Shipping Info

Ok, so you're either about to place an order or you've already made an order? Take a look here at the info regarding shipment of products from The Natural Patch Co.

Shipping Information

All orders are held for a couple of hours before processing, to allow for you to email us any changes. We then send your order off to our warehouse for fulfilment either same day or next business day. (This means, each working day, our team take all the orders, package them, label them and get them on a truck with a courier or over to the post office).

Where we ship to

We are opening up more and more destinations - you can see our complete list of countries here :)

Where are they shipped from

As we've grown, we've opened up new shipping locations in each country or from one or more central distribution points to be most effective for each country. 

Is there tracking?

about 80% of orders have tracking, but when you order just a single back, there is a 50/50 chance that we will send it via regular post and that won't include tracking - but we do guarantee all orders.

We have fun with our packaging and work with packaging engineers to help us ensure the size and weight of the Natural Patch packs fit within the lowest sending bracket - this is to ensure we can offer all customers a FREE shipping option.

We do have internal tracking technology that identifies day and date of shipment and can quite accurately estimate when an untracked package will arrive.

But, if your package has not arrived within the sending window below, please email and we will dive right in.

How long will my patches take to arrive?

The shipping times varies by country, we will let you know in the checkout, but generally speaking we see deliveries take as little as two business days, and up to 8 business days (which is about a week and half if there are no public holidays).

If you have any concerns, please do email us at, we run a small and fun support team and enjoy solving concerns and getting you to love us even more.  

xx Caz