What Are the Best Essential Oils for Sleep and Relaxation?


As parents, we know how crucial sleep and relaxation are better than nearly anyone else. Those scant occasions where we manage to get a full night’s sleep are as sacred as they are rare, so we value them endlessly.

One in three adults doesn’t get enough sleep, leading to a whole host of possible medical and mental hardships. 

When we don’t get enough sleep, our ability to function the next day suffers. Everything from our minds to our nervous system is unable to work at full force. So we owe it to ourselves and our families to try to be as present as possible, which is often impossible if we aren’t properly rested. 

There will always be nights when the kids just will not stay asleep, but there are also nights when the only thing keeping us awake is ourselves. On these occasions, we might need a little push to get out of our heads and into dreamland. On those occasions when the kids can’t stay asleep, some added assistance to calm them down would make all the difference. 

This is where essential oils can save the day (or the night). While some serious sleep disorders require the assistance of a healthcare professional, today, we’re reviewing which essential oils can have welcome light sedative effects.

Lavender Essential Oil

When you think of essential oils, lavender may be the first one that springs to your mind. This is the case for many people, as this aromatic and beautiful plant continues to grow more and more prominent in today’s society. Although essential oils have been used in some capacity since 4,500 BC, their popularity has only been growing.

Lavender serves as an excellent gateway into the world of essential oils. After all, almost all of us are familiar with the plant and what it smells like. Luckily, since people often flock to essential oils and aromatherapy for natural relaxation, lavender is the perfect place to start.

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There is a reason that spas often utilize lavender oils — it creates a profound air of tranquility that soothes everything it touches. You can also take advantage of these benefits at home, either whenever you need a break throughout the day or during your bedtime routine.

Sweet Marjoram Oil

The next oil on our list may not be as well known as lavender, but its calming effects should not be underestimated.

We love this oil so much that it’s an integral (or dare we say, essential) part of our SleepyPatch Sleep Promoting Stickers. Our carefully cultivated sleep blend includes the likes of lavender, sweet marjoram, mandarin, and vetiver oils, many of which we’ll explore more in a bit.

Sweet marjoram lives up to its name with a scent equal parts sweet, woody, and floral: Picture a soothing walk through the woods on a late spring day. The smell of the trees and the freshly bloomed flowers make for an aroma that grounds you in nature and lifts your spirits. That is how it feels to experience sweet marjoram oil.

Vetiver Oil

Another component of our SleepyPatch Stickers, vetiver essential oil, smells grassy and earthy. In that sense, vetiver fits in just perfectly with sweet marjoram oil, adding to a natural scene that calls for the ultimate R&R.

Whether you are looking for better sleep or simply for a natural remedy that promotes wellness through stress relief, vetiver is a lovely option.

Mandarin Oil

Last but certainly not least, the final component of our SleepyPatch stickers is mandarin oil. This light citrus oil works wonders to transport you into a restful, deep sleep. It’s no secret to parents that we can’t sleep until our kids are asleep, so we made SleepyPatches specifically with kids in mind.

The adorable moon and star faces on these patches are irresistible to kids, and the increase in their sleep quality is irresistible to their parents. Once the kids are asleep, our patches work fabulously to help adults sleep better. Enjoy a better night's sleep using a natural sleep aid without all of the side effects and risks of over-the-counter options or melatonin.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang ylang essential oil has been shown to have the ability to reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure and heart rate at the same time. This oil is typically described as a light scent that is both floral and fruity. It pairs wonderfully with other oils in an essential oil blend. 

You can include a few drops of essential oil into a diffuser for continued exposure to this oil throughout the night. From there, restful sleep will be coming your way before you know it.

Atlas Cedarwood Oil

Atlas cedarwood will give you all of the earthy, woody aromas you could ever want. This scent is so inherently soothing that we included it as a key ingredient in our ZenPatch Mood Calming Stickers.

This oil can also be enjoyed in a diluted form using a carrier oil like coconut oil. Like all essential oils, applying an undiluted form of this substance topically is not ideal.

Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile tea is often enjoyed by those looking for a calming beverage or possibly right before bed. This can be taken to the next level by including Roman chamomile or another variation in an essential oil diffuser.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

This woody scent is frequently featured in cologne and perfume due to its alluring, earthy nature. This oil will calm people of any age and can work in a blend of essential oils or just by itself.

Geranium Essential Oil

The tranquil, floral scent of geranium essential oil is deceptively powerful in terms of its ability to relax us. A study showed that people were significantly calmed when they breathed in geranium oil, even in the beginning stages of labor. If that isn’t impressive, we don’t know what is.

Frankincense Oil

This oil has calming powers of biblical proportions. Sorry, we couldn’t resist that pun, but frankincense can be beneficial for relaxation and improving overall sleep quality. As the enticing scent of frankincense washes over you, peace is but a few short sniffs away.

Bergamot Essential Oil

If bergamot oil’s impressive ability to calm us down isn’t enough, it also has well-documented anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, bergamot essential oil could be helpful when experiencing pain from a headache or another kind of discomfort.

Consider taking a bath with a few drops of bergamot for a late-night treat that will get you in the mood for bedtime. You can even make your own blend of different oils to create a scene that’s right for you. Remember that a little can go a long way when it comes to essential oils, so start with a small amount, and then you can add more.

Relaxation Is Essential

Our kids need their beauty sleep in order to function, but it’s important that we remember our own needs in the process. By adding natural essential oils to our bedtime routine or whenever we need a quiet moment, you can have a chemical-free solution to stress that the whole family can enjoy.



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