Do Buzz Patches Work? Mosquito Stickers Reviewed for 2024

Do Buzz Patches Work? Mosquito Stickers Reviewed for 2024

Mosquito repellents come in different varieties. Having evolved from toxic sprays and topical lotions, Buzz Patch mosquito stickers are made with essential oils to deliver a soothing, chemical-free, way to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Natural citronella and geraniol oils combine to deliver 12 full hours of protection against insects. DEET-free, the non-toxic stickers feature quirky emojis, making them particularly suitable for children.

Read on to learn more about itch patches that use plant-based, sustainable ingredients, and Buzz Patches that align with ecological and health goals.

What Are Buzz Patches?

A natural, non-spray shield against mosquitoes, Buzz Patch mosquito repellent stickers aren’t just for kids. Offering mosquito patches for adults and mosquito patches for kids, NatPat are expert when it comes to outdoor protection. Applied on clothes, their mosquito stickers come in packs of 60 loaded with citronella and other essential oils, carefully balanced to provide a product that works without any harmful effects.

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the ease of use of Buzz Patches with the peace of mind that comes from being protected from bites and being invisible to passing mosquitoes looking for a meal. These patches are suitable for anyone looking for a chemical-free repellent, or just wanting to stop bites itching in seconds. In terms of application, children should use one and adults two, one for the upper body and one for the lower body to allow the essential oils to overpower the CO² we emit.

The mosquito stickers in their zip lock packs are essential for worry-free outdoor adventure. These small patches are made from medical-grade tape with just the right amount of essential oils to help users get a peaceful night’s sleep.

How Do Buzz Patches Work?

Scientific Nature Journal investigated the repellent efficacy of 20 essential oils and identified five effective essential oils. Citronella applied directly on human skin gives protection from mosquito bites of up to 120 minutes. However, this limited duration is increased by using bug bite patches which stick to the clothes and extend full protection to 12 hours, and are still efficient for as long as 72 hours after opening.

Combining citronella with geraniol oils, mosquitoes become confused as the scent masks the CO² emitted by humans when the mosquito stickers are in use. As long as the essential oils are diffused into the uncovered areas surrounding parts of the body vulnerable to being bitten, product users can get on with their daily tasks undisturbed by annoying mosquitoes.

Key Active Ingredients

Citronella and Geraniol oils are the main ingredients in Buzz Patches. The National Pesticide Information Center has established naturally occurring citronella oil as an insect and animal repellent that is generally recognized as Safe (GRAS) as a food additive by the FDA. Repelling mosquitoes rather than killing them, the oil makes it difficult for the insects to locate their targets.

Primarily used as a pesticide, New York state’s Integrated Pest Management Program confirms that geraniol poses little risk to the environment or human health. However, there are rare cases of people who could suffer from sub-lethal allergies when applying the oil topically or inhaling it. Mostly found in roses, Geraniol repels or inhibits insects by binding oils with the General Odorant Binding.

While safe, label instructions should always be followed when using mosquito stickers, and steps taken to minimize exposure to mosquitoes.

Benefits of Buzz Patches

The easy-to-use Buzz Patches are convenient and effective. Non-toxic and convenient, this itch patch can be kept in a purse of bag and stops mosquitoes in their tracks.

With no unpleasant odor or chemical undertones, the multiple advantages of Buzz Patch have many people saying a big “yes” to the question, "Do buzz patches work?" With none of the sticky residue usually associated with mosquito stickers, the product is suitable and safe for kids and adults alike.

Playing, working, or traveling in the outdoors, even campers and hikers will benefit from this mosquito repellent. Buzz patch reviewers have found that it stops bites and itching in seconds.

Downsides of Buzz Patches

Everyone is different and has unique biochemistry. As such, varying environmental factors will influence the efficacy of a Buzz Patch.

Once opened, a Buzz Patch’s active ingredients decline as they diffuse into the atmosphere. Lasting for up to 72 hours, the peak protection time is up to 12 hours before an extra patch is necessary. Users will need to judge for themselves after 12 hours whether to utilize another itch patch when mosquitoes appear.

Comparison with Traditional Mosquito Repellents

People have been trying to repel mosquitoes since time immemorial. Fortunately, as man has evolved, so have mosquito repellents.

Early man burned certain types of wood or herbs to create smoke to ward off these pests. In more modern times, chemicals became prevalent in society, and after World War I, they were manufactured to create DEET. From there, the principle was developed into chemical-based topical lotions that also proved effective. Yet few people had realized the potential damage that could be caused by the toxicity inherent in many chemical substances.

The 20th century brought vast progress, and mosquito repellents were part of the trend. Using similar products, the mechanical manufacture of mosquito coils was rolled out. Containing heavy metals such as aluminum, chromium, and tin, as well as pyrethrin and other insecticides and pesticides, these pollutants could damage health. Worryingly, the effects have been compared to smoking.

While some people continued to use herbs and essential oils, the progress of the last century also brought many health, lifestyle, and ecological challenges. The return to natural living and organic products played a role in developing the earliest mosquito repellents into a more earth-friendly and healthy product.

Bug patches like Buzz Patch are a great example of how we’ve managed to harness traditional practices in a healthier, more environmentally-friendly way Chemical-free, natural, and safe to use, they provide a harmless, convenient way to protect yourself from mosquitoes.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

The 100% natural Buzz Patches are compounds of essential oils. Bound in medical grade tape, they don't release harmful substances, or injure the user, making them one of the most eco-friendly products on the market.

Being biodegradable, these patches stop bites itching in seconds, and their active ingredients diffuse naturally, without polluting the air, soil, or waterways. Their impact on the environment is minimal, and they really do work, even without hazardous or toxic elements.

Application Tips for Maximum Effectiveness

Mosquito stickers are peeled off and stuck to the clothes that are closest to exposed skin. In circumstances where more mosquitoes are around (for example, in forests), when exposed to water that washes the active ingredient away, patches should be applied more frequently.

For ordinary use, apply the following:

  • Kids aged 3 months-2 years: Use one patch placed centrally on the body.
  • Kids aged 3-5 years: Place two patches on the body — one on the torso and one on the legs.
  • Kids aged 6+: Use two to four patches — one placed on clothing next to each exposed limb.
  • Older children and adults: Two to four patches, at least one on each of the upper and lower body.

Alternatives to Buzz Patches

Other natural mosquito repellents are readily available:

  • Candles infused with essential oils are moderately effective but do pose a fire hazard, especially around children.
  • Trigger sprays containing organic ingredients, commercially manufactured or made at home, can be effective but are more cumbersome to transport and it’s difficult to apply the right amount.
  • 100% natural insect repellent sticks work well, but only for short periods, seldom lasting through a whole night.

Expert Opinions and Endorsements

In 2022, a Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology report established that while botanical oils often lost their choice repellent properties in gaseous unsaturated conditions, this was related to the open area when dispersed. Bound into mosquito stickers, they were found to effectively protect against certain insect pests.

Similarly, a pediatrician at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital advised parents to be cautious of the proper application of insect repellent on their children. They also cautioned against using chemical-based products, and spraying directly onto the skin, making Buzz Patches a better option.

Global Usage and Cultural Acceptance

Available on Amazon, Buzz Patches have been purchased from many countries globally and have only four 1-star ratings across over 8,000 reviews. Working like an anti-mosquito force field, the itch patches are finding their way even to Africa where mosquitoes present a major health risk. We have yet to find a culture that doesn’t accept the Buzz Patch with open arms.

Future Developments and Innovations

The Global Mosquito Repellent Patches market is expected to rise at a considerable rate between 2023 and 2030. Already last year, scientists had developed a super repellent that can stop 99% of mosquitos from biting your skin. The cellulose polymer acts as a chemical camouflage and is made up of two natural components: indole, a fragrant substance found in flowers, and a polymer called cellulose. It remains to be seen whether this and other ongoing research finds its way into bug patches.

What Does Science Say?

  • Requirement: Poseidon Sciences R&D research shows that Buzz Patches are 16% more effective than other repellents.
  • Poseidon Science’s R&D division conducted an Arm-in-Cage Repellent Test, finding that the protection time signals that the product had already reached its maximum period of protection against mosquito bites.

User Experiences and Reviews

Cassandra Looper gave Buzz Patches 5 stars. She said, “Southern California had some small biting bugs that would eat me and my daughter up. We tried so many things and none of them worked and most smelled awful!! So we decided to give these a try and WOW just one little sticker and no issue while at the park or ball field. These are a must-try! No more bites and it only took one."

Conversely, ShakeitJadie only gave the product 2 stars, saying, "I have been using these patches for some years now, and they have always been round shaped, easy to apply, and caused no reactions. This is my first time ordering from Amazon and I noticed these were a Square, slightly larger and thicker than the previous ones I've tried. My son, who is five and has a sensitivity to adhesives, put a few on to play outside. About 30 minutes later, he started complaining about his skin, and feeling cold where the stickers were. I figured he is sensitive so I took them off and put them on me to test them out. About 30 minutes later I also began to feel sensitivity, along with that cold sensation. If you have sensitivity to adhesives, I would not recommend this. I have had no issues in the past using the round ones. Also, I noticed due to the thickness it did not stay on very well. The edges began coming off from my son in just a few minutes."

Safety and Precautions

Only products like Buzz Patches, with their non-toxic, baby-safe ingredients are a great option. Dermatologically tested, these are safe for the baby’s sensitive skin.

Medical practitioners recommend that essential oils should not be used on newborns or infants under 3 months of age and neat essential oils should never be placed directly on babies' skins. Buzz Patch, mosquito patches for kids provide a barrier between the oils and the skin, making them ideal for preventing mosquitoes from biting kids.

Final Verdict and Recommendations

The verdict is in. Users have found that Buzz Patches do work. This is supported by science and research which confirms that the natural product is effective and safe. Protecting adults and children from nasty mosquitoes, Buzz Patches has a deservedly good reputation.

Buzz Patches: To Use or Not to Use?

With many alternatives available to deal with mosquito bites, Buzz Patches has gained in popularity through a dedicated commitment to be environmentally friendly, efficient, and safe. For the best protection, the instructions should always be followed and a careful eye kept on age-appropriate guidelines and use with existing allergies.

NatPat Buzz Patches stop bites itching in seconds, safely and efficiently.


Does Buzz Patch really work?

Yes! Buzz Patches work efficiently and safely.

How long does Buzz Patch last?

Full protection for 12 hours, with some efficiency up to 72 hours after opening Buzz Patches.

Do bug bite patches work?

Not all bug patches are equal. With varying success rates, reviews provide a good insight into whether a product works or not, and Buzz Patches customers have given glowing reviews.

Do mosquito patches actually work?

As a safer alternative to chemical-based products, the natural Buzz Patches are effective at keeping bugs away.

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