Meet NATPAT: Stick on Superpowers!

Born from the love of a parent and the magic of nature, NATPAT is on a mission. We're here to infuse your family's everyday with little moments of joy and big doses of care. Take a peek into our story and discover why families everywhere are getting excited about the NATPAT experience.

Why we started NATPAT

Hey there! At NATPAT, we're all about unlocking the superhero potential in every kiddo. We totally get it, right? Kids have their ups and downs, from mood swings that could rival any soap opera to those nights when they just won't hit the hay. And let's be honest, us parents could use a little help steering the ship sometimes.

In this fast-paced world where popping a pill seems like the go-to, we thought, “Hey, why not take a step back and give Mother Nature a high five?” Sure, meds have their place (no shade there!), but why not start with something a bit more chill?

Enter our secret weapon: stickers! But not just any stickers. These little guys are like a comforting hug from your favorite essential oils. They've been around for ages and trust us, they’re not just old wives' tales. Science gives them a big thumbs up too!

Next time you're wandering down those drugstore aisles, remember our mantra: “Start with a sticker.” Our stickers are more than just a pretty face. They're packed with nature's goodness and are an absolute hit with the kids. It's like sneaking veggies into their favorite meal – they'll love them, and you'll love knowing you're choosing something gentle and effective.

At NATPAT, we’re doing more than just selling something cool. We’re all about bringing smiles, health, and a bit of nature’s magic into your family's life. Here’s to making well-being fun, natural, and full of joy! 🌿✨🌟

"At NATPAT, it's not just about products; it's about a way of life. We're here to bring you a kinder, more fun, and totally natural approach to feeling great. Join us in this journey towards a happier, healthier you!"

Hearing from the Heart: Parents Share Their Stories 🌟💬❤️

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Concocted with Science, Wrapped Up with Love. 🧪❤️

At NATPAT, everything kicks off with teamwork. We join forces with the best in the biz - think world-class aromatherapists, pediatricians, and bug experts - diving headfirst into the science to pick out top-notch, proven ingredients. Whether it's our buzz-off mosquito stickers or our chill-out bedtime helpers, it's all about the science smarts.

We're super strict on quality, working with the same top-drawer labs that big names like Disney and Walmart trust. From the drawing board to the final product, keeping kids safe is our number one rule. Our stuff meets tough toxicology standards, the kind we'd pick for our own kiddos. And about those essential oils? They come straight from family-run farms in Australia – talk about quality and love!

Our prices? They reflect our obsession with the best quality, from the oils and patch materials to the ink we use. As we shake things up in the wellness world, our team is always chatting with global rule-makers, making sure we're top of the class in safety and standards.

But hey, there's more. We're all about the planet too. With millions of stickers heading out each year, we're committed to stuff that's good for the earth – think compostable, biodegradable materials and packaging you can recycle or reuse. At NATPAT, we're not just making things; we're building a legacy of caring and looking after our world. 🌍💚🌱

Starting Small, Dreaming Big. 🌱✨

Back in the whirlwind year of 2020, when the world was all topsy-turvy, our story kicked off in a cozy little home. We had no clue then that our big dream would resonate with folks all over the globe. Before we knew it, our goodies weren't just cruising around Australia but were jetting off to places like the US, UK, Canada, the Middle East, Asia, and even surprise spots like Guatemala, Ecuador, and Iceland.

Big shots like Walmart and Costco came knocking, but we stuck to what felt right. Keeping it real over going big-time, we're now super proud to work with over 5,000 indie shops in nearly 15 countries.

Starting with our hit BuzzPatch Mosquito Repellent Stickers (yep, even Kim Kardashian gave them a nod), we've grown our family to many wellness wonders. Each one, be it for itchy times, sleepy nights, focused days, or just calming vibes, is packed with our signature love and dedication. 🌟🌍💚