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Do the job

My daughter is 10 and struggles to sleep. These are perfect. She chooses which one she wants to wear each night and then has a collection on her wall of the used ones… she’s sticker mad! Happy child and happy mom!

NATPAT Digital Map Art Poster
M.B.J. (Ripley, US)
The calming patches

My grandkids mom got deployed to Poland. The kids are living with us now in Tennessee. Our grand daughter is 4 years old and is autistic. We have had the hardest time getting her ABA therapy started in our area. Hopefully her speech therapy will start soon. The patches are working. The only problem I have had is her pulling them off after she saw me putting them on her shirt. So now, I stick them on her shirt first before putting the shirt on her. 😊😊. This is a picture of them at church. She has the pink headphones on. I also pray for them daily.

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NATPAT Digital Map Art Poster
C.V. (Sydney, AU)
Great for kids and babies

We bought these for our baby as we found he was getting mozzie bites at night on his face. We stick one to the side of his bassinet or the back of his pyjamas. Since using these our little one has been free of bites. Highly recommend them. Even got adult patches for hubby as the mozzies like to eat him also.

*SleepyPatch Sleep Promoting Stickers
H. (Pittsburgh, US)
Helps My asd child!!

My son is 8 and struggles to fall asleep. He is autistic so I guess This can be normal. Well tried melatonin and yes it works but idk not a fan. Tried these and wow work great and as routines work for him using this daily works!! Bought many times so far and will keep purchasing. Thank you for making these. Even got the adult ones. And they help me If I need it.

I was sceptical but 4 weeks in: LIFE-CHANGING

Our 2 year old was really sporadical in his sleep, a week or so of sleeping through, and then months on end of being up at least once a night, settling only after yet more milk and us losing between 2-3 hours of sleep a night. I bought these on a whim and the first night he was still up, but since that we’ve only had one night where he hasn’t slept for 11 hours, and that’s because he was uncomfortable with constipation.
He is also going to bed earlier - starting to settle himself and sleeping longer. But most importantly we are getting a solid nights sleep. We put them under his sheet as I do worry he would try and chew them but it still works. TL:DR -
these changed our life.
Could it be coincidence? yes, of course, but I’m not risking it 🤣

Mosquito Patches for Kids
H.P. (Portland, US)
Camping trip saver

I ordered a couple of packs after seeing someone else talk about them on Instagram. I luckily don’t have a ton of mosquitos around my house but I was camping in the Redwoods a few weeks ago and we were completely swarmed morning and night - the most mosquitos I’ve ever seen. I passed them out to the group and they were a trip saver. After 4 days, the only bite I got was when we were packing the car and I changed out of the shirt I had my sticker on!

Mood calming ,Excellent

My 7yr old son has lots of issues within school,very short tempered and hyper started using these 2 weeks ago and the difference in his behaviour has been night and day,was dubious at first but I certainly will be using these again,highly recommend

ZenPatch - Mood Calming Patches
L.O. (Crowborough, GB)
Mood calming patches

My son has been wearing them since January. They have helped him so much. Obviously he still has bad days but not like before we used them. He is even aware if he doesn’t wear one it affects him negatively.
Just wish they were in plain clothes as I think the animals are a bit childish


This is the third day I’ve put one on my little boy’s shirt… once i notice him getting super hyper or all over the place doing everything under the sun… or even when he gets super cranky and fussy, I sneak and put one on his shirt. No lie, about 15-20 minutes later he’s a happy, calm, playful little dude. I also sent him to daycare wearing one and explained what it was to his teachers. At pick up time they expressed that he was a lot more gentle and calm with his friends and he had a great day. I wish I had known about these patches SOONER!!

Mosquito Patches for Kids
R.W. (Croydon, GB)
Repellent and Itch Relief patches

Super impressed with the itch relief patches.. they really work and they stay on weather in the pool for hours for days! The repellant stickers also effective. They do fall off certain materials so you need to key and eye on them.. but they work well!

Mosquito Patches for Kids
E.B. (Arlington, US)
best purchase ever

too bad I waited so long but now we're stocked and loyal customers. we use the buzz patches for the whole family now after buying them for my 8 month old. they work like magic and we love in swampy hot climate perfect recipe for bugs especially mosquitoes. wearing the patches you will see them fly right on by

The Brain Boosting Bundle
L.D. (Brisbane, AU)
The little boost we needed

Our 6yo has ADHD. The school really struggle with him as he is too smart for his grade but his behaviour is disruptive and he gets extremely emotional. We started using the focus enhancing and mood calming patches. They take enough of his irritability and focus issue away that allows him to input his therapy “toolbox” and progress throughout the day. For us it has been a great alternative to meditation. Definitely worth a try.

These work!

Have struggled with focus my whole life, and my kids do too. Bought these because looking for something that works without having to take more medicine. And THEY WORK! Been using daily for months and I love putting on on every day. My teen daughter says they help her focus in school too! Double win. Love this patch idea! I do put on my skin or under the collar of my shirt for professional reasons and they still work great. Try it! I recommend them to everyone now!

Mosquito Patches for Kids
A.B. (Ilderton, CA)
Works better than bug sprays!

The patches worked better than expected. Bug sprays rarely work for me. I shared with other adults and we had a good chuckle about which fun designs to use.

Best thing ever

Since turning 2 we have really struggled putting our son down in the evening up to 3+ hours. Since using the patch it takes about 20-30min and wakes less through the night. ❤️ also Caz from support was very helpfull with my order.

ZenPatch - Mood Calming Patches
C.B. (Croydon, GB)
Excellent product

Excellent product works really well to balance adhd

Worked for one toddler, not the other!

I saw an ad on Facebook for these right after having a conversation with my husband about our girls taking forever to get to bed (absolutely creepy how your phone listens to you like that, I know) and I decided to go ahead and just buy one pack to give them a go. I was honestly pleasantly surprised! It worked amazingly for one of my toddlers— I let her pick a sticker, she put it on and within 15 minutes she was out! At most it has taken a half hour for her to fall asleep, which is far better than the 1.5-2 hours it normally takes. It did absolutely nothing for my other toddler (a year older) unfortunately. In regards to the stickers themselves, the designs are cute and the smell is just subtle and strong enough, but they do fall off VERY easily. These won’t work on every child but if you’re on the fence about buying, I’d definitely suggest getting one pack to try out like I did. It’s too bad the stickers didn’t work for my oldest, but I’ve only had to wrestle one of my girls to bed instead of two the past couple weeks so I consider that a win!

Zen Patch


Mood calming patches

These patches work great!!!! I have an autistic son (non verbal 6 years old) and its calmed him down so much. He's a sensory kid so he doesn't like the stickers on him but I placed them on the back of his shirt or on the top of the sleeve. And it's worked well. This was seriously my last resort trying something natural hoping they would work before going down the medication route. His aggression caused him to get sent home early from daycare, often! Meaning I would miss work. And so far so good! Yay! These stickers are legit amazing! Great customer service as well.
Thank you.
Also, if this company happens to make a spray where it's more sensory kid friendly please let me know. I'll buy it!

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Customer service

The customer service I received during our experience using the sleepy patches was outstanding. Caz has been simply amazing. Definitely a loyal and trustworthy business who cares about each and every customer.

My daughter falls asleep alot quicker with the patch than she did without them, also gets a better sleep with them on

Such a relief!

We put these on his PJs half an hour before bedtime, and by that point he is ready to crash! He is so much less restless overnight when he has his Sleepy Patch on too!

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Wow, afew nights in with my daughter who's always had bad sleeping problems. She slept all night with this patch on. I've been looking for something that helps and I've found it. She's woke up happy and not still tired. Great product, highly recommend.

Changed our life!

My daughter is 3 years old and has autism and for nearly 2 years now has struggled to go to sleep wakes up in the night takes us around 1-2 hours every night to get her to sleep we have paid hundreds on sleep therapy tried everything and just accepted the fact we have a child that doesn’t sleep came across these stickers on a insta add and thought we would try it as the reviews looked positive. We are on night 5 and she has gone to sleep within 10 mins this has changed our lives honestly can not believe it. 100% recommend you have a customer for life


I bought the ZenPatch and SleepyPatch for my two children and they help them sleep at night and chillaxes them during the day, thank you Natural Patch. I highly recommend them A++