What Do Mosquitoes Eat?

What Do Mosquitoes Eat?

Most of us aren’t usually too keen on learning about the life of a mosquito. But how are you supposed to safeguard your family from them if you don’t know the basic information about them?

Having basic facts and debunking myths about mosquitoes can help you know the right and wrong ways to fight them off around your home and in your daily life. Kids aren’t always the easiest to get to comply with our routines, so The Natural Patch Co. is here to arm you with as many tips and tricks as possible to get you from being a snack. 

So, Do All Mosquitoes Drink Blood?

Nope. They do not all do this. 

Out of the 3,000 species of mosquitoes that exist, only about 100 types drink blood. Out of those 100, only the females actually need to drink blood for anything. Male mosquitoes live off other food supplies, but we will have more on that in a minute. 

Female mosquitoes need blood when they’re getting ready to lay eggs; apparently, laying 300 eggs takes a lot out of the insects. The additional protein they get from blood gives them the energy and strength they need for breeding.

Did you know that most if not all female mosquitoes actually prefer to bite animals as opposed to humans? We are the last resort for them when they need to breed.

Nevertheless, they can and will bite us if they need to, so protecting everyone from them is important. We are coming up on mosquito season in many parts of the world. Some are already experiencing that annoying buzz, so now is a great time to get your BuzzPatch bundles. 

Our all-natural essential oil blend repels mosquitoes all day without harsh chemicals on your skin or inhaling harmful sprays into your body. You will fall in love with the smell of our oil blend, and you and the kids will be bite-free no matter where your day takes you.

Mosquitoes find us by the carbon dioxide we release when we breathe out. Our unique, essential oil combination works by masking the heat when you breathe out. Bam — the mosquitoes don’t even realize you’re there.

BuzzPatch combines the fun of stickers with the power of nature.

So What Do Male Mosquitoes Eat?

No matter what type, male mosquitoes only feed on the nectar of flowers and plants. Some even eat certain types of fruit for nourishment. And since females only need the protein from blood when breeding, they also live on this type of diet most of the time. 

A surprising fact about mosquitoes is that females can live twice as long as a male mosquito. They can even hibernate through winter to be alive to breed the following spring. That was the bad news.

The good news is females don’t require additional blood to sleep through cold months; they need extra sugar. So plants and flowers will be eaten in doubled amounts while preparing for a long nap. 

The larvae of mosquitoes also eat while growing. The water source is so important to females when laying eggs due to the bacteria that is present in stagnant water. Larvae will feed on the bacteria in the water as they make their transition to adulthood. 

How To Tell the Difference

Male and female mosquitoes look similar to each other, but there are a few differences that can make it easier to tell what you’re dealing with. 

First, female mosquitoes are larger; both are only about a quarter of an inch in size. Therefore, female mosquitoes will be a bit larger than their male counterparts. It’s easier to spot the size difference after a female has had a blood snack because she will be a lot rounder in the middle given her full belly. 

Male mosquitoes also have feather-like antennae. They use these to feel vibrations of the wings of female mosquitoes when searching for a potential mate. Did you know that once they do find a mate, their wings will beat in sync with each other? It would be so romantic… if we weren’t talking about blood-sucking insects making more blood-sucking insects. 

It might be harder to see, but male mosquitoes also have different mouths than female mosquitoes. Given that they do not need to drink blood to survive, the needle-like mouthpiece that a female is equipped with is missing from the males.

While it is a good way to tell one from the other, considering you usually only notice them as they fly away, it might be difficult or unnecessary to try to spot the difference. The best mosquito is flying away, so the further it goes, the better!

How Do We Keep Them Away?

While we would like to wish them out of existence, that’s just not possible. Mosquitoes act a lot like bees in that they carry pollen from one source to another. They help keep flowers and plants thriving and act as a main food source for birds and bats.

So they are part of a larger system that needs them to keep moving and considering that only a few bite, we can’t curse them all because of a few bad apples. Those bad apples are really bad, but the others not so much. 

So instead, let’s keep them out of your homes and yards. We already told you that our BuzzPatch will help keep them off of you, but you still don’t want them spawning behind your house. 

It’s essential to keep your yard clean and free of debris. Grass should be cut short and maintained well. Higher grass and unkempt lawns are the perfect places for mosquitoes to hide during the day when people are looking to squash them, and birds are looking for a meal. When you keep your grass cut short, they don’t have anywhere to hang out in your backyard. 

Water Be Gone!

Similarly, rain gutters and corners of the yard where you keep tools or unused planters should be kept clean and tidy. If these areas are overcrowded and full of waste, the deep dark corners you can’t see will be damp and retain a lot of moisture.

This is ideal for a female mosquito looking to lay eggs in a safe place. By keeping these areas clean and free of unwanted matter, you are guaranteeing a “no vacancy” sign to sneaky mosquitoes. 

Any planters or pots in your yard that aren’t full of plants should be kept empty and free of any standing water. As we’ve said before, mosquitoes need stagnant water to lay eggs.

If they are flying above and see this water untouched and undisturbed for long periods of time, they will lay eggs. Then, you will have been an accomplice in the next generation of these pesky creatures. Hey, we all make mistakes.

Clean and Secure

Using dish soap and warm water to keep the yard and porch areas clean will also ensure that any water that gets left behind is too slick for eggs to latch onto. The residue from the soap will stay behind to protect your yard until the next time you clean. 

To keep your house secure, ensure that all windows and doors are secured with clean screens that don’t have any rips or tears. Mosquitoes can’t get in without these little rips, so ensuring that all screens are in perfect condition keeps mosquitoes from getting in. 

People Are Friends, Not Food

While it might seem like a bit of work keeping you and your family safe from mosquito bites, the steps are simple enough, and keeping the BuzzPatch around will make it even easier.

Your mind will get a break from the worry of their itchy bites when you add BuzzPatch to your and your family’s daily outfits. These simple tips for your yard will also keep your home protected. You and your family are officially ready to take on the world! 



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