Best Mosquito Stickers: Safe & Effective Choices for Your Family

Let’s be honest – there are few people who don’t absolutely despise mosquitoes. And can you blame them? All these insects do is annoy, bite, and, even worse, potentially transmit life-threatening diseases. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that numerous mosquito-repellent products flood the market, offering different approaches to warding off these pesky creatures.

One approach that has recently exploded in popularity involves using mosquito stickers.

These small but mighty mosquito repellent products are incredibly easy to use, feature all-natural ingredients, and provide a mess-free alternative to traditional insect repellents like sprays, creams, and lotions.

However, not all mosquito stickers are made the same. To help you make an informed choice and protect yourself and your family, we’ve compiled a list of the best mosquito stickers that are effective against the ever-so-annoying mosquito population.

What Are Mosquito Stickers?

Stickers haven’t been around for as long as other mosquito-repellent solutions. So, let’s define them first.

Mosquito stickers are infused with various ingredients that naturally repel mosquitoes (and other insects). These stickers can typically be applied anywhere on the body or even objects close to the person being protected. Both approaches work, as these mosquito repellent stickers create a protective barrier by emitting natural scents, deterring mosquitoes from landing or biting.

Due to their all-natural composition, these stickers are significantly safer to use on children as well as individuals with sensitive skin. They typically contain no chemicals like DEET, which is commonly found in mosquito repellent products and can be extremely harmful to the skin.

Key Features of Effective Mosquito Stickers

Though this article will outline the best mosquito stickers, it’s essential to understand the key features of their effectiveness. Learning these details makes it simple for you to choose the right product in case none of the listed appeals to you.

Natural Ingredients

The best-known active ingredients with a proven effect against mosquitoes are DEET, Icaridin, and PMD. Unfortunately, each of these ingredients is a chemical that can severely irritate the human skin. This is one of the reasons mosquito-repellent stickers have become so popular. So, when looking for the best mosquito stickers, check their ingredient list and ensure every ingredient on it is 100% natural.

The Duration of Effectiveness

If you need a mosquito repellent, you’ll likely spend quite some time outdoors. If so, you’ll need a product that can keep up and protect you all day long. Interestingly, traditional mosquito repellents typically offer only six hours of protection. And that’s with reapplying them every 30 minutes! With mosquito stickers, you can find products that protect you for much longer, even up to 72 hours.


This mosquito repellent sticker feature ties in with the talk about natural ingredients. But keep one thing in mind – even essential oils can irritate the skin. So, before purchasing your chosen stickers, make sure you (or your child) aren’t sensitive to any of the ingredients.

Ease of Use

Convenience is one of the primary reasons people switch to stickers from traditional mosquito-repellent solutions. So, don’t overcomplicate things. Look for products that are easy to peel off and apply.

Also, you’ll want stickers that can adhere to a wide range of surfaces, allowing you to apply them not only on clothing but also on other items in your surroundings. Of course, once applied, they should stay put. Otherwise, they’ll require constant reapplication, which defeats the purpose of seeking a more convenient solution.

Popular Mosquito Stickers

Now that you know what the best mosquito stickers should look like, let’s explore popular products that check most or all of these boxes.

BuzzPatch Sticker

No discussions about the best mosquito stickers can go without mentioning the BuzzPatch Stickers by the Natural Patch. These innovative stickers come in two types – mosquito patches for adults and mosquito patches for kids.

This is an entirely natural product, meaning it contains no toxins or chemicals like DEET. The only ingredients it contains are citronella oil and similar essential oils known for their natural insect-repelling properties. This makes it safe to use on people of all ages, from babies to adults. The only difference will be the number of stickers you apply.

What sets these stickers apart is how long their protective effects last. Apply the BuzzPatch patch(es), and you’ll be protected for up to 72 hours. To put into perspective just how impressive this is, remember that most aerosol sprays can protect up to six hours at best.

Nantucket Spider Mosquito Repellent Stickers

Nantucket gained prominence for its spray insect repellents made from a blend of essential oils. The brand then introduced mosquito-repellent stickers, which basically contained the same formula. The brand chose to stick to this formula to target a wide range of bugs with a single product.

You see, different species of insects are repelled by different essential oils. So, by blending various essential oils together, you get a comprehensive insect-repellent solution. More importantly, this solution is highly effective, as it contains substantial concentrations of each essential oil.

If you’re purchasing these essential oil mosquito repellent stickers for your children, you’ll be happy to know they come in two designs. One is the “Backyard Birds” series featuring images of adorable feathered friends. The other, the “Wildlife Series,” showcases a selection of striking animals, including a moose and a bear.

Simba Natural Mosquito Repellent Stickers

Simba is a brand catering to children, so its essential oil mosquito repellent stickers feature a vibrant and playful lion design. The Simba Natural Mosquito Repellent Stickers contain two key ingredients – citronella and lemon extract.

If the word “citronella” rings a bell, you’ve probably had one of those citronella candles that work wonders for repelling mosquitoes during outdoor activities. This should also tell you enough about the effectiveness of these stickers, which can protect your children for up to 72 hours.

These stickers are entirely eco-friendly, from their manufacturing practices to their natural ingredients. What also sets them apart is their size. At 1.25 inches in diameter, the Simba Natural Mosquito Repellent Stickers are larger than most options on the market.

EcoVenger Mosquito Repellent Stickers

One look at the colorful designs of EcoVenger Mosquito Repellent Stickers and it becomes clear they’re primarily created for children. Similarly to Simba Natural Mosquito Repellent Stickers, their main active ingredient is citronella.

Since this product made it to the best mosquito stickers list, you can expect all the other products to be all-natural. And they are! Every citronella mosquito repellent sticker from this brand is 100% DEET-free.

You can apply these stickers virtually anywhere (even cloth and leather) and expect long-lasting protection against mosquitoes.

The Verdict - Which Mosquito Sticker Is the Best?

Each of the products described in this article has earned its place on the list of the best mosquito stickers. However, if you’re looking for an all-around effective and convenient option, our top pick is the BuzzPatch Sticker. This mosquito repellent sticker suits people of all ages, is gentle on the skin yet effective against insects, and offers the longest protection.

However, if you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, consider EcoVenger, which provides as many as 120 stickers for a similar price.

Bye, Bye Mosquito Bites

Choosing the right mosquito repellent sticker boils down to much more than which option looks the best. Armed with the knowledge from this article, you can choose an option that is effective, easy to use, and safe for you and your family.

But even though the best mosquito stickers feature all-natural ingredients, it doesn’t mean you’ll find them suitable for your skin. So, before purchasing any of the products listed in this article, do your own research and choose the option best suited to your individual needs.


Do mosquito repellent stickers really work?

Yes, mosquito repellent stickers really work, provided you choose high-quality products and apply them correctly.

How long do mosquito stickers last?

It all depends on the type of stickers you purchase. The more effective products, like the stickers from Natural Patch, can last up to 72 hours.

How do mosquito bite stickers work?

Mosquito bite stickers work by soothing the bitten area, thus minimizing the annoying itching sensation. These stickers also prevent people from picking at their bites and potentially causing an infection.

What colors do mosquitoes hate?

Generally speaking, mosquitoes hate lighter colors. Although, “hate” might be the wrong choice of words, as these colors are simply not appealing to mosquitoes. Among these colors, white, beige, green, and blue stand out as the ones that repel mosquitoes the most.

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