FocusPatch: Do They Work And Is It Safe For Kids?

FocusPatch: Do They Work And Is It Safe For Kids?

We all experience them, the kind of day that drones on and on, with seemingly no end in sight. For children, maybe the initial sugar rush from a snack of cookies has long since worn off, leaving a slight fog that can’t be shaken.

For adults, perhaps even coffee doesn’t seem to give you the boost you need. Or maybe you have limited yourself to four cups for the day, and it’s barely lunchtime.

While these experiences are rarely pleasant, we do have options to help us get our groove back. For those occasions when being able to concentrate feels like a far-off dream, and not an attainable reality, it might be time to call in the help of a focus aid. 

Rather than using one filled with chemicals and unintended side effects, this is where the FocusPatch really shines.

What Is the FocusPatch?

The FocusPatch is an all-natural alternative to other focus aids. It comes in the form of 24 easy-to-peel (adorable) stickers that are placed on clothing, not ingested.

From their deliberate spot on a shirt, blouse, or dress, they can get to work quickly. Using 100% natural essential oils, these patches help to stimulate memory as well as engage focus.

How Is the FocusPatch Different From Other Focus Aids?

There are a few primary differences when it comes to our FocusPatches as opposed to other focus aids on the market today. For one, the FocusPatch is truly all-natural.

In a world where we often turn to harsh chemicals before giving natural alternatives a try, this can make all the difference in the world. Many of the solutions to our problems are hidden in nature; it is just a matter of unlocking them.

The second noteworthy difference between the FocusPatch and other focus aids is that nothing has to be ingested, which can be hard to come by. This distinction has caused us to be given the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award.

Even other all-natural solutions may still require taking a pill or liquid orally to experience their full effects. The FocusPatch by The Natural Patch Co. operates knowing that we do not need to be putting anything else into our bodies, especially in the case of our kids.

Though there are many more advantages that set the FocusPatch apart, we would like to highlight one more for now. The FocusPatch can be used by both children and adults, and both will find significant benefits in their alertness and attentiveness.

It does not make a difference if it is our children trying to learn long division or if we are trying to make it through endless drives and commutes to work. Either way, we could all use a little added help from time to time.

How Does the FocusPatch Work?

The FocusPatch operates by being placed onto clothes rather than having to be taken, swallowed, or ingested. When you stick it to your shirt, the patch will release a steady stream of essential oils that help to improve focus, memory, and attention.

The ingredients are all-natural, providing an effective and harsh chemical-free alternative for those who want something beyond OTC and drug options.

With the FocusPatch, our kids (and us adults!) can obtain a natural boost to our attentiveness, which can be huge during big tests, meetings, and more. It can be used at any time throughout the day that our focus seems to be waning. 

FocusPatches come with 24 in a pack and provide you with a resealable ziplock bag. This makes them easily portable to keep in a desk at work or school, a book bag or purse, or anywhere else they could be useful.

Is the FocusPatch Safe?

The FocusPatch is safe for those above two years of age. The patch foregoes any and all harsh chemicals in favor of utilizing the powers of nature and essential oils. This means that people who experience sensitivities to an influx of chemicals, or those who simply want to limit their exposure, can safely use the FocusPatch. 

What Is In the FocusPatch?

As we have stated, the FocusPatch is powered by a particular blend of essential oils within the sticker. Now, it is time to go a little bit more in-depth as to what exactly those essential oils are. While oils can have a plethora of benefits (more on that later), we wanted to put together ingredients that would specifically target and enhance the ability to focus.

This resulted in putting a range of enlivening scents and essential oils into the patch. Not only do they smell delightful, but they have a subconscious effect that provides us with a boost in focus, attention, and memory. Then, there is possibly the even more important question: what isn’t in the FocusPatch?

The FocusPatch is all-natural, meaning it’s free of harsh chemicals that many may find irritating. These stickers do not contain any kind of medications or drugs. As such, they lack any negative side effects that are all-too-common when it comes to prescriptions and over-the-counter options.

What Are the Benefits of Essential Oils?

Essential oils can help with a variety of daily issues and nuisances and do all of this without added chemicals. This makes them an immensely desirable option for those looking for more homeopathic remedies.

These oils have been used for many years to treat various conditions. Studies continue to prove their efficacy and effectiveness time and time again.

Essential oils are simply concentrated plant extract, meaning that they are pieces of nature in their purest form. Plants have been successfully used for centuries to treat our maladies, and essential oils are just an extension of that age-old practice. They are proven to help reduce stress and improve productivity. 

While those are both wonderful advantages, they are far from the only ways essential oils can help us through our days.

For instance, they can also:

  • Help to boost mood
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Reduce pain
  • Reduce nausea
  • Reduce headaches
  • Help treat fungal infections

So as you can see, essential oils can go a long way to help us be the best versions of ourselves. Now, though, it is time to get back to how they help us concentrate.

Can Essential Oils Help With Focus?

It is true that essential oils can help us with so many different facets of our lives, but their power to aid in our ability to focus cannot be overstated. There are many oils that specifically help to enliven and awaken us. With all that research, we have deliberately put together the absolute perfect blend.

Our world-famous recipe includes:


The first essential oil included in the FocusPatch is lemon. Citrus oils are perfect for gaining heightened focus and concentration. They simultaneously calm the mind of clutter while awakening you to new experiences and opportunities. While other citrus oils also have this effect, none work better than an effervescent lemon oil.

Atlas Cedarwood

Atlas Cedarwood is an essential oil native to the forests of Morocco. This oil is derived from the Atlas Cedar tree or “Cedrus atlantica” (if you are looking for the botanical name). This tree grows to a huge 40 to 60 feet high, so it’s no wonder that the oil from this tree is super powerful.

This scent is known to have a woodsy, balsamic, calming aroma. People often say that it has notes of subtle spices and smoke. This oil is relied on for its mental health benefits as well as having known medicinal uses. 


Bergamot provides another boost of citrus oils to keep you awake and aware as well as calm. All of these essential oils together represent some of the best of aromatherapy, but it is not quite complete without…


Peppermint oil has been shown to reduce fatigue, therefore increasing focus. This essential oil can even promote heightened athletic results. So, perhaps on a particularly dreary day, it can help greatly just before gym class or before going on a run.

It also has the added benefit of helping to reduce nausea and ease headaches, making us feel better both physically and mentally so we can perform our best.

Do Kids Like To Wear the FocusPatch?

Kids absolutely like to wear the FocusPatch. The stickers feature cute and fun faces that their friends will be sure to notice. Meanwhile, they’re obtaining various positive benefits effortlessly.

Focusing on a Bright Future

When we are able to focus at our best, we are able to be our best. Even on dreary days that seem to rain endlessly and the sun becomes a distant memory, we can still feel awake, alert, and ready for what life will bring us.

A good night’s sleep will always help with this mission. However, with the help of natural focus aids like essential oils and the FocusPatch, being ready becomes that much easier. 


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