The Natural Patch Co. - Parent Tested Parent Approved

The Natural Patch Co. - Parent Tested Parent Approved

Here at The Natural Patch, we’re BUZZING with excitement over our latest award! We’ve recently received word that we’ve earned the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award for our product lines.

This is something we’re proud to display and shout from the rooftops. That’s because we think that you, the parents, are the ones who give us the best feedback. We want our products to work perfectly for your kids: you have enough to keep track of without worrying about bug bites and itchy welts!

Aside from being disease carriers, mosquitoes are way too quick to ruin a fun family moment. Whether you’re out on a picnic or just spending time on your porch with your family, a few mosquito bites can cause chaos. These mosquitoes quickly squelch that exciting bonding moment with your kids when you have to move the party indoors to avoid any more bug bites. 

Our BuzzPatch mosquito repellent stickers have earned top, positive reviews from parents. BuzzPatch patches are fun, emoji-like stickers that provide your kiddo a way to express themselves while also keeping mosquitoes at bay. They’re great for vacations, camping trips, stargazing, or even just an afternoon in the backyard! 

We also produce these little bandage-like products called MagicPatch Itch Relief Patches. These are great for when you forget the repellent or a mosquito sneaks indoors when you least expect it. Let’s face it; it’s impossible to keep your child from ever being bit by a mosquito (unless they’re living inside a bubble).

That’s where our MagicPatch Itch Relief Patches can help. They soothe those angry, itchy welts and calm your child’s frantic scratching. Because they provide a barrier, they also decrease the chance that your child will scratch open the bite, which could lead to infection or scarring.

Read on for more info!

Why This Matters

We set out on this journey with parents in mind, so it’s incredible to hear that you, as parents, are enjoying and supporting our products.

We use natural essential oils to repel the mosquitoes with a unique blend that overpowers the CO2 that our bodies naturally produce. That means that the mosquito won’t even “see” you or your children. Without your scent to guide them to you, they’re more likely to fly and find some other picnic to crash. 

We think that repelling mosquitoes is more important than just preventing annoying bites. It keeps your kids happy and healthy and paves the way for those great memories you can create. 

Who wants to ruin their kid’s excitement about a hike in the forest by making them stop to slather or spray on stinky bug repellent? Not us! That’s why we made a bug repellent that’s natural AND fun for kids. What child doesn’t love stickers?

There’s a reason they come home from school with happy little stickers on their papers from their teachers for doing well on an assignment. Something about those happy colors and characters just brings joy to children of all ages (including adults who are kids at heart).

We’re all about spreading joy AND education. Our mission doesn’t stop at helping you keep your family safe from mosquito bites - we want you to learn more about what you can do to keep them away from your kids too. We have a full and constantly updating resource library to keep parents informed about all things natural bug repellant. 

Award-Winning Fun

We recognize that there’s no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to mosquito repellent. Sometimes people live in areas where these bugs are persistent. That’s why our stickers are safe and free of potentially harmful chemicals like DEET. That way, you can use as many as your family needs to stay safe and have fun. 

The nice thing about our products is that they’re helpful for parents too. There is no need to purchase separate products for you and your kids; these fun stickers can be applied to grown-ups as well. 

Turn bug repellent application into something your kids actually look forward to by taking turns picking out fun stickers for each other and placing them on your clothes. Not only will you be keeping the mosquitoes at bay, but your kids will think it’s a great activity to kick off every adventure. 

Now get out there and explore the outdoors without worrying about mosquitoes with our PARENT TESTED PARENT APPROVED mosquito repellent product. 



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Mosquito Patches for Kids

Mosquito Patches for Kids

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