The Best Morning Routine For Kids

The Best Morning Routine For Kids

We all remember mornings from our childhoods when we would wake up all too excited to see a friend during the school day, play in a big soccer game, or just for seemingly no reason at all. That is what much of being a kid is all about, after all.

That excitement over each and every little thing is part of what makes childhood so fun and so magical. As we grow older, we do not necessarily lose that excitement, but the behavior reshapes and reforms. Our excitement and fulfillment as adults may grow over the course of the day, rather than apparently peaking at the same moment our alarm clock goes off.

Instead, all too often, that annoying sound is accompanied by a few (or a lot of) pushes of the snooze button. Eventually, we will rise, take a deep breath, and start to prepare for whatever it is the day might have in store for us.

Morning routines are not only massively helpful to kids by making them feel confident and prepared, but they help adults and the rest of the family as well. They do this by creating a structure that is easy for each family member to follow, allowing for a seamless transition to and from various parts of the day.

Plus, the implementation of a morning routine helps us spend extra time with our children, which is something that we treasure.

Whether our kids wake up in a good mood and are raring to go or are slightly more reserved risers who need a minute to feel fully human, they can all benefit from a well-thought-out morning schedule.

Why Is a Morning Routine Important for Kids?

A morning routine sets older and younger children up for success throughout their days. 

If there were any doubt about this, look no further than the rituals that take up an average adult’s morning:

Perhaps after waking up, they proceed to brush their teeth and shower before clutching a cup of coffee for dear life and having a light breakfast of toast and eggs. In any case, the chances are that we all have our own versions of a morning routine that we stick to whenever possible.

We take part in these rituals that make up our routines in order to create a sense of structure and stability while minimizing rushing and chaos. A morning routine has both mental and physical benefits. 

Knowing what to expect on our routine checklist allows us to start off the day on something akin to autopilot as we slowly but surely warm up our engines and become our best selves. Meanwhile, showering and brushing our teeth are integral aspects of hygiene that we cannot skip. Truly, both your dentist and your coworkers will thank you.

Many of these necessary benefits also apply to kids and their morning routines. Similarly, we also help them through various steps pertaining to hygiene. Then, we give them a healthy breakfast so that they will have the energy that they need to get them through the morning as productively as possible. Lastly, there are some parts of a routine that are primarily targeted toward their mental wellness.

If you are looking for some more specific activities and habits to include in your child’s morning routine to prepare them for the best day ever, keep on reading.

How Do We Get Our Kids Excited About Waking Up?

Many young kids are inherently and intrinsically high-energy. It is undoubtedly one of their most loveable and adorable qualities, but at six in the morning on a Saturday, it can become slightly less than charming.

However, having this pep in their step is immensely helpful on most weekday mornings. It is even possible that their energy could be contagious in the best way, giving their parents an extra bit of excitement as well.

In essence, some younger kids wake up ready to take on the day as well as all of its ups and downs. Then, there are other kids who treasure sleep more than anything else in the world.

No matter which kind of child we have, in all likelihood, their boundless energy will diminish somewhat over time. This process is perfectly natural, but it can make it a bit more difficult to motivate our kids to tackle the day.

For those lower energy days, it can be immensely helpful for both us and our kids to talk about what we have to look forward to. Maybe our kids will get to speak to their best friends today, or maybe the weekend is just around the corner, and we have a really fun Saturday playtime planned. This is yet another instance where knowing our kids and knowing what they enjoy is crucial.

What Should A Smooth Morning Routine Include?

For a child to truly get the most out of an effective morning routine, both their physical and emotional well-being should be improved as a result. Luckily, there are a wide range of ways to do this.

Some of these tips and tricks are fairly necessary for starting the day off right (for both kids and adults), while others will work better for certain kids than others.

A Morning Routine Is Only As Good as the Evening Routine

A morning routine can be as thorough and fun as possible, but it is still no match for getting enough sleep. When our kids get high-quality rest for as long as they need, they perform drastically better in school.

There are a variety of steps that can be taken to give our kids the best possible chance at quality sleep, but one that should not be forgotten is giving them something to help them both fall asleep and stay asleep completely naturally.

That’s where The Natural Patch Co. comes in to save the day (or night). The SleepyPatch is 100% drug-free and instead uses totally natural ingredients to make sleep become as easy as… well, falling asleep.

These patches work by utilizing the many benefits of essential oils. With the calming powers of mandarin, lavender, sweet marjoram, and vetiver essential oils, people of any age can enjoy the soothing scents and effects that these stickers have to offer.

The SleepyPatch is just one of many Parent Tested Parent Approved Award product lines that can help kids and adults alike make the most out of their days (and bedtime nights).

Now, without further ado, here are some helpful steps you can implement to enhance your child’s morning routine.

Taking Care of Basic Hygiene

This is one of those aspects of a morning routine that really cannot be left out. Head into the bathroom and summon your patience: It's time for the mini-battle. Some kids don't need to be pushed to tackle hygiene essentials, while others may need some gentle reminders. 

Just a few of these hygienic steps can include (but are not limited to):

  • Wash faces
  • Brush teeth (set a timer to help your kids estimate the correct time)
  • Combing or styling their hair

Depending on your child’s age, they will likely require different amounts of help through these processes. By helping them to find a routine that works well for them in their childhoods, you are laying a groundwork that will help them know what to do in adulthood as well.

Choosing What To Wear

It's time to take the PJs off. 

This is another necessary part of any routine before our kids go out the door, but that does not mean it can’t be enjoyable too. We can help our kids decide on an outfit or, depending on their age, let them choose what feels right to them. Clothes help us to express ourselves, and kids are no different.

For children who prioritize an extra few minutes of sleep in the morning, or for those who are prone to occasionally being late, choosing clothes the night before can be a helpful strategy. In addition, knowing what they will be wearing the next day can add to a child’s excitement for the day ahead, making it significantly easier to help them wake up.

Cleaning Their Room

Cleaning one’s room is a chore that very few kids relish, but it is essential to do. It can be best to put these more laborious chores at the beginning of the routine before fatigue can set in.

Some parents find that a handy chart makes this necessity a lot easier (and others swear by offering a reward like access to a special toy or additional screen time). 

Eating a Nutritious (and Fun!) Breakfast With Family

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason. Without it, we may be lacking the energy we need to really give the day our all. Giving our children a nutritious and enjoyable breakfast will help get them pumped for the day’s activities.

Breakfast can also be a wonderful bonding experience for the family, as we can take this time to discuss plans and share stories.

Setting Up Our Kids for Success

By getting the most out of their mornings, our kids can get the most out of the rest of their days. A proper morning routine sets the tone for a productive and fun day and sets a framework that will continue to benefit them as they age.


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