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Sensory Calming Stickers
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Stress relief at
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Discreet stickers to alleviate stress and soothe anxiety for kids and adults

  • Perfect for Quick Calm-Downs
  • Ideal for Children with ADHD, ASD
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Peel, stick, and feel the soothing texture for instant stress relief – anytime, anywhere!

Immerse your child in tranquillity with our revolutionary discreet fidget stickers. The textured surface becomes a portal to peace, instantly calming their nerves and sharpening focus with just a gentle rub. It's not just a quick fix; it's a transformative experience that works wonders in 98% of stressful situations. 

Why choose Sensory Touch Stickers? Our Sensory Calming Stickers are like little superheroes for your kid. Picture this – your little one, fidgety and anxious, suddenly finds calm just by running their fingers over these stickers.

Too good to be true, right? They're super simple, totally safe, and a bit of a lifesaver for parents dealing with the everyday dramas of restless kids. Think less stress, more focus – all from a sticker that feels just awesome to touch. It's a bit like magic, but it's all science. And hey, who doesn't want a bit of calm magic in their lives?

Stick them effortlessly on phones, laptops, notebooks, or iPads, turning any space into a zen retreat. Perfect for classrooms, family gatherings, and sleepovers, our stickers provide a stress-free solution that blends seamlessly into any environment.

Don't let stress linger – empower your child with the ultimate secret weapon for serene moments.



Our calming stickers offer a soothing touchpoint for kids who feel overwhelmed by sensory input. They can help regain focus and calm in overstimulating situations.

Meticulously crafted from lively, textured vinyl, these quiet fidget allies deliver a calming tactile sensation. For kids who are sensitive to noise or mechanical fidgets, our stickers offer a silent, smooth alternative that's just as effective. Say goodbye to the disturbances caused by fidget spinners – empower your child to silently alleviate stress and effortlessly recenter their focus in any environment.

Sensory Touch Stickers are the ideal solution for those seeking relief from fidgeting and nail-biting habits. These stickers provide a satisfying tactile experience that caters to the sensory needs of individuals prone to fidgeting. Touching the stickers serves as a diversion, channeling nervous energy away from destructive habits like nail-biting. Perfectly discreet, these stickers offer a soothing alternative, promoting a healthier and more mindful approach to managing stress and fidget tendencies.

Sensory Touch Stickers emerge as the perfect remedy for overenergetic kids seeking a constructive way to channel their boundless energy. Whether applied to notebooks, gadgets, or other surfaces, Sensory Touch Stickers offer a portable and effective tool to help overenergetic kids redirect their liveliness into a positive and calming experience. Transform fidgety moments into moments of focus with the calming touch of Sensory Touch Stickers.

It’s tempting to turn into medical remedies for stress and anxiety quickly, but our belief is: to start with a sticker! Sensory touch stickers are a natural way to vaporize excess energy and help kids stay cool, calm, and focused.

Discover calm and focus with Sensory Touch Stickers – expertly designed for those with body-focused repetitive behaviour and attention challenges. Providing a dedicated sensory outlet, these stickers effortlessly soothe and enhance concentration. Elevate your well-being and focus with Sensory Touch Stickers.

For children on the autism spectrum who face challenges in maintaining attention, our stickers serve as a tangible and non-intrusive aid. The textured surfaces of the stickers offer a sensory experience, creating a calming and engaging touch as well as an enjoyable way to self-regulate and navigate moments of distraction.

Teachers can distribute these stickers to foster a conducive learning environment. Versatile and portable, students can stick them wherever needed for instant, silent stress relief. Elevate the classroom experience with the silent power of Sensory Touch Stickers – the key to unlocking focused and engaged learning!

Ideal for adults dealing with everyday stress, offering a quick and subtle way to refocus and release anxiety. You can stick this on your phone, keyboard, or tablets. Whenever you feel like fidgeting, hover your finger over and reclaim the present moment.

Crafted with precision and a textured surface, these stickers offer a unique sensory experience that serves as a constructive diversion for pent-up emotions. The act of peeling and touching the stickers provides a tangible and immediate outlet, redirecting the energy associated with anger into a calming and tactile engagement.

For children who find it hard to concentrate, our stickers offer a tactile distraction that can actually improve focus on tasks and lessons.

The Science Behind Sensory Touch Stickers

Sensory Touch Stickers combine science, mindfulness, and durability for effective stress relief. The textured surfaces activate skin receptors, triggering a calming response. This tactile experience provides an immediate way to shift attention from stressors. 

Below you'll find relevant academic reading material for the natural essential oils we use:The Science Behind Sensory Touch Stickers

Sensory Touch Stickers combine science, mindfulness, and durability for effective stress relief. The textured surfaces activate skin receptors, triggering a calming response. This tactile experience provides an immediate way to shift attention from stressors. 

Soothing Function of Touch: Studies have shown that slow, affective touch, mediated by a specific C tactile (CT) neurophysiological system, can modulate the perception of physical and social pain. This type of touch has been shown to specifically decrease feelings of social exclusion and stress, suggesting its soothing function and relation to social bonding. Source: nature.com

Neural Processing of Tactile Information: Human imaging studies reveal that touch activates a broad neurocircuitry, including the insula, orbitofrontal cortex, and anterior cingulate cortex. This activation has the potential to dampen the stress response, suggesting that the stickers can act as a safety signal through touch, helping to regulate fear and stress responses in children​​. Source: frontiersin.org

Release of Oxytocin and Dopamine: Tactile stimulation leads to the release of neuromodulators and neurotransmitters like oxytocin and dopamine, which regulate limbic and reward areas. Source: frontiersin.org

Inhibition of Aggressive Behavior: While the study on Nile tilapia showed that tactile stimulation did not immediately change cortisol levels after a stressor, it effectively decreased aggressiveness, suggesting positive effects on welfare. Source: nature.com

Activate those skin receptors with the textured magic, giving stress the boot in an instant. Crafted from tough, water-resistant vinyl, these stickers are your fun, durable sidekick in the battle against stress!

Discover the Unique Textures of Our Sensory Calming Stickers

  1. Stimulation Variety: Different textures offer various levels of sensory stimulation. This variety can cater to individual preferences and needs, ensuring that each child finds a texture that resonates best with them.
  2. Sensory Regulation: For children, especially those with sensory processing issues, ADHD, or autism, these textures can provide a soothing and focusing effect. The tactile stimulation can help regulate sensory input, which is particularly beneficial for children who may be hypersensitive or hyposensitive to sensory information.
  3. Stress and Anxiety Reduction: Engaging with these textures can be a calming activity, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. The act of touching and feeling different surfaces can be grounding and offer a distraction from overwhelming emotions or thoughts.
  4. Improving Concentration: For children who struggle with concentration, the sensory input from these textures can serve as a subtle and non-disruptive way to improve focus, especially in environments where concentration is required, like classrooms.

22 Stickers Per Pack


Sealed Patches Up To 6 Months

Ziplock Resealable Bag


Easy To Peel And Stick On Clothes

Sensory Touch Stickers VS Other Alternatives

Feature / Solution
Sensory Calming Stickers
Other Stickers sold on Amazon
Fidget Spinners
Highly discreet and can be used unnoticed
Chemical smell after use
Often visible and can be distracting
Discreet, but requires managing medication times
Suitability for Class
Suitable for classroom use without causing distraction
Noisy, loud and overpowering designs and colors
Can be disruptive and not always allowed in class
Suitable, but effects may vary throughout the day
Ease of Use
Simple to use, just stick and touch
Soft and limited textures
Easy to use, but can be lost or cause a distraction
Requires adherence to medication schedule
One-time purchase, long-lasting
Color fades after couple weeks of usage
Moderate cost, risk of loss or breakage
Recurring cost, potential for long-term dependency
Safe for all ages, non-toxic
Cheap material
Small parts can be a safety hazard for younger children
Potential side effects and long-term health impacts
Encourages self-soothing and independence
Encourages self-soothing and independence
Limited to distraction, not self-regulation
Reliance on medication for management
Versatile, can be attached to
Tiny sized
Limited to the spinner itself
Effects limited to medication's
Stigma-free, looks like a regular sticker
Leaves residues when you pull it out
Can be stigmatized or seen as a toy
Potential stigma associated with taking medication

Hear from Parents Just Like You!

We were at our wits' end with classroom anxiety. Then these stickers came along. Kids love picking their calming words, and it's made such a difference. They stick them everywhere, and you can just see the stress melting away.

Cassia Sherwood

I wasn't sure at first, but wow, these stickers are something else. Stuck one on my phone, and it's like a little stress relief button. Even moved it around a few times, and it sticks just fine


Started the year with a bunch of restless 4th graders. Gave them these stickers, and it's like a new vibe in the classroom. They're all over the place – desks, phones. Even I've got one. It's surprisingly soothing.


Teachers in my school were struggling with stressed kids. Brought in these stickers, and it's been a big hit. The change in the classrooms is real. They're not just stickers; they're like little helpers for us.

April Syring Davis



Sensory Touch Stickers are crafted from a durable vinyl polymer, ensuring both longevity and a satisfying and soothing tactile experience.

Absolutely! The high-quality adhesive allows for easy removal and reapplication without leaving any residue.

Yes, Sensory Touch Stickers come in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. Stick each size where it’d be best for you. Laptops, keyboards, phones, notebooks, etc.

Sensory Touch Stickers are suitable for individuals of all ages, including students, office workers, and especially those dealing with anxiety, stress, ADD, ADHD, ASD, Autism, or sensory needs.

Sensory Touch Stickers can be applied to various flat surfaces such as phones, laptops, notebooks, and desks. However, they won't stick to paper or skin.

The textured surfaces of the stickers activate skin receptors, triggering a calming response in the nervous system, providing immediate stress relief.

Yes, they are designed to be discreet and can be easily applied in various settings without causing distraction.

The water-resistant and durable vinyl ensures that the stickers can last for up to 6 months, providing lasting stress relief.

Absolutely! Sensory Touch Stickers make excellent gifts for students, friends, or anyone in need of a discreet stress-relief tool.

Get to Know Your New Calming Ally

Dive deeper into the world of sensory calming. From the science behind the textures to creative ways to incorporate them into your daily routine, discover how these stickers can transform your family's life.



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