How To Stop Bug Bites Under Clothes

How To Stop Bug Bites Under Clothes

Fashion is a personal experience for everyone. And if you’ve ever had to get a toddler dressed, you also know it’s a stressful experience.

But what if your fashion choices could keep you from getting bitten by bugs? Well, that’s what we are exploring today. Clothing choices can stop bugs from making a meal out of your arms and legs.

A lot of these tips and tricks are easy to keep the pests away. Items you can add to your closet, or at least outdoor activity attire, that bugs can’t bite through. It might seem tedious, but think of how badly those bug bites itch once you have been bitten.

What Textiles Stop Bug Bites?

There are specific types of materials that can be worn to keep your skin bite-free.

Mosquito-resistant fabric is still in the testing phase and won’t be on the shelves of your local department store for a hot minute.

In the meantime, we have other options for fabrics that will suit you best:


The first material we want to bring up is graphene. This material is in prototype stages but has been proven to stop mosquitoes. Scientists added a thin layer of graphene to their clothing and noticed that bugs couldn’t bite through it.

Laboratory tests used real and simulated mosquitoes to prove the fabric’s efficacy. (What a terrible day to volunteer as a test subject!) Tests revealed that this fabric looks like it has a big future in bug-fighting circles. The needle-like mouth of the mosquito was no match for the mighty graphene.

What could be better?

The material also helped repel mosquitoes from even landing on you. How? Mosquitoes find you by tracking your carbon emissions. This happens during conversations, drinking, exercise, etc. Basically, if you are breathing, you are emitting carbon. Graphene stopped these emissions from reaching mosquitoes so that the bugs couldn’t find you in the first place.

Polyester With Mesh Lining

Looking for clothing made of polyester with a mesh or cotton lining? Not sure what that even really means? We are talking about windbreaker material. Windbreakers are made of a polyester shell with a durable lining so that it’s soft on your skin.

Go take a look through your closet. You probably have one without realizing it, but windbreakers are those lightweight jackets. They are usually reserved for cool but not cold days when the air feels a little wet.

You would want to wear a jacket like this to keep you dry, but now it helps keep bugs away. The polyester shell is resistant to bugs but, combined with the strength of cotton and bugs don’t stand a chance. However, the material is strong enough that pesky critters like mosquitoes can’t bite through it.


We know that denim isn’t exactly ideal for a day of hiking. But, if you’re planning to be outside for much of the day and it doesn’t involve strenuous exercise, denim is ideal. It is a structured material that offers comfort and protection from bugs.

What’s the best part about utilizing denim everywhere you go? Well, for one, it’s extremely durable. Wearing denim all day at your kids’ tournaments and other activities will ensure your clothes don’t wear out. For another, denim jackets are totally back in.

This is the stuff of our teen dreams. Hopefully, you kept that jacket we know you wore in your school years; denim is better than ever.


Wool is probably more ideal for the colder months, but this reliable textile will protect you from bites. It’s a very thick material so that bugs can’t bite through it. However, the qualities of this fabric that make it so thick also come with setbacks.

There is no doubt that wool will keep you bite-free, but it’s heavy. It will keep you warm, and this is why we say it’s best for those cold months when you need extra protection from the elements.

All-Natural Insect Repellants

These fabrics will no doubt help keep you safe, but the bugs can still find you. This is where we come in. Our BuzzPatch stickers are going to be your new best friend.

Our all-natural blend of essential oils has been used for thousands of years by indigenous people to keep mosquitoes away. The best part? They’re safe for you and your kids, protecting the whole family.

Mosquitoes are attracted by your smells and the carbon you exhale. But these oils repel these bugs before they try to snack on your deliciousness.

It Gets Better

We know that kids don’t like to wear lotions and oils on their skin. If you’ve ever had to wrestle with a toddler, you know this. Even if you’re successful in applying, they’re more than likely to rub it off the second you turn your back.

You just spent the last ten minutes fighting to apply mosquito repellent. Only to have it gone in under a minute, meaning your efforts were for naught. Your kids are still susceptible to bites.

Our stickers are cute and fun, so kids want to wear them. Even better, these stickers go on clothes, not on skin. So your littles won’t even notice they’re wearing anything extra. Stick a few on their denim jackets: instant cool kid status.

Once You’ve Got the Right Material

Now that you know the right materials to wear, you need to know how to wear them. It’s not enough just to have the right fabrics; you have to go that extra step and wear them right.

Science and style combine to offer this critical tip:

Your clothes need to be fitted to your form. We don’t mean outfits that look painted on. But you’re going to want to wear denim fitted to your body and cover your skin from top to bottom.

Baggy vs. Tight Clothes: Bug Protection

Again, skinny jeans aren’t your only option. But baggy, wide-leg jeans offer bugs a free ride up your pant leg. If you want to go for that look, try pairing your jeans with a long sock and sneaker option. This way, your ankles are still covered, and you can be fashion-forward at the same time.

Another pro tip: we know that wide-leg denim looks cute with sandals. If you and your littles are out on the town in open-toed shoes, carefully place at least one BuzzPatch to the bottom of your pants.

Proper BuzzPatch placement can repel the mosquitoes directly around any bare skin.

What Are Some Other Ways To Prevent Bug Bites?

While these tips, and our patches, will protect you anywhere you go, there are a few steps you should take at home. We have a few tips to prevent bug bites and stop bugs from getting into your home.

Use Bug Screens To Protect Your Home

Ensure that every door and window is fitted with a secure and rip-free screen. Bugs don’t need a big area to gain entry into your home. Any rips or tears in your screens are an invitation to any bugs around your property.

Look for Infestations To Stop a Swarm

If you’ve noticed a ton of bugs around your house lately, there may be a nest you don’t know about. Bringing in an expert to check for nests might be the best option. This will ensure that you tackle the problem head-on if there is an infestation.

Since you already tackle toddlers all day, you might as well leave the bugs to the experts!

If there is an infestation, all the prevention in the world won’t stop at least a few from getting inside. Be very proactive about keeping nests away from your home.

If Bites Happen

Sometimes bites happen. Your kid ran around the yard only in their diaper (we’ve all been there). Or they took their jacket off or changed their clothes for the fourth time today.

Life happens, and sometimes we get bites we weren’t expecting. If this happens, you’ll need our MagicPatch.

This is our scientifically engineered patch technology that keeps your bites from itching. At the first sign of a bite, clean the area and apply one of our patches directly to the affected area. The patch technology brings the saliva up to the top of the skin and relieves the itch faster.

It’s safe (and stylish) for kids and adults: rest assured your kids won’t go crazy scratching their arms and legs.

Fear, No More!

Between our tips, tricks, and bite prevention products, you don’t have to live in fear of bug bites. Life is going a mile a minute, and you need to live it. Thankfully, our products bring you peace of mind to get out there and enjoy everything your day has to offer.

You’ll also get a lot of relief out of knowing that your kids are also protected from bugs without you having to chase them around with lotions to wear. You’ll drive yourself crazy trying to prevent bug bites any other way.

The Natural Patch Co. is here to keep you feeling your best — no matter what you wear.


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