How To Create Your Own Simple Morning Routine

How To Create Your Own Simple Morning Routine

Morning routines can literally make some of us cringe. Not only can they be hard to set, but with children, they can be almost impossible to keep. Well, we are trying to change that mindset. 

Today is all about steps you can take to get into a better morning routine. We can all improve our daily starts to help make the day ahead more positive. We might not realize it, but those steps we take in the morning will determine the direction our day takes.

Bad start? Probably looking at a rough day. Out the door on time and in a good mood? The day is yours!

Why Is It Important?

We need to resuscitate life into morning routines again. Kids, babies, parents, everyone needs a good routine. Those little steps you take each day to set yourself up for success. It’s the best way to start your day strong.

A good start can help ensure that worries and obstacles don't throw us off over the course of our days. This is as important for us as adults as it is for kids. 

Bonding With Our Kids

Believe it or not, a solid morning routine will build a better relationship with your kids. If you have to fight them every morning to get ready, you’ll start to resent each other.

Routines create a system; you work as a team. When you strengthen the team with seamless systems, everyone wins. 

Bonding With Your Partner

Our relationship with our partner is crucial for a successful family dynamic. When we feel out of sorts, we start to lose confidence. That stress and anxiety will spill over into our relationship with our partner. That lack of confidence will lead to resentment. Left unchecked, that resentment will grow into a more considerable strain that’s harder to heal.  

Having this routine in place will make us feel more content and secure in our daily life. That confidence can also help our relationship strengthen instead in the same way the stress causes strain. 

You Personal Sanity

Personal and familial relationships aside, your sanity will be saved with a successful morning routine. Chaos in the morning can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed all day.

Unpleasant unpredictability will make it harder to stay upbeat and positive when stressors pop up (as very unwelcome guests). By setting yourself up for success to start, your brain will be powered up and ready for anything. 

Where To Start?

There are plenty of ways to get a proper morning routine down, but there are a few things we recommend starting with. These can be done in any order you see fit, but they should be done and in place before starting a routine. 

Proper Sleep

The night before is as important as the morning. Getting a full night of rest will ensure that you wake up the next day motivated and ready for the morning. When you don’t get enough sleep, you wake up the next day tired and sluggish. When you’re slow to start, you end up sleeping in or missing steps the next morning because small tasks take too long.

Kids are even worse when they don’t sleep. We love those little guys, but when they miss naptime, let alone stay up late, they turn on us. Getting kids and babies to bed on time every night means they are better prepared to wake up on time the next morning. 

We have a family-oriented solution from the families at The Natural Patch Co. Stick on a few SleepyPatches to help you, your partner, and your little ones drift off to dreamland: no fuss and no muss. Get the power of sleep with no dangerous or yucky chemicals, just pure, delightful essential oils.

Getting Enough Movement

We all need proper outlets for our energy. Getting the right amount of exercise each day ensures we’re tired when bedtime comes. Lazy days can be fun, but having them too often throws off our routines. So we need to make sure that we go on a walk or a bike ride each day. Something that gets us up and going to get out all the human zoomies. 

Kids need this time to run and play, probably more so than we do. As adults, we have jobs and other obligations that take up a lot of our headspace. That takes a toll on us throughout the day, so we can be ready for bed even without an intense amount of exercise. Kids don’t have the same mental strain at early ages, so they need their bodies to move a little more. 

A Nutritious Diet

Eating a nutritious diet is also necessary for getting into a good routine. Healthy eating habits help keep you going all day and keep you in a positive mood. When we take in the right foods to keep our bodies fueled, we are better able to keep a structured routine. 

Getting kids to eat a balanced diet is a great starting point for a flawless morning routine. Eating right and maintaining a nutritious diet is hard work. When kids realize that they can do the work to keep themselves healthy, they will feel empowered and in control of their own choices.

Parent or child, proper nutrition keeps us motivated to make healthy choices elsewhere in our life. Making that morning routine seem less daunting. 

Where To Go From Here

Now that we know what needs to happen before you start managing a morning routine, let’s go over the steps you can take to put the right routine in place. 

It’s not easy getting a routine in place, but as parents, we hate sending our kids off for the day in poor moods. We don’t want to start our day with yells and fights, so let’s flip the script now. 

Make a List (and Check it Twice)

Your checklist needs to be all the items and various necessities that you need to get your day going. Write them all down, in order of priority as much as possible, and assess.

Which items require the most attention? Are there any items in your morning that don’t need to happen to get your day started? Any items that your kids can do for themselves? Most importantly, any items that could be accomplished the night before?

Take stock of what you’ve written down, what you’ve checked off for yourself and for your kids, and set up time allowances for each. Decide what time everything needs to be done to leave the house on time.

Then count backward to when you need to get up to get it all done. This is the time you need to set your alarm for. 

Set an Alarm

The first few days won’t be easy; we aren’t going to lie. But setting that pesky alarm, and sticking to it, will help get that morning routine started properly.

Don’t set it early for a while; set it at the time you need to wake up as soon as you start your new routine. Getting up earlier than necessary might seem helpful while you get your routine down, but it’s actually going to mess with your day. 

Setting the alarm earlier than necessary might help you get used to waking up early. But when you push back the alarm, even by 15 minutes, you’ll basically be starting from scratch. Your mind and body will be used to starting the day at a certain time, and now you’ve decided to change it. Find the right time you want to get up daily, and just stick to it. 

Set Multiple Alarms

Seriously. Set one alarm for the time you need to get up, and set one for 15 minutes later to ensure you get up on time. Then set the alarm for when you need to get breakfast ready, for when you need to be dressed, and so on.

It might be annoying at first, but you’ll only need the alarms for a little while. It’ll help you get into the routine and get used to the movements. 

Once you’re used to it, you won’t need all the alarms anymore. Do not — we repeat — do not, rely on the snooze button. We know how easy it is to push that button over and over. So set different alarms to get your routine down properly. 

Get Help

It can be hard to get all these routine items down, so having a helpful hand wouldn’t hurt. Grabbing a FocusPatch is just what you need to keep laser-like focus all morning. The blend of lemon, atlas cedarwood, bergamot, and peppermint essential oils will keep you centered and ready to check each to-do off your list. Timely and efficiently (and smelling just lovely).

The best part? It works for the kids too! Your kids need focus as well to get their routine in order. So, putting a cute sticker on them filled with all the essential oils that they need to focus on the tasks ahead is a great first step in their day. 

Helpful Tips For Every Family Member

While all the above is wonderful for getting your whole routine in line, we also have a few helpful points for each member of the family. Specifically and separately. 

For Us

Go to bed with a clear head. Meditate, answer a few emails, handle any obligations you need to before bedtime. Going to bed with your mind cleared will help you sleep soundly and get up the next morning without any worries on your brain.

Make sure to turn off the tv and phones before going to bed. Obviously, the phone should just be on silent as most of us use it for our alarms, but you get the idea. We turn off the electronics so that our brains have a chance to power down as well. Zero distractions mean we can reach deeper sleep and wake up more refreshed. 

For the Big Kids

Big kids will fight us, but these routines are really helping them in the long run. Remember that on those mornings that they really fight you. Even though we don’t expect them to get up on their own, we need to make sure we wake them up every day at the same time.

Consistency is key. It’s hard. But it’s key. You’ll notice the more they get used to the routine; they might start getting up without help. 

As far as homework goes, make sure that you’re checking everything off the night before. Pack their backpack the night before as well. Get their shoes ready and by the door. Make sure that breakfast is ready daily at the same time.

If they still take lunch to school, try doing a weekly menu to make it easier. If they’re coming to an age where they are able to take on more responsibility, it might be time to have them start helping with their lunches. 

For the Little Littles

They obviously require the most each morning. So having them on a solid routine at this age will be best for them and keep you the most sane. Having their clothes picked out for the next day is going to make life so much easier. They will fight us for independence, but keep going with making selections for them as long as possible. 

Having their breakfast on the table at the same time every day is going to be best for establishing a routine. We know it’s fun to ask them what they want, but at this age, that could add literal hours to the morning. Giving them a balanced nutritious breakfast every morning is best. Vary the options daily, so they try new foods and get used to trying new things. 

Keep At It

It’s going to be hard and require patience but keep at it. Don’t give up even if the first few weeks prove to be bumpy. Getting used to a new routine is hard, but we can do hard things. We just have to be as diligent as our kids when they want a lollipop for dinner. 

If it helps, create a small reminder list to keep on track. Write down all the reasons for implementing the routine in the first place, and keep it handy. Whenever there’s a day where the routine gets derailed, read the list. Keep yourself motivated however you can. 

You’re Ready 

These tips and tricks today to get you into a proper routine will have your days structured and happier in no time. We are confident these building blocks will have your mornings running smoothly, and everyone will be better off for it. If you can use these pieces to structure your morning and use our FocusPatches as an extra tool in your arsenal, you will be successful in no time. 


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