Summer Safety Tips For You And Your Family

Summer Safety Tips For You And Your Family

It's the time your kids have been waiting for all year. School's finally out, and that means your family has time for beach vacations, extended weekend fishing trips, and camping adventures together. As you plan your family's summer activities, keep in mind a few safety principles. Staying safe ensures you and your kids can have fun and make the best memories.  

How To Keep Your Kids Safe During Water Activities 

Summertime means swimming in pools, running through sprinklers, and going to waterparks. While your family plans upcoming swimming outings, there are a few water safety ideas you should remember.

Let's talk about how you can maximize your family's splashing and swimming fun.

Try Out Swim Lessons 

Teaching your kids to swim is paramount to pool safety. As they attend swim lessons, they'll learn how to hold their breath, float on their back, and learn how to get from one side of a pool to the other. These skills can be essential in the event of an accident. Invest in their swimming abilities early to ensure you always have fun at the pool. 

Always Supervise Kids Near a Pool 

You might think you can sit near the pool where your kids play, only listening for anything that could go wrong. Unfortunately, the dangers of swimming pools are sometimes silent. Always watch your kids with your full attention as they swim. This way, you'll be able to spot them in the event of an emergency, and they'll have more fun knowing their parent is watching their cool swimming moves and tricks. It is always a good idea to have a gate around your pool as well. 

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Bring Life-Jackets and Floaties 

If your children can't yet swim, floating devices are essential. Let your little ones suit up in their swimming attire, then add floaties or a life jacket on top. They'll be able to enjoy their time in the pool instead of sitting it out. 

Keeping Your Kids Safe Through Extreme Heat 

The summer months are a fun time for all-day outdoor games and playing outside. During this time, your kids might have prolonged exposure to excessive heat.

Here's how you can keep yourself and your kids safe throughout hot summer days:

Tips for Staying Hydrated 

When the temperatures start to rise through the 90s and 100s in Fahrenheit, it's a good idea to remember that you need increased hydration during these times. Kids usually have one thing on their minds: playing.

To make sure your little ones get hydrated during hot days, try to have a water bottle set out for them as often as possible. Encourage them to take sips often on hot days so they never get dehydrated. 

Use Sunscreen 

In addition to getting dehydrated, sunburn is another danger that accompanies extreme heat. While your kids are outside running through sprinklers or having a mid-day picnic, they're probably not thinking about re-applying sunscreen. Try to keep track of their sun exposure and remind them to re-apply sunscreen often to prevent a nasty sunburn. 

How To Keep Your Family Safe on Road Trips 

Some of your summer family activities may include a cross-country road trip. When you're in the car with little ones, you can stay safe by going over a few details.

Let's check them out. 

Ensure Kids Are In Correct Car Seat Positions 

Do you have a baby or toddler who uses a car seat? Before you go on an extended trip, double-check the guide on your child's seat belt. It's a good idea to be sure you know how to position their seat and buckle them correctly so that they're safe through the entire drive. 

Drive the Speed Limit and Follow Traffic Rules 

This tip may go without saying, but sometimes grown-ups can forget. Whenever you're driving with kiddos, you're carrying precious cargo. Don't push the speed limit or run red lights in an attempt to get to your destination faster. Do your part in keeping your family protected by driving along your route safely.

How To Stay Safe on Family Camping Trips 

When you go camping, there are many areas where you can practice safety to have a more enjoyable experience. Let's look at the top ways you and your kids can be smart in nature. 

Practice Fire Safety 

Will you be building a campfire at some point on your trip? When you create your fire for s'mores or hot dog roasting, practice fire safety to ensure your flame stays small and controlled for optimal roasting. 

Use the Buddy System To Keep Track of Everyone 

While you're in an unfamiliar place with your kids, no one should explore alone. Encourage your family to use the buddy system. Not only will this keep everyone safe, but it can make for unique bonding moments in the process. 

Protect Yourself From Swarming Mosquitoes 

While you're enjoying each other outdoors, you might find that a few mosquitoes keep trying to join your party. Unfortunately, these are unwelcome guests that can leave painful bites that make your kiddos miserable. When your kids play in an outdoor area with mosquitos nearby, BuzzPatch is the solution to staying protected. 

How Buzzpatch Works 

Buzzpatch mosquito repellent stickers work by using citronella and lavender essential oils to help mask CO2 emissions. With these hidden, mosquitos won't be able to find you and your children as easily. Our cute designs make BuzzPatch stickers a superb kid-friendly choice for keeping mosquitos away for hours on your trip.

Summer Sun and Safety

At The Natural Path Co., we know a safe trip is a successful trip. During your vacation and summer activities, your kids might sigh over your rules and reminders for staying protected from harm. But you'll know how these tips helped your family have the best trip possible and play freely outdoors without fear. 



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