Mosquito Bites Still Itching After Months: What This Could Mean

Mosquito Bites Still Itching After Months: What This Could Mean

As parents, we try to protect our children from everything around us. It’s not always possible, no matter where you live or how small a town is, but we do our best to keep them safe and happy. So what happens when it’s mosquito season? 

First, we have to get out of our own heads. Yes, some of us are more delicious than others, but anyone really can get a bite. Also, we have to remember that mosquitoes serve the purpose of pollinating flowers, so they can’t just disappear. (Unfortunately.)

Next, it’s time for our arsenal of mosquito products to come front and center in the cupboard, and we stock up hard. 

Preparing For Mosquito Season

There are mosquito seasons in every climate and area of the world, so no, moving a million miles away won’t keep you safe. But BuzzPatch will. It’s an all-natural blend of essential oils that are proven to repel and protect against mosquitoes.

They’re safe for kids of all ages and adults. Plus, you can say goodbye to sticky creams and sprays. These are fun stickers you wear on your clothes; they have cute designs and smell heavenly. 

Even if the protection from mosquitoes weren’t enough, the aromas from the perfect blend of oils will be what keeps you coming back for more. 

What Happens After You Get Bit?

So, it happened. You or one of your minis got a mosquito bite, and it’s driving everyone crazy from the itching. There are only so many things more annoying than an itch you’re not supposed to scratch, and it’s multiplied by a thousand when it’s our littles that are complaining. 

Before anyone scratches their skin raw, grab one of our MagicPatches. It’s a scientific grid technology formulated into a patch the size of a mosquito bite that is proven to relieve the itching sensation. 

When mosquitoes bite us, they leave behind saliva that causes a numbing sensation around the area while they are feeding, which is why we don’t feel them. Once they’re done, they release their mouths from our skin, and the saliva left behind causes us to itch. The patch technology pulls the saliva to the top of the skin and alleviates any need to scratch. 

What’s the best part? They’re waterproof and can be worn for up to seven days. Your kids can still take baths and play like normal without having to constantly change patches. 

But The Bites Still Itch

It’s been a while, but the bites still itch. If it’s been a week or two since a bite, you could be allergic to mosquitoes. Basically, the saliva in a mosquito bite can cause a further reaction in the human immune system that makes the itch last longer. 

Based on new information and studies done at Baylor College of Medicine, we know that the reactions our bodies exhibit are deep. Like bone marrow-deep. These new studies concluded that because the effects of mosquito bites can be so extreme, we are stuck with the itching for longer periods of time. 

Ok, But The Bites Still Itch

If you find yourself, or your littles, scratching for months, there could be a further complication. It’s nothing life-threatening, but you could have a skin condition called papular urticaria. Basically, what this means is that you are hypersensitive or allergic to the effects of bug bites. 

This condition is more common in kids than adults but can happen to anyone. It is actually a relatively common condition, especially in the summer (during the peak months of mosquito activity). So if your kiddos deal with this, don’t feel too singled out; just be a little more vigilant at protecting them from bites. 

What Happens

If you or your kids suffer from papular urticaria, you can expect that a mosquito bite will appear and be accompanied by an intense itch and hives. These hives can be extremely itchy, but you have to refrain from scratching. Easier said than done, we know, especially with little kids who only understand that itch equals scratch equals relief, but scratching will not only spread the itch, it can also reactivate old mosquito bites and cause a further reaction. 

The condition is said to clear itself up over time. This is from a decreased sensitivity to bites as your body strengthens its immune system (hence why children are more affected). Regardless, it is still wise to consult a doctor quickly. Speaking with your general practitioner will lead to a proper diagnosis, and in cases of the most extreme reaction, prescription medicines could be necessary. 

Important To Note

While the condition is said to clear up with decreased sensitivity to bites, this doesn’t happen for everyone. Especially those that scratch those really intense itches, you can expect the reactions to migrate. Yes, that’s right, the scratching really does spread the itch. It can clear up the bumps in the original point of contact, only to pop up elsewhere on your body later. 

Kind of like those crazy parents at school meetings that just pop up every time you’re talking about them. Except these are even more annoying. If that’s possible… 

One More Thing

While the incessant itching is one thing, you also need to watch out for warning signs for other issues. 

Mosquitoes carry harmful diseases and viruses and spread them via bites. Viruses like malaria, Zika, and encephalitis (an infection of the brain) are just a few of the illnesses spread by mosquitoes. While the itching is a sign of an allergic reaction, pain or additional rashes can be a sign of other big issues. 

Again, this is when you need to get a doctor involved. Warning signs, including rashes, fever, headache, nausea, and severe pain in the areas bitten, can be warning signs of bigger issues. Stay on top of bites, watch them closely, especially in children. 

Not all children are always able to articulate what hurts and for how long, so if your child has had a mosquito bite recently, watch them for the few days following to ensure that nothing goes untreated.  

What Can You Do?

Basically, hyper-vigilance is the name of the game. Kids are more susceptible to papular urticaria, and they rely on us for basic protections against issues like this. So keeping our homes and personal space safe is the first line of defense. 


To keep our homes safe from mosquitoes, you need a few things. 

First, standing water must be kept to zero. Mosquitoes breed on water that is stagnant or undisturbed. Large bodies of water around your yard are basically a personal invitation for females to lay eggs. Pool covers and dumping water pails is critical. 

Second, ensure that screens are tight, secure, and free of rips and tears. Mosquitoes can enter your home in these areas, and unlike certain types of flies and other insects, they have a pretty decent lifespan (up to two weeks for males and longer for females). 

Third, protect yourselves when going outdoors. Kids love parks and play sports, so staying inside is both impossible and unhealthy. You and your kids need to get outside for fresh air and activities, and we would all love watching our kids run through a playset.

However, when you are leaving the house and expecting to hike or play at the local fields, it’s important to wear proper clothing. 

Long sleeves, pants, and high socks that protect your skin from bites are the best. Windbreaker materials are also favorable to spandex, as mosquitoes can and will bite through those thinner stretchy fabrics. 

Bugs Be Gone

We are confident that the information presented here will help you defend yourself and your loved ones against any pesky insects that try to ruin a good park day.

At The Natural Patch Co., we make the best defense for a day of fun outdoors (literally and metaphorically), so be sure to arm yourselves with our cute stickers to keep mosquitoes away.

Who said that science can’t be adorable?


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