What Happens When a Mosquito Bites You?

What Happens When a Mosquito Bites You?

From family cookouts and camping trips to beach days and yummy picnics, outdoor time is absolutely our favorite.

The one thing that is working against the most perfect day ever: mosquitoes. 

Not only are most kids indisputably terrified of the little suckers, but getting bit by one is never a good experience. There are literally trillions of mosquitoes (and counting) buzzing around the planet. So, we’d say just about every single parent has been through the motions of these not-so-wonderful experiences at least a handful of times. 

While our teaching styles and ideologies may differ, all parents can probably agree that when it comes to our little ones, keeping them far, far away from hungry mosquitoes is of the utmost importance. 

But what’s the best way to do that? 

And what happens when a mosquito bites?  

You have questions, and we have answers.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about mosquitoes, including how to prevent itchy boo-boos and what to do if your kid gets bit. 

You, Your Kids, and Icky Mosquitoes 

Too many kids prefer to stay inside these days to fiddle with their gadgets and gizmos. So, when our little ones ask if they can “Please play outside,” we can’t help but smile before giving them the coveted parent nod stamp of approval. 

Happy as a clam, your child slips on their tiny shoes, plants a big "thank you" kiss on your cheek, and races out the door to explore. Ah, summertime!

The sun is shining, there’s not a single cloud in the sky, and the sound of giggling children romping around is in the air. 

Today is a great day. That is, until it’s not.

The Big, Bad... Mosquito

Within minutes of heading outside, your little one races back to the comfort of your arms with tears streaming down their cheeks. 

Pointing to a few itchy red bumps on their arm, you realize your kid was attacked by a swarm of hungry mosquitoes. Coming to terms with the battle that lies ahead, you quickly scoop up your teary-eyed child and get to work on treating their bites. 

What battle, you ask? 

Oh, you know. The infamous “STOP SCRATCHING IT” battle.

For us parents, there’s just about nothing worse than when our little ones have bug bites. Even anti-itch cream or antihistamines don't seem to stop them from pestering the reddish bump on their skin. But regardless of how painfully itchy the boo-boo might be, whatever you do, you can’t let them scratch. 

Why Is Scratching a Big No-No? 

When it comes to mosquito bites, it’s the itch that’s the issue. 

For most folks, they just have to put up with a few days of annoying itching —no big deal. But that’s a pretty steep challenge for kids. 

You could tell them until you’re blue in the face not to touch their itchy bug bites, but despite your wishes, they’ll do it anyway. Why? Because it’s ITCHY!

That being said, scratching a mosquito bite is really quite terrible as it can cause your child’s skin to break. And when dirty little fingers get bacteria in an open wound, a painful infection or small blisters can follow suit. 

Swelling, inflammation, and oozing at the bite site are all telltale signs of a mosquito bite infection and require a trip to the pediatrician as soon as possible. Without antibiotics, your child’s tiny infection can quickly transform into a life-threatening infection. Yikes!

Any Solutions To Soothe an Itchy Bug Bite? 

Absolutely! In fact, there are many methods to help your little one resist the urge to scratch, but if you’re looking for the best method— stop searching and try MagicPatch

MagicPatch is here to replace the substandard home remedies including hydrocortisone cream, calamine lotion, and more.

This patch is the #1 all-natural, non-spray, non-chemical sticker that provides relief from the constant itchy. Our chemical-free MagicPatch Relief Patches are truly one-of-a-kind: with a label you can read and a label you can trust.

Using our scientifically engineered Grid-Relief Technology, MagicPatch uses a gentle mechanical action to create a micro lift in the skin. This helps the lymphatic system drain the itchy biochemicals that cause the pain, strain, and itch. 

Super easy to use, simply peel off one of the colorful MagicPatch stickers and apply it directly onto the bug bite. In less than one short minute, your child should begin to feel welcome relief from the itchy bite.

Parents, rejoice!

What Causes the Bite To Itch?

To understand why bug bites itch, we first need to uncover what happens when a mosquito bites.

When one of the little parasites land on your child, it will quickly pierce their skin with its needle-like mouthparts called the maxillae. Then, it will wiggle around until it strikes a blood vessel.

Of course, only female mosquitoes bite. While both males and females consume flower nectar, only the females suck blood (through the labrum). Blood has the protein they need to form eggs. 

As soon as the icky insect locates blood, it will inject some of its saliva (with the hypopharynx) to prevent clotting (an anticoagulant). This allows the mosquito to feed quickly, giving the hungry critter a better chance of stealing blood without getting noticed. 

Once the mosquito is done feeding, it will buzz away, leaving nothing behind but its saliva. 

The Immune System Response and Viruses

This is when the body goes into action. Your child’s immune system responds to this foreign substance exposure by releasing histamine. Believe it or not, it is this histamine that triggers the uncomfortable itching and swelling that are so characteristic of bug bites. 

Mosquito bites itch, for sure. But washing your hands with soap, water, and avoiding the bite should keep us safe and happy.

However, if you or your child are plagued by soreness, body aches, or hives, there might be more to the story.

There are certain symptoms that may indicate an allergic reaction (called skeeter syndrome) to the mosquito's saliva.

These symptoms can include: a large area of swelling, hard bumps, or bruises/dark spots. 

One of the most severe, anaphylaxis, can prove life-threatening. That's not even to mention the CDC's warning about this bug's ability to spread viruses and illnesses.

Keeping in mind that mosquitoes carry diseases like Yellow Fever, Malaria, and Zika Virus.

Sounds like a powerful insect repellent is needed!

Good thing that we know just what to do...

What’s the Best Way To Prevent Itchy Mosquito Bites? 

For parents looking to avoid the waterworks due to overwhelmingly itchy mosquito bites — prevention is KEY.

It's not DEET; it's not Picaridin; it’s better... It's BuzzPatch.

In simpler terms, if you can prevent the buzzy fliers from biting your child, you can avoid the itchy bug bite saga altogether. No bite means no itchiness. And when your little one isn’t scratching an itchy mosquito bite, there’s no risk of infection. Just itch-free days ahead!

To keep mosquitos far away from your vulnerable child, we recommend BuzzPatch — the world’s #1 all-natural, non-spray shield to protect your growing kids against itchy bites. 

Made with your little ones in mind, our repellent patches are infused with a powerful — yet gentle — all-natural blend of kid-friendly essential oils. These oils have been used for generations to mask smells like blood type and body odor that mosquitoes are attracted to.

And when mosquitoes can’t find your kids, they won’t be able to bite them. 

What’s more, unlike sticky sprays and smelly lotions that can sometimes cause headaches and dizziness, our essential oil blend smells lovely (to people only—not mosquitoes).

To use BuzzPatch, simply peel off one of the happy emoji stickers and place it on your child’s clothing nearest to the exposed body areas. That’s it. 

No-fuss, no mess, no chemicals. 

BuzzPatch’s Powers of Protection 

Itchy bug bites are no fun by any means — especially for kids. That’s why we created BuzzPatch.

Here at The Natural Patch Co., we designed our mosquito repellent patches to be super fun emoji designs that kids just love to wear. 

With BuzzPatch, you’ll never have to struggle with applying smelly sprays or sticky lotions to your fussy kid again. Simply peel off a fun sticker, place it on your little one, and just like that — mosquitoes will stay far, far away. 



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Mosquito Patches for Kids

Mosquito Patches for Kids

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