4 Natural Remedies For Helping Children Focus (2021)

4 Natural Remedies For Helping Children Focus (2021)

Big or small, everyone has struggles focusing. Sadly, there is a huge problem with polypharmacy and the overuse of medications. But are there ways to help kids focus without the use of drugs and medication?

How to stay focused is a huge topic of discussion, especially around our children. Staying focused helps kids learn and build lasting relationships. Even we, as adults, need help to stay focused a lot of the time.

Procrastination kills projects. How many things have we planned to do and vetoed in the end because we lost track of time? Easy solutions are very desirable, but what is true? How can we actually help build focus and encourage our children to best perform?

We need a solution. Something that is able to enhance focus without all the warnings and side effects that come hand in hand with medications and the other options given to us. So what can we do?

Read on to learn four natural ways to help your kids, and even you, focus better.  

1. Habits

How many times have you heard someone brag about their ridiculously crazy healthy habits? Or maybe you heard someone else criticize another’s life habits? Not everyone is able to stick to a super strict routine—for themselves or their family.

Life gets busy, especially when you have big families packed with all your kids' events and all the work you have to do. There’s school, homework, your work, after-school activities, sports and clubs, and who knows what else... and that’s only one kid! 

But creating good habits is known to help improve focus. Find a schedule that works and implement it consistently. Get up at the same time every day and try to keep bedtime regulated too.

Make sure your kids are getting the eight to ten hours of sleep they need to grow and to function at their best. Remember to give them the right vitamins when you can. Vitamins can be super helpful in a multitude of ways. 

Drink six to eight cups a day of water depending on your weight, height, age, and gender. Get enough protein and nutrients. Exercise regularly and get outside when you can. It is always good to let your kids run around in the dirt and sunshine when the opportunity arises. 

A lot of healthy habits tie into eating healthy, and that doesn’t mean cutting out the snacks and sweets you enjoy! Moderation is key. The main point is knowing what you put into your body will help it excel and feel great.

What About My Eating Habits?

Science does say that eating healthy is better for you, but not everyone is able to spend hundreds of dollars on keeping their meals fully organic and clean. That being said, eating habits have been connected to a lot more than just physical health. It is important and something to be valued. 

Eating the right things fuels the right kind of energy. Caffeine is often one of the only things associated with focus and productivity, but that is not the case by a longshot. 

Foods that can boost focus, productivity, and alertness include:

When you have a healthier diet that is more beneficial, it allows better performance across the board, beyond that of mental focus but also physical ability. In some cases, brain memory and ability are also boosted by the right diet. Eating too much or not enough can be detrimental to kids but also to adults. 

2.Essential Oils

All essential oils are distilled from plants and flowers and things that naturally were found to help people. Some natural and plant-based remedies can easily be added to tea or other drinks to make taking the oil or natural remedy almost effortless. 

There are plenty of essential oils that can be extremely beneficial in helping people of any age feel invigorated and help them focus on whatever task they need to achieve. 

Many different plants have properties that engage focus, but a few are:

  1. Rosemary Oil
  2. Lemon Oil
  3. Citrus Oil
  4. Spearmint
  5. Cedarwood Oil
  6. Peppermint Oil
  7. Lavender Oil 

When using essential oils, it is extremely important to remember that essential oils should not be applied directly to the skin. Essential oils are helpful because they can be mixed into lotions, soaps, candles, and drinks. Something does not have to be ingested or taken to be effective. 

Can I Use Them Straight Out Of The Bottle?

Mmmm… probably not. Technically speaking, you could just use the bottled essential oils. They can help some people. However, as essential oils have grown in popularity, their sheer number of products has skyrocketed. When looking for essential oil-infused products, quality counts.

Look for companies that rely on rigorous scientific research to create products powered by nature, proven by science. 

That’s where we come in. At The Natural Patch Co., we create kid-friendly and environmentally-friendly products to help with everything from preventing mosquito bites to helping our kids stay focused. 

The Focus Patch by The Natural Patch Co. can help anyone (our kids or us!) focus. With a boost from active ingredients lemon, cedarwood, atlas, bergamot, and peppermint essential oils, this patch looks like our kids’ favorite stickers but acts with powerful ingredients. 

3. Intentionality 

One of the best ways to encourage focus is to be intentional in many tasks surrounding whatever needs to be focused on.

Here are a few tips on how to help kids focus:

  1. Start Strong. Don’t put off starting or procrastinate right until the due date. Be aware of what needs to be done and do your best to start and/or complete it as soon as possible.
  2. Start Small and Build. Giving your child one to two directions at a time can help them focus and complete those tasks. Then, they can move on and complete the next parts of whatever they are working on.
    (Think about a step-by-step guide. Only concentrating on two things at a time can help them concentrate and not feel so overwhelmed).
  3. Use Timers. Set up timelines. Work for 15 minutes, then take a five-minute stretch break, etc. Do something to break up the work time and still allow the stimulation of focus.
    This also helps make the most of the time allowed. Encourage working hard in the work time to enjoy and earn the break time.
  4. Utilize Fidgets or Gadgets that allow better focus, as you have learned previously. Let them do something to use their bottled energy while still working hard. 
  5. Guide Back to the Assignment. They are gonna get distracted. We all do, even at our very adult jobs; it just happens. When this happens, guide them back to whatever task or assignment they are working on. 
  6. Encouragement. It is easy to get lost in the chaos. A little encouragement goes a long way. Don’t forget to tell them you are proud of how hard they are working because, in most cases, they are trying. Focus is hard for all of us, and they are doing their best. 

4. Look To Natural Solutions 

Focus is a hard thing to grasp and keep intact. There are plenty of products that utilize the things around them to help foster focus. Much like the candles, bath accessories, and essential oils, people are looking to use anything they can that works. 

Some people try to add supplements to their child’s diets. This works for some people and others not so much.

A few techniques some parents have tried include:

  • Zinc
  • Magnesium- this only works for people who have magnesium deficiencies.
  • Diets- Some try to remove gluten, sugar, or other dietary elements.
  • Sleep regulation- Either through melatonin or light therapy, sleep can have a huge impact on focus and productivity as well as mental capacity.
  • Probiotics
  • Exercise or behavioral therapy- making schedules, including everything children need to succeed planned to ensure everything is achieved.

If you start from somewhere positive, there is no shortage of plans or products to shift through. But, remember that everyone’s focus has its own variables and different degrees of success. 

You need something that actually works. 

The Best Natural Solution

Though there are more than a few options claim they provide a natural alternative to the chemical-y mess of viable options. Remember that when adding a vitamin, supplement, etc., into your life, it’s best to check in with your healthcare provider. You need to find the right one that not only supports your kids but can also give you a leg up when you need it.

Focus Patch is our perfect solution. It presents the best of both worlds: a wonderfully efficient blend of essential oils combined with the simplicity of an easy-to-apply sticker. It is safe for ages two and up, so both kids and kids at heart can have a little extra help whenever they need it. 



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