Sleep Patches For Kids: Do They Actually Work?

Sleep Patches For Kids: Do They Actually Work?

As a parent, we dream of an easy night where everything seems to go just as we planned. We long for the ever-illusive evening where dinner goes down without a fuss and bath time doesn’t end up in a sudsy mess. On this beautiful, perfect night, the nighttime routine is all done, with teeth brushed and a bedtime story read, and it is finally time for the main event.

On this mythologically simple night, our kids go to sleep and stay asleep immediately. There are no nightmares, no monsters under the bed, just peaceful rest for the whole family. While these nights are possible and are one of life’s greatest joys, typically, they are far from reality. 

Of course, all of our kids are different. Some may crave a deep sleep just as much as their parents; others may be determined to have an all-night pillow fight with a lamp. Whether our kids are natural sleeping experts or if they need a bit of a gentle push to enter the gates of dreamland, everyone could use some help. 

Then, the challenge becomes finding a safe, natural, chemical-free, and most importantly, effective sleep aid that will not add any stress to what is an already busy nighttime ritual.

In our wildest dreams, maybe this sleep aid could even be a fun one that kids can get excited about. Not to mention, us adults could surely use a little helping falling and staying asleep as well. 

It may just be time to find a new dream because sleep patches from The Natural Patch Co. can help them come true.

What Are Sleep Patches?

As opposed to pills, liquids, and many other popular types of sleep aids available on the market today, a sleep patch provides an alternative that does not need to be ingested. Instead, they are simply and easily placed onto clothing in a position allowing for their maximum potential to be put to use.

The Natural Patch Co.’s sleep patches come as playful stickers, complete with an effective and tested blend of ingredients that make falling asleep a breeze. The SleepyPatch has fun faces that will get any child ready for bed.

From a tired star to a happy moon to a cute face easily dozing while wearing an eye mask, SleepyPatches fully create a restful tone using multiple senses.

How Does the SleepyPatch Work?

While there are, of course, different types of sleep patches out there, just part of what makes our patches so special is that they are 100% all-natural. Rather than resorting to harsh chemicals or other potentially harmful substances, our sleep patches harness the organic powers of essential oils to help children rest easy.

This sleep patch is precisely placed on the clothing, making sure to customize the spot depending on the type of sleeper you are dealing with. For instance, a back or stomach sleeper would benefit more from their patch in different places, but more on that later. 

Once it is in place, the patch gets to work. By releasing safe amounts of a blend of essential oils into the surrounding, kids and adults alike will get a steady stream of soothing aromatherapy over the course of the night. 

Unlike a one-time spritz of water and an essential oil of choice, the patch keeps working over hours. This means that not only will it help you fall asleep, but it will help you stay asleep and get good quality rest while you’re at it.

What Are the Advantages of Sleep Patches Compared To Other Sleep Aids?

Since a sleep patch works without having to be ingested, we can sleep easy knowing that no extra chemicals are going into our children’s bodies. This is already noteworthy and worthwhile from a physical health perspective, but it can have benefits regarding mental health as well. 

It’s no secret that polypharmacy is a problem. Adults are often over-prescribed medication, especially for sleep, but polypharmacy is also hurting children now too. Prescription sleep aids can be addictive and damaging in both the short and long term. It’s best to look for natural alternatives when taking care of our families. In the case of a sleep patch, there are no addictive chemicals or toxins. (Plus, they are far easier than swallowing a big pill or yucky liquids.) Instead, sleep patches powered by essential oils can simply be put on pajamas to help us all achieve a deep sleep.

Be mindful of placement—For those that sleep on their backs, place the patch on clothing on the upper chest. For stomach or side sleepers, the patch will instead go on your upper back. This ensures that it will be in a location where its full potential can be unlocked. 

Can Essential Oils Help You Sleep?

In order to stay natural and free of harsh chemicals but still have a strong soothing effect, our sleep patches utilize the powers of essential oils. Not only do they smell great and create a calming atmosphere, but many of them have also been shown to have physical and mental health benefits beyond what we previously knew. 

The Natural Patch Co.’s SleepyPatch utilizes a specific, effective blend of relaxing essential oils that are shown to help sleep both come and stay. The patch includes ingredients proven to aid in sleep like mandarin, sweet marjoram, vetiver, and other essential oils.

While each of these has its own benefits that make them worthwhile additions to the sleep patch, let’s delve deeper. It’s time to discuss one of the most renowned and popular essential oils on the market: lavender.

Benefits of Lavender

One of the primary ingredients used in our sleep patches is lavender—an oil that has been used throughout history for its powerful calming qualities. Lavender is used by parents in many forms, as the results often speak for themselves.

Anecdotally, lavender’s many positive qualities are well known and understood. However, it also has more scientifically-proven benefits, both in children and adults.

In addition to helping with sleep, lavender can also be utilized for calm, quiet, and focus. Its benefits have been studied extensively to determine the positive effect it can have on our brain.

Smell is the sense most strongly connected with memory, and as a result, it can have a tremendous impact on our mood. By blending lavender with other scents like mandarin, sweet marjoram, and vetiver, natural sleep patches can work wonders.

Do Kids Like Sleep Patches?

Since our sleep patches feature adorable and fun character art on all stickers, kids tend to adore them. They smell nice, help them get to sleep, and who doesn’t want a friendly-looking moon sticker on their shirt?

Can Adults Use Sleep Patches Too?

If all of the sleep patch’s benefits sound intriguing to you, too, we completely understand. It is crucial to prioritize your sleep as well as your child’s. So much of our quality of life is tied to our quality of rest. By being well-rested, you can be more alert, aware, and truly get the most out of your day.

The benefits of essential oils in sleep for adults are also prominent and documented, meaning that you can get just as much out of a sleep patch as your child can. As parents, it can be easy to spend so much time focused on your child’s wellbeing that your own begins to slip through the cracks.

But, never forget that you have needs too. You are a person deserving of a great night’s sleep, and sleep patches can be an excellent way to achieve it.

Besides that, seeing a parent proudly sporting the sleepy time sticker may be exactly the push a kid needs to implement as a part of their routine. Also, wearing matching stickers with your kids is just plain old adorable.

What To Look For in a Natural Sleep Aid

What exactly you need in a natural sleep aid is up to you, your child, and their pediatrician. That said, it is best to pursue options that do not use any harsh chemicals but rather harness ingredients straight from nature. Oftentimes, nature provides solutions to our problems; it is simply a matter of being open to new methods.

Essential oils are proven to aid in sleep, as well as focus and other frames of mind. This makes them a wonderful, natural option in many different situations.

Sleep Tight, Sleep Right

Whether your child falls asleep in mere moments, or requires several bedtime stories before settling in, sleep patches provide a safe option to help the process along. By getting a good night’s sleep, we guarantee that our days can be lived to the fullest. This is true for both children and adults, so everyone can find something to smile about when it comes to an all-natural sleep patch.


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