Five Ways To Naturally Relieve Your Allergy Symptoms

Five Ways To Naturally Relieve Your Allergy Symptoms

Allergies are never fun. Regardless of whether we are kids or kids at heart, they remain a nuisance that can so easily turn a good day bad in the blink of an (itchy) eye. An otherwise beautiful spring or summer scene can quickly appear menacing.

A dust-filled room can become a physical discomfort as well as a mental one. These threats kick your immune system into overdrive, upping your histamine levels, and BAM, there's your allergies. Some common allergies include Hay Fever, bees, and dairy products. 

While all of these annoyances have the ability to get in the way of our day-to-day lives, there are solutions that can help us feel better fast. Unfortunately, many of these solutions come in the form of medicine like pills, harsh chemicals, or painful allergy shots.

Luckily, there are also allergy relief solutions that lean into the healing power of nature. Some of these natural remedies are preventative, trying to make sure that your symptoms do not start or are limited in the first place. Others are for use when your allergy symptoms have already set in and you are looking for an immediate solution that will address your woes. 

For anyone looking for safe, effective, and totally natural symptom relief, this is the article for you.

Symptoms of Allergies

If you've ever had an allergic reaction, you know how annoying these can be. 

You may be familiar with these allergy side effects:

  • Congestion
  • A runny nose/clogged nasal passages
  • Inflammation
  • Swelling

If you ever are struggling to breathe or have a severe reaction, contact your healthcare provider.

Try an All-Natural Allergy Patch

Once your allergy symptoms have set in, you feel them beginning to set in, or you are about to enter an allergen-filled environment that you cannot avoid, all allergy-sufferers know it’s time to act fast. If you do not want to put more chemicals in your body, it can feel like you don’t have many options. The Natural Patch Co. is here to change that.

Our Allergy stickers provide an all-natural and effective alternative to OTC medications and other drugs or antihistamines. Instead, they use the powers of essential oils to keep your symptoms at bay.

The AllergyPatch contains lemon, grapefruit, black spruce, and peppermint essential oils that all work to keep you clear your sinuses while keeping you energized. See ya later, allergy season. 

The AllergyPatch works great for both children and adults alike, as the all-natural ingredients are safe and can benefit people of any age. Kids especially will be proud to sport these stickers from our Parent Tested Parent Approved lines on their clothes, as they feature fun and exciting faces. Adults, meanwhile, will simply enjoy that they work. 

Well, and maybe also the fun and exciting stickers. Who doesn’t like a sticker?

Supplement Essential Oils in Other Forms

If you can’t get enough of essential oils and want to explore more ways that they could benefit you beyond the AllergyPatch, know that you also have options. There are multiple ways that you can get a dose of a natural antihistamine.


There are a variety of teas that come pre-infused with various essential oils. From peppermint to rosemary to lemon and more, there is a warm drink out there for everyone.

By drinking these teas, you get all of the benefits of essential oils but also get to breathe them in along with hot steam. This steam can be immensely comforting during a bout of sinus issues. 

Overall, staying hydrated is critical, so tea, water, and juice are essential (especially those infused with citrus fruits, notably vitamin C).

In an Essential Oil Diffuser

If tea is not your style, there are still ways to have essential oils around you. An essential oil diffuser is a helpful tool that takes just a few drops of whichever essential oils you want, along with some water. After filling the diffuser, you simply turn it on and reap the rewards.

Essential oil diffusers also have the added benefit of acting as somewhat of a humidifier, as the oils are emitted into the air via water vapor. This moisturizes the air and makes breathing easier, especially in the cold and dry winter months.

While this humidifying effect can be helpful in terms of preventing symptoms caused by dry air, it will generally not be enough to promote the growth of mildew or other allergens.

Put Some in a Bath

The method of putting a few drops of essential oils into a bath works to soothe your allergy symptoms in multiple ways. For one, the essential oil is doing its work to clear your sinuses and help you feel more alert.

Then, there is the warm water of the bath that may create steam or will otherwise work to moisturize the air. In this way, it is somewhat similar to the technique of using an essential oils diffuser. This will moisturize your air passages and create a more comfortable breathing experience.

Keep in mind that just a little bit of essential oil can go a very long way. Stick to just a few drops in your bath water at first. Remember, you can always add more in, but taking them away is a significantly more difficult feat.

The last advantage of taking a bath, and one that should never be overestimated, is the power of relaxation. Many people find baths to be intensely calming and soothing. Much like with your sinuses, your body will also be at its best when your mind is free of clutter. 

Relaxing and being free of stress plays in greatly to your overall health and state of being, which brings us to our next tip.

Stay As Stress-Free as You Can

Trying to stay free of stress can be somewhat of a challenge in our everyday lives, but our mental state really does impact the rest of our bodies.

When we feel good mentally, our bodies are more attuned and ready to keep us healthy. Stress can easily aggravate allergy symptoms, which is less than ideal because allergy symptoms often cause stress.

Invest in a de-stressor that works for you. Whether it is yoga, meditation, watching a favorite movie, or reading a favorite book, a little self-care can go a very long way. This will do more than just help with your allergy symptoms. Engaging in self-care will also help with your mental health in general, as well as other aspects of your physical health.

Avoid Allergens That Trigger Your Symptoms

In terms of allergy prevention, many of the best methods revolve around trying to eliminate the allergens as much as possible. This can be a bit difficult to manage in the great outdoors, but typically we have a bit more control over the exposure we face in our homes.

Steer Clear of Outdoor Allergens Whenever Possible

It is always helpful to check the pollen levels and allergy forecast ahead of time and limit outdoor time on particularly allergen-heavy days. These can be found easily online as well as on certain apps.

For occasions where you can’t avoid going outside, wearing sunglasses can be helpful to keep pollen out of your eyes. Other than that, it is likely best to avoid crossing paths with too many plants. Today isn’t the day to stop and smell the roses.

Cleanse Your Home of Allergens

In your home, you have more options than when you’re outside. Here, you can use an air purifier or air filter to deal with many of the airborne allergens such as dust, pollen, and pet dander that you may inhale otherwise. If dust is particularly irritating, clean and vacuum your surroundings often so that dust doesn’t accumulate in the first place. 

Eat Allergy-Friendly Foods: Go With Your Gut

For all of you spicy food fiends out there, we have some good news. If you experience stuffiness, sneezing, coughing, or any other allergy symptoms caused by mucus or sinus issues, spicy food could be your answer. Spicy foods work wonders to clear your sinuses. 

Many of us have probably already discovered this fact first hand when sampling some unexpectedly hot wings or perhaps a salsa with a distinct kick. If you noticed your nose running soon after, it might have been a mild inconvenience at the time.

However, when looking to clear out your sinuses of irritants, this is exactly the reaction you want. So break out the Indian food, or pour sriracha on anything from cereal to ice cream. As long as the spiciness gets your sinuses cleared, it’s all fair game. Still hungry? Try sauerkraut and kimchi. 

Another helpful food that many people find can assuage their allergy symptoms is honey. It is very important to note that honey should not be given to children under one year of age.

Honey works to soothe the throat after a day spent coughing or with a persistent tickle that just would not seem to leave you alone. Local honey might be especially tasty.

Either have a teaspoon of honey on its own, use it as a dip, or mix it into your tea. If you choose the final option, know that you are likely helping in several different ways simultaneously. The warmth of the tea will also soothe your throat, and breathing in the steam will help your sinuses get back to normal.

Breathe Easy, Not Sneezy

While allergies can make certain seasons a bit more complicated, they can still be managed. With the help of these harsh chemical-free allergy relief and preventative measures, you’ll be breathing clearly in no time.


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