Why Do Bug Bites Itch More at Night?

Why Do Bug Bites Itch More at Night?

It’s been a long day, and now it’s finally time to lay down, rest your eyes and drift off to sleep. But the moment you close your eyes, bam, your legs, arms, and back start to itch. You immediately know who to blame: hungry bugs.

You’re a little surprised — you definitely weren’t this itchy earlier today running around in the backyard. However, now you can’t even relax because the itching sensation is too powerful.

It’s made worse on those nights when our kiddos get bit and want to scratch. Seriously, do we ever get a break? Why does it feel like those bites bother us more at night than during the day?

Well, that’s what we are talking about today. We are getting to the bottom of why those bug bites seem to make us want to itch more at night. Then we will give you some tips and tricks to keep those bugs away and how to keep from scratching when you do.

What Makes Bug Bites Itch?

First things first, what makes us itch when we get a bug bite?

Well, for mosquitoes, it’s the proteins in their saliva. Mosquitoes use their saliva to keep humans’ blood from clotting when these bugs are enjoying a meal. When they fly off, they leave their saliva behind. Most of us are generally allergic to the protein in mosquitoes’ saliva.

Reactions to these bites can vary, and in fact, some people have symptoms more extreme than average. For children, this is even more likely. This is because kids don’t have as much exposure to these proteins compared to adults, so it is more common for our minis to have more intense sensations of itching.

To keep playtime (and bedtime) fun, we need to be proactive in keeping their bites from taking a bite out of our joy.

Are You Sure It’s a Bite?

If it itches, does it mean it’s a bite?

Other things can cause us to itch, like hives and rashes from excessive sun exposure. So making sure that you’re treating a bug bite is vital.

Bug bites are generally single red bumps. They itch and usually swell up, and you notice them randomly. If you press on them, the red should disappear for a moment before returning, another clue it’s a bug bite.

Once you know it for sure is a bite, you need to determine what type of bug bit you. Spider bites and fleas tend to be smaller bites. Flea bites tend to come in patches, but in one small patch compared to the spread of hives or a rash. Mosquito bites are larger in size compared to these bites.

All are accompanied by a nagging itch that never seems to fade.

How To Treat Mosquito Bites

The first step is generally bug prevention. But kids play outside, and we, as parents, all love a good BBQ. Bites can happen and sometimes will, no matter how hard we try.

Are we supposed to just let ourselves go crazy from scratching? Absolutely not. Thankfully, you have us, and thankfully, we have the MagicPatch. MagicPatch is our scientifically engineered patch technology that is proven to relieve the itch faster. Plus, it decreases the chance of bite scars from forming.

How does it work?

At the first sign of a bite, apply one of our patches to the affected area. The patch technology works to pull the saliva to the skin’s surface, relieving the itching sensation. It is safe to use on adults and children; everyone will be able to get the same relief from bites all in one great product.

Are Mosquitoes Nocturnal?

Not quite: Many species of mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn, but not all.

You may be itchier at night because that’s when you’re getting bit. However, if you are bit during the day, perhaps you weren’t aware of them because you were distracted by your to-do list of activities. When you finally take a moment to lie down in bed, reading a book or watching TV, you’re finally still enough for the itch to come to your attention.

Do You Have Bed Bugs?

It’s not a pleasant idea, but there may be one additional reason you’re feeling those bites at night. You may have bed bugs. Naturally, this is something that everyone dreads. If your family seems to be fine before bed and wakes up going crazy from scratching, it’s time for a deep dive into your bedding.

It’s a literal nightmare. Getting rid of bed bugs is a time-consuming process, but we have no other choice. While tempting, selling your house and moving away is neither an effective nor practical way of dealing with bed bugs.

How To Prevent Bug Bites

For our children's sake (and for our own sanity, which already hangs on by a thread), we can take specific steps to prevent bites. We have a few tips and tricks to share to help you and your kiddos be safer from the bugs.

Here we go:

Close the Windows and Doors

All windows and doors should be fitted with proper, tear, and hole-free screens. Thanks to screens, you can leave windows and doors open for air in the summer months without inviting every bug inside. Even the tiniest tear can attract bugs. If you see any rips, replace the screens before leaving anything open.

Worried about DIY difficulty? Don’t be: Replacing the screens and fitting is easy and quick.

Remove Stagnant Water

Yards, patios, and gardens should be free of any standing, stagnant water. Mosquitoes look for undisturbed water to lay eggs. The longer the water in your pitchers and ditches around your property has been left alone, the more mosquitoes have probably used it to their advantage.

If your area is experiencing a wet season and you’re worried about the water around your house, add a little dish soap. Eggs can’t be laid nor hatch in soapy water, preventing a ton of hatchlings on your property.

Cut the Grass Regularly

Another thing to keep in mind about your yard is grass length. Keeping the grass trim and tidy will help keep mosquitoes and other biting bugs out of your yard.

Long grass is the ideal place for these buzzing beasts to hide out during the day. The same goes for your gutters. Debris buildup in the ditches and gutters around your house can create enough moisture for bugs to lay eggs.

Your yard will look even nicer with perfectly trimmed grass, and your family will thank you for keeping the bugs away.

Wear Bug-Resistant Clothing

If you’re planning a day of outdoor activities, make sure to dress for the occasion. Properly fitting clothing in the right materials is key.

Anything too baggy, bugs can creep right up your pant legs or sleeves. Clothing made of spandex or thin and tight material is less than ideal. Bugs can bite through many of these fabrics, and you’ll be none the wiser until you itch later.

Fitted clothing made of windbreaker, denim, or heavy cotton fabrics are best. Bugs can’t bite through the materials, nor can they find holes to sneak in through.

Now you and the kids will enjoy those all-day soccer tournaments without worry. (Well, you might not love them any more than before, but at least this way, you won’t also have bug bites.)

Rely on All-Natural Bug Repellent

Keeping our BuzzPatch on your clothes at all times is the surest way to keep from getting bit. The all-natural blend of essential oils has been used for thousands of years to prevent bug bites. It comes in a small, very cute sticker for your clothes.

Never again will you lather your kids up in lotions to prevent bites, only to have them wipe it off the second you turn around. These stickers are made for clothes, so they won’t even notice they’re wearing them.

And if they do, our cute designs will have them wanting more instead of less. The best part? They’re good for up to 24 hours of use; you don’t have to worry about them fading away before you get home.

Get Out and Enjoy the Day (and Night!)

We know how annoying and frustrating bug bites can be. Between the information provided for you here and our products to help relieve the itch, you will have a more restful sleep, no matter what. We know it’s popular to be a snack these days, but we are pretty sure no one meant bugs!

Sometimes, the bug bites are only half the battle. We've got you covered if you still find yourself fighting to get to sleep. For example, try looking through our list of podcasts that are designed for a good night’s rest.

Proper sleep hygiene, coupled with our SleepyPatch, will put you to sleep in no time. These patches not only go on clothes, not skin, but they’re also safe for the littles in the house.

Everyone will be sound asleep before the first bedtime story is over (perhaps even including you)!


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