce the itch. 

To make it even sweeter, each sticker can last up to seven days. MagicPatch has no chemicals, resolving the itch thanks to a grid-like patterned bandage that readjusts blood flow to allow the mosquitoes’ saliva to drain out.

These patches are perfectly safe to apply to the face, too, so you never have to worry about applying itch cream to your child’s face ever again.

Fight the Good Fight

It’s best to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes for many reasons—because they can carry nasty diseases you don’t want your kids to get, not to mention how annoying an itchy bite can be. Steer clear of mosquito bites by removing standing water from your space and taking other precautions, such as putting on lighter clothing with more coverage. 

Remember to prepare for your outdoor excursions, and learn what you can do to keep safe! 



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