Does Natural Patch Work? Yes, Here's How

By combining the love of a parent for their children and the natural ingredients that are all around us, Natural Patch creates stickers and patches that provide all-natural ways for you to improve your well-being. Each patch offers something different. But all are infused with special essential oil formulas and applied to your outer clothing so you can use them to get a good dose of aromatherapy whenever you need them.

Of course, this brings you to an important question:

Does Natural Patch work?

That's the question this article aims to answer by exploring the patches' effectiveness, ingredients, and what real users have to say about the stickers.

Understanding How Natural Patch Products Work

Science lies at the heart of every Natural Patch. The company has teamed with some of the world's best pediatricians, bug specialists (entomologists), and aromatherapists to come up with blends of essential oils — all made using natural ingredients — that are designed to confront specific issues.

Going into detail on every single patch would take up too much of your time. But for a handful of examples, the company's sleep patch for adults combines ingredients such as lavender, mandarin, and vetiver, the latter of which enhances relaxation by improving your breathing as you sleep. The same goes for its sleepy patch for kids.

That's the trend you'll see with all Natural Patch products:

Every essential oil chosen has a proven scientific benefit related to the patch's purpose.

As for how the patches work, you generally stick them to an item of clothing or directly onto the skin. Patches that require skin contact often infuse your skin with their essential oils, allowing them to spread through your body quicker.

The ones placed on clothing work via scent – nasal receptors pick up on the aroma they generate and send appropriate signals to the rest of the body.

For instance, appetite suppressant patches curb sugar cravings by sending specific messages to your body's limbic system to help you better regulate the emotions related to overeating. On the flip side, mosquito-repellent patches use citronella oil extract to overload their senses, preventing them from detecting carbon dioxide and human odors they typically use to find prey.

Real User Experiences and Product Testing

While there are many companies that claim to provide a natural remedy to whatever ails you, Natural Patch believes the proof lies in the results. Check out the stories of two happy customers who've seen amazing results:

Jane's Story

Jane had a challenge.

Her son, Mikey, had huge issues with fussiness that were causing him to lose focus when he was at school. Mikey wasn't a naughty child. He just struggled to pay attention for extended periods because his hyperactivity left him feeling constantly anxious and stressed.

Jane found her solution in the calming stickers that Natural Patch provides. Specifically, the company's Focus Patch – which she could pop on Mikey's collar before he went to school – helped her son calm down to the point where he started getting better grades at school. They're both much happier now. By the way, Natural Patch makes its Zen Patches for adults who are dealing with the stresses of work and life in general, too.

The Eliot Family of 7 and Buzz Patch

The Eliot Family of 7 is a popular YouTube channel that chronicles the adventures of the Eliot family as they look for the best deals and shopping hauls. When they discovered Natural Patch and its Buzz Patch, they were amazed.

They didn't need bug spray anymore.

The stickers protected the entire Eliot family from big bites for an entire day. And if you don't believe that, you can check out the video they made charting their outdoor adventure while protected by Natural Patch's bug bite patches.

The Natural Ingredients Advantage

The biggest thing that separates Natural Patch from many other wellness solutions is a simple policy:

No humanmade chemicals allowed.

Every ingredient used in a Natural Patch is 100% natural, meaning you don't have to worry about potentially harmful chemicals like DEET affecting you or your children.

Take the stuffy patch as an example. By combining eucalyptus with menthol – both proven to clear airways – the patch gives you a natural way to fight against congestion. Similarly, the company's allergy relief stickers have their own combination of ingredients. These include black spruce oil, which reduces the sneezing and itchiness commonly associated with allergic reactions.

Best of all, Natural Patch often makes adult and child-friendly variants of its patches that use slightly different formulas to account for different bodies.

And by the way, every single patch smells great. That's a nice little side-benefit to have when you're going to be spending so much time with these patches.

Design and Convenience

Convenience is a hallmark of Natural Patch, too, with each amazing product offering exemplary design:

  • Unlike topical sprays, which often come in large bottles, the Natural Patch packs fit easily into your pocket so you can take them anywhere.
  • Applying a patch is easy as you just peel it off and stick it to whatever area the patch is intended for.
  • You won't find yourself constantly applying patches during the day, with one or two usually being enough to last for an entire day.

So, if you're asking yourself, "Does Natural Patch work in terms of fitting it into my busy lifestyle?" the answer is simple:


Versatility and Range of Use

You've already seen some of the sheer range of products that Natural Patch offers. It has stickers and patches to help with sleep, repel mosquitoes, keep you (or your kids) calm, and enhance focus. In many cases, those patches are also available in both adult and child variants.

However, there are two others that are worth pointing out because they work a little differently from the standard Natural Patch stickers. The first is the company's UV stickers. These clever stickers are applied to your child's skin and lathered in sunscreen – along with your child – so they can detect harmful ultraviolet rays while your child plays outdoors. When the sticker detects that your child needs more sunscreen, it changes color to give you and your little one a clear visual indicator that it's time to get out of the sun until more lotion is applied.

Then, there's the itch patch.

This patch doesn't have any chemicals or extracts in it and works purely by motion. How? By lifting the affected layer of skin between the grid, the skin's blood and lymphatic flow are increased, quickly processing the substances in bug saliva that cause itchiness, swelling, and general irritation. Additionally, the patch covers the bite and prevents a child from scratching it and spreading the irritant around.

It's a remarkably clever product.

And just like every Natural Patch, it's easy to apply so you can even give your kids a stock of them so they can apply the stickers themselves whenever they're needed.

Visuals and Demonstrations

If you're still not certain whether Natural Patch is right for you, check out these videos and pictures that show just how easy they are to apply:


Does Natural Patch Work – The Simple Answer is Yes

By now, you're no longer asking the question of does natural patch work. You see that it does, and you're ready to try these patches yourself. After all, each is formulated using natural essential oils that are scientifically proven to deliver the wellness benefits associated with each patch.

And best of all:

No chemicals are used in any Natural Patch.

If you're ready to join Natural Patch's growing group of satisfied customers and experience the stickers first-hand, head to the company's website today to get your hands on your new Natural Patch stickers.


How long does Natural Patch last?

The longevity of a Natural Patch sticker depends on the specific patch. For instance, its bug bite patches provide relief for up to seven days because they're constantly working to get rid of the saliva implanted by bug and mosquito bites. However, other patches, such as the patches it has to protect your family against mosquito bites or to help you out at bedtime, typically last around seven to eight hours.

What is most effective against mosquitoes?

All-natural ingredients are often a better choice than harmful chemicals, such as DEET. That chemical is an irritant that can cause rashes in children when overapplied. It's much better to find an essential oil mosquito repellent – such as Natural Patch's mosquito stickers – that uses citronella, which is a natural plant compound that's proven to repel mosquitoes.

What is in the Natural Patch?

Rather than thinking of it as "the" Natural Patch, think of Natural Patch as a company that makes essential oil-infused stickers and patches that confront an array of issues. From mosquito bites to poor sleep, UV protection to relieving congestion, Natural Patch produces stickers that are all-natural and designed to improve your overall well-being.

What are the side effects of mosquito patches?

There are no side effects associated with the Natural Patch mosquito patches for adults or mosquito patches for kids. The most you'll see is the occasional sticky residue from your patch when you remove it – easy to wash off with water and soap.
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