What Is Emotional Wellness: A Complete Guide

What Is Emotional Wellness: A Complete Guide

Nowadays, it seems that stress is an unavoidable part of life. From work to childcare to trying to carve out the occasional moment for ourselves, we can burn the candle at every possible end. However, even while we are taking care of everyone around us, it is integral that we prioritize our emotional wellness.

If we forget to look after ourselves, our emotional well-being can quickly plummet, making everyday life an unpleasant chore. Rather than feeling motivated by various goals and achievements, a lack of emotional wellness can make what was once exciting feel monotonous.

Read on for why self-care and prioritizing emotional health are so crucial:

How Does Emotional Wellness Impact Us?

In short, emotional wellness can impact us in nearly every sense. Of course, it affects us profoundly mentally, psychologically, and emotionally. That being said, it also has the ability to make significant changes to our physical health as well.

What Happens When Your Emotional Wellness Is High?

When we have high emotional wellness, we are likely to feel more fulfilled. We stay grounded in the present moment and are more grateful for positive emotions as we feel them. We have developed stress management skills that make the hard days seem less intimidating and know that we can always reach out to a friend or loved one to talk.

What Happens When Your Emotional Wellness Is Low?

On the other hand, low emotional wellness can negatively impact anything from your immune system to your blood pressure to your overall satisfaction with life. According to the National Institutes of Health, we are more susceptible to certain physical health issues when our mental health is lacking.

How To Care for Your Emotional Wellness

There are a lot of different factors that someone needs in their emotional wellness toolkit.

Here are a few tips and tricks to get you and your kids started:

Prioritize Your Mental and Physical Health

As we mentioned, mental health can greatly alter your physical health. At the same time, your physical health can increase or lessen your mental health. Stay active during the day by getting exercise in ways that you enjoy. Anything from playing a sport to taking a walk can give you a helpful boost in mood.

We all need time to ourselves to reflect and engage in some light introspection, but many people enjoy exercising with others. This gives an opportunity to both get exercise and to connect socially with friends, our pets, and loved ones — a win/win/win.

Practice Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness’ ability to improve emotional wellness cannot be overstated. Emotional wellness is all about being in the present moment, a core tenet of mindfulness. You and your kids can easily practice this kind of meditation by doing deep breathing exercises. Encourage your children to approach situations without judgment, and make sure that you do the same.

When done correctly, mindfulness helps kids feel more grateful and can also help them become more empathetic over time. Help your kids really observe their surroundings and bring greater awareness to their state of being. Through mindfulness, we better recognize what we need — physically and mentally. The next step is figuring out how to achieve it.

Develop Healthy Coping Skills

Some people find that the most effective healthy coping mechanisms are hobbies. Meanwhile, others might find that talking their emotions through is the single most effective route. The key to finding a productive coping mechanism is knowing yourself and what works.

A healthy coping mechanism should, by definition, enhance your life rather than detract from it. Try something creative or artistic like writing, painting, or playing music.

How Does Emotional Wellness Relate to Mental Health?

First of all, we should define what exactly mental health is so that we can establish how emotional wellness is similar and different from it. Mental health is considered to be the state of one’s emotional and psychological well-being. Therefore, emotional wellness is a part of mental health or is a piece of one’s overall health.

Does Emotional Wellness Mean You Never Have Negative Feelings?

The thought of never again feeling scared, sad, or angry might be tempting, but it is simply not a possibility. Those who have achieved emotional wellness understand not to be afraid of negative emotions but to take them as they come. Life’s challenges are inevitable, but we do have a say in how we handle them. 

In the pursuit of emotional health, we must approach our issues with self-compassion and patience. Whether a drastic and significant life event or just a day-to-day annoyance, we must be able to put it into perspective. Mentally healthy people know that life is not always easy, and it’s hardly ever perfect, but they also have productive coping mechanisms to help them through.

Can Getting Better Sleep Help With Emotional Wellness?

It’s absolutely no secret that getting sufficient high-quality rest is necessary for us to stay physically healthy, but it also significantly impacts our emotional health. We’ve all had nights where sleep seems like a distant dream. Maybe this is due to insomnia, or maybe your child needs you to check for monsters under their bed for the tenth time.

Either way, it looks like you might just be in for a sleepless night ahead.

Constantly looking at the clock and watching the minutes tick by without getting closer to sleep is an incredibly frustrating experience. However, the fallout you experience the following day can be even more frustrating. 

When we do not get enough sleep, our memory suffers, as does our ability to concentrate. We can’t function at the same level that we usually do because our brain does not have what it needs. Not only that, but a lack of sleep often leads to grumpiness and irritability, which negatively affects our emotional wellness. 

This might lead to us powering through with the help of a few cups of coffee, but this isn’t a wise long-term solution. Instead, we need to find ways for us and our kids to sleep better

How To Get Better Sleep Naturally

Luckily, many of us can achieve more sound sleep with the help of a few simple changes to our lifestyle. First, always remember to turn off screens prior to going to bed. This rule should apply to kids and adults, as people of any age will find their sleep negatively impacted by the presence of blue light.

Kids and adults alike can also benefit from the help of a nighttime routine. A routine is comforting, ensures that all necessary tasks get done, and tells your body that it is time to go to sleep. Lastly, a natural sleep aid can be immensely helpful in falling asleep quickly and staying asleep throughout the night.

The SleepyPatch Sleep Promoting Stickers work wonders for both children and adults. Its blend of all-natural essential oils has been carefully curated to create an aura of total rest and relaxation. Simply put the sticker on your or your child’s shirt, and let the dreams roll in.

How Does Emotional Wellness Impact Children?

As we age, we develop a stronger sense of self-awareness and also are better able to regulate our emotions. Our kids are still honing these important skills, so they will likely need a little extra help along the way. This is to say that any negative effects we adults experience due to negative emotional wellness are likely to be even more pronounced in our kids.

As caregivers, we strive to keep our kids as happy and healthy as emotionally well as possible. We should look after their self-esteem, social connections, and physical wellness however possible. When our kids are taken care of and their essential needs are met, we set the stage for steady development and a great deal of fun along the way.

A huge part of emotional wellness is recognizing your feelings and comfortably sitting with them. This can be easier said than done for kids, especially those dealing with mental illness.

For more hyper moments, we can help our kids achieve a state of calm with ZenPatch Mood Calming Stickers. Meanwhile, when it’s time to strap in and get some homework done or even to engage in some light mindfulness meditation, FocusPatch Focus Enhancing Stickers can be just the ticket.

Each child will have their own needs regarding emotional wellness, but the good news is that there are so many different ways to help. By listening to our kids and teaching them healthy coping mechanisms, we lay the groundwork that they will continue to build upon for their entire lives.

Emotional Wellness and Your Family

Clearly, it is a worthwhile endeavor to prioritize emotional wellness for every member of our family. By being more mindful and grateful and looking after your physical and spiritual self, you can feel more fulfilled.



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