How To Improve Mental Clarity

How To Improve Mental Clarity

Many people struggle off and on with dreaded brain fog. We can’t find enough hours in the day to get everything done, yet we get to the end of the day and realize we really didn’t accomplish anything. 

Mental clarity doesn’t just allow us to focus on the tasks at hand; it helps to keep us motivated and ready to take on the day. Unfortunately, everything in our daily lives takes a toll on our mental clarity.

If you’re a parent, we all know that at some point, you’ve secretly wondered if the kids are trying to break you. Sometimes, our kids wonder if we are trying to torture them by asking them to focus on homework and chores when they are struggling to stay mindful. We’re all in the same boat.

Well, not today, friends. The Natural Patch Co. is here to say that you CAN win the war against your mental clarity, and we can help you get there. 

What Is Mental Clarity?

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We need to start from the beginning: defining mental clarity. It’s the ability to stay centered and focused throughout your day. Of course, roadblocks and obstacles will come and go. But with improved mental clarity, you have the right attitude and emotional strength to not only tackle these issues head-on but do so in a productive manner. 

Some obstacles are harder than others. This means that even if we can’t tackle them in a day, we have the physical and mental state needed to stay on top of problems that arise without losing focus or the positivity needed to eventually overcome them. 

Mental clarity means that you can stay positive. You know that things will test you, yet you are ready for the challenge. If something happens, you don’t feel hopeless or helpless; you know it happens and feel like you can go through it.

If the kids are having a day, you give them the love and emotional support they need to work through it. On your bad days, you do the same for yourself. 

We aren’t saying that bad days won’t pop up, but mental clarity means you know that today is just one day, and you give yourself the break you need to be up and running tomorrow. Mental clarity isn’t about never needing a break. Instead, it's about knowing the difference between a break and a breakdown. 

What Are the Signs?

If you’re worried about where your mental clarity is these days, we have a few warning signs that your center might be offline. 

Inability To Focus

The biggest and probably easiest one to spot is when you’re unable to focus on tasks. When your mental clarity is up to snuff, you can easily accomplish tasks before moving on to the next item on your to-do list.

You can gauge where you are with this by looking at your daily activities. If you find it difficult to concentrate on one task at a time, finish it and move on, then you are likely dealing with some gaps in your mental clarity. 

Strength Depletion

Another big sign is a lack of mental or physical strength. If you are reaching for a second, third, and fourth cup of coffee of caffeine every day because you are too tired for words, then your mental clarity is definitely suffering.

As parents, we know that we can’t win sleep battles with our littles every day. So, we need to be ready to deal with some brain fog when it occurs. 


If you are getting enough sleep, but you still feel completely exhausted when it comes to daily tasks, other issues are at play. You are likely stressed, overly worried about some upcoming event, or not getting deep enough sleep.

Each of these is necessary to clear your mind for the next day. All or any of these will affect your mental clarity, and it will only get worse if you don’t address the stressors in your life. 

Attitude and Mood

You can also check yourself for mental clarity by assessing your overall attitude toward life. For example, if you feel pessimistic about everything you’re going through and most trials and tribulations feel hopeless, your brain isn’t where it needs to be.

In order to accomplish tasks, you need to have the motivation and confidence that not only can you do the tasks at hand but that you will finish them as well. Without solid mental clarity, this won’t seem like something you can do, and you won’t get much done. 

Mental Clarity Matters

Your memory will also be affected by a lack of mental clarity. If you find yourself meeting new people and can’t remember their names, or you forget to pack your child’s lunch again, you might be suffering from some brain fog.

Brain fog can happen when you don’t have the mental clarity you need. Our memories might dull a little as we age, but if you are forgetting an abnormal amount of life data, it might be time to look into why this is occurring.

These things are all signs that you lack the mental clarity that life requires to get through. If these sound like you, then we have some tips and tricks for improving your mental clarity. Above all, if you find that these are worse than just a few minor adjustments can mend, outside assistance might be necessary. Your primary care doctor is there to help you with all your questions, from allergies to mental clarity and everything in between. 

If you don’t feel like that is needed, then keep reading for the best ways to improve your mental clarity. 

Assess the Stress

Above all, you need to figure out what’s causing the stress in your life that’s messing with your headspace. Whether it’s the stresses of a new baby, a new routine with older children, a new job, or changes in the season, there are many things that keep us from being fully focused. 

Jot down any new issues you are dealing with or reoccurring things you’ve been dealing with for a while. If the list is long, then you might conclude that there are just too many things to worry about in one day. You need to not only chisel down the list, but you need to start dealing with these issues head-on and eliminate the worry from your life.

Start Small and Work On the Steps

Start with small things, issues that can be handled quickly and efficiently. The little victories help us gain the confidence we need to tackle the big issues.

There is a reason why so many TED talks out there instruct that you should make your bed every morning to effectively start your day. Well, the stressors in our life work the same way. It’s all about being able to place one foot in front of the other to make our worries go away. 

We know this isn’t an easy task, but it’s something you need to do to start to chip away at everything that’s eating up your mind. It takes time and practice, but once you get in a good rhythm, you will see how easy it is to tackle stress and get it to submit to your will.

The process can be challenging to start, but we are here to help. Our FocusPatch is formulated to give you and your kids the strength you need to concentrate on any task at hand and complete it with the mental strength and ease you’ve always hoped for.  

Not only will our perfect blend of all-natural essential oils help you with laser-like focus, but they smell amazing. So you will have the mind power you need to accomplish anything life throws your way, and your nose will thank you too. 

Brain Breaks

Brain breaks are a great way to give your head time to catch up with everything going on, especially when things get a little chaotic. Any parent knows that life means multi-tasking and staying two steps ahead of the kids at all times.

When your mental clarity is out of line, you can’t accomplish this. Giving your mental-all to everything all the time can and will get exhausting. You need to take brain breaks. 

Best Break Options

Just like a quick nap can help you feel a little less tired on physically trying days, brain breaks are small time-outs you should give yourself a few times a day to keep you sharp and eliminate the threat of overwhelming emotions creeping in. 

If you’re powering through your daily tasks, and something starts to give you trouble, and you notice your mind and attention wandering, it’s time for a brain break. Stop what you’re doing and take a minute to allow yourself to breathe.

This could mean a walk around the block, maybe a few stretches, or a quick workout. Anything you can do that you know helps you calm down.

Avoid the Rabbit Holes

We know that some will immediately think to grab their phones and do a quick flip through social media. Some might find some comfort here, but going here first can start you down a slippery slope of doom scrolling. 

Social media can sometimes offer fun memes and cute stories, but sometimes it can add to our worries. We see an influencer organize their pantry; then we think, “Wow, ours would look so much better like that too.”

A few hours later, you find yourself down a deep rabbit hole of organizational websites and products. Then, you realize that not only did you forget about your to-do’s, but you also wasted half your day. 

Restart and Renew

A walk around the block or a few minutes of stretching will give your mind a chance to actually break free from stimulation. It’s an activity that requires your body to move and offers your brain a chance to turn off for a minute.

Nothing that strenuous or difficult to do, but a few minutes to get back to your inner peace. You’ll see that once you sit back down or go back to tackling your tasks, you’ll do so with a refreshed attitude and mental focus that you were starting to lose before the break. 

You Need To Calm Down

We’ve heard it before, but sometimes we are just high-strung. It happens: life can get the best of us. If others keep telling you to relax, people are probably noticing that your brain is begging for help. That’s right — you need to calm down. 

Work It Out

Exercise is a great way to shake out the stress. It doesn’t have to be anything too intense, but a few minutes of muscle toning, a bike ride, or a quick run will help get the nervous energy out of your body and away from your mind. If these activities aren’t in the cards for you, try yoga.

At first, it may seem impossible because this is generally a slow process. Your mind is going a million miles a minute, but after a few days or weeks of practice, your mind-and-body connection will be so much stronger. 

Some of you out there might say that you don’t have time for a full workout in your schedule every day or even a few times a week, and we understand. As parents and working professionals, extra time for activities isn’t always possible.

Or at least not possible enough to get into a good workout regimen. If that’s the case, try a few minutes a day of meditation. It might seem weird or uncomfortable at first, but for anyone that saw Julia Roberts transform with meditation in Eat, Pray, Love, you know that it will get easier over time. 

A Solution To Patch Together

To aid you in this new endeavor, we recommend adding our CalmPatch to your daily outfit. It’s a sticker full of all-natural essential oils that will help you get your zen back, the all-natural way. 

There are tons of chemicals and supplements out there that promise to make you a calmer person, but sometimes these do more harm than good. Our patches allow you to find balance and actually strengthen your brain organically and without a dependency on chemicals. 

Get Your Brain Back On Track

We hope we’ve helped you today find the best ways for you to find your mental clarity and take on the world. Remember that not everything here is for everyone, but the trick is finding the right ways for you to put your brain back to its happy place. 


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