The 3 Best UV Detection Stickers for Sunscreen in 2024

The 3 Best UV Detection Stickers for Sunscreen in 2024

Everyone loves to get out and enjoy the summer sun. However, concerns about the health impacts of UV light can worry many families. The sun's rays generate UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation. You don’t have to worry much about UVC, as the planet’s ozone layer handles that. However, both UVA and UVB rays can damage the skin, with UVB associated with an increased risk of skin cancer.

Amazingly, you can now purchase patches that tell you when to reapply sunscreen. These are simple stickers that change color when your sunscreen is losing its effectiveness. Replace sunburn patches with UV detection patches that work as a sunscreen checker, telling you when you need to reapply. You can go to the beach or for a picnic and relax, confident that you’ll know exactly when to put more sunscreen on.

Want to know which you should buy? Read on to discover the best UV detection stickers for busy kids (and grownups) who just want to play in the sun.

Top 3 UV Stickers for Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential for protecting your family’s skin. However, sunscreen users sometimes still get burned because they simply forget to reapply. UV detector stickers could be the answer — in fact, there’s such a buzz about them that they’ve been trending on TikTok.

Remember, these stickers aren’t sunscreen testers and don’t tell you how much to apply or what SPF rating to use. Always follow the advice on the bottle or tube. The stickers simply change color in the presence of UV light. However, studies show that using UV-detection stickers can prompt you to reapply sunscreen correctly.

UV detector stickers have three main layers: an outer, clear layer; a sticky, adhesive layer, and a middle layer that’s made of UV-detecting material. You apply the sticker to clean skin somewhere you know will be in the sun, such as the arm. Then, simply apply sunscreen all over — including over the sticker.

As the sunscreen wears off, that all-important middle layer in the sticker detects an increase in UV radiation. It changes color, becoming highly visible against the skin. You can then reapply sunscreen, keeping you or your kids protected.

Many brands of these stickers are widely available, and we’ve listed three of the top options below.

1. NatPat SunnyPatch UV-Detecting Stickers

Our first entry in the best UV stickers is the Natural Patch (NatPat) SunnyPatch. NatPat is well-known for practical health and wellness patches. The SunnyPatch is an addition to the company’s range that helps families stay safe in summer.

The best UV detection stickers are easy to apply, skin-safe, and fun for the whole family to use. 


  • Multiple pack sizes
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Works with all sunscreen brands


  • Kids without adult supervision may forget to check their sticker

2. SPOTMYUV UV Detection Stickers

This brand of UV detection spots uses the same principle as SunnyPatch. The creators of SPOTMYUV were inspired to help others achieve better than adequate sun protection after their families were impacted by skin cancer. These stickers are tiny dots, which range from clear to light purple to dark purple, depending on the danger your skin is in.


  • Dermatologist and pediatrician tested
  • Skin-mimicking technology


  • Slightly complex to use as requires exposure to UV light before application
  • The stickers wear off easily
  • No fun designs

3. Sunburn Alert UV Body Stickers

An alternative provider is Sunburn Alert, a sticker that turns blue in the presence of UV light. These come in a range of shapes and sizes, from tiny dots to fun shapes like fish, boats, or sunglasses. Most UV stickers say they work for 12 hours, but these claim to work all day.


  • Multiple designs
  • No tan-lines


  • Vague timescales provided around effectiveness
  • A blue sticker may not be as suitable as a purple sticker for every skin tone

These UV stickers for sunscreen application reminders are a handy way to bolster your sun safety routine alongside your chemical sunscreen.

How to Choose the Best UV Detection Stickers

UV sunscreen stickers don’t contain sunscreen themselves but help remind busy families when to reapply. Having said that, only the best UV detection stickers have all the features listed below.

Sensitivity and Accuracy

UV detection stickers must be sensitive enough to pick up changes in both UV radiation and the effectiveness of your sunscreen. Check user reviews to see how accurately the patches detect the need to reapply sunscreen. Satisfied users should be able to use stickers (combined with sunscreen) for hours without getting sunburned.

Durability and Water Resistance

Summer fun tends to include water, from sweaty sports to splashing in the pool or at the beach. With that in mind, check if your UV-detection stickers are water-resistant. If they slide off as soon as you dive into the water, that’s a problem. It’s also worth checking how durable they are, as kids can quickly scrub a sticker off if they’re rolling around or taking clothes on and off.

Ease of Use

It’s important to choose patches that are easy to use, especially if you’re taking kids out to play. You ideally want stickers that you can apply quickly and that have clear, obvious color changes once your sun protection starts to fade.

NatPat reviews show that the stickers are very easy to use, both sticking on firmly and coming off easily. Unlike sticking plaster, they don’t rip your hair out when you take them off.

Skin Safety

When you purchase natural outdoor protection products, always check the ingredients. Harsh chemicals can be damaging to delicate skin. The vendor’s website should show exactly what’s in their UV stickers and if they’re suitable for sensitive skin. NatPat patches, for example, are dermatologically tested for your peace of mind.

Empower Your Skin Protection With NatPat

Say “Yes” to summer with NatPat’s UV-detection stickers. They’re easy to use and change color as soon as UV protection wears off. It’s a simple way to take the guesswork out of using sunscreen.

Remember, even the best UV detection stickers don’t replace normal applications of sunscreen. They’re not actual SPF dots or sunscreen stickers, but they do help keep the whole family protected. By seeing instantly when UV rays are breaking through that barrier of sunscreen, you can take control of your family’s well-being.

Take a look at NatPat’s other outdoor protection products, including mosquito repellent patches and the useful itch patch.


Do UV detection stickers work?

Yes, studies show that those who use UV-detection stickers are more likely to apply sunscreen and stay safe outdoors.

Do UV patches really work?

Yes. By providing a clear, visible indication of when you or a family member needs additional UV protection, you can apply sunscreen at the right time.

What stickers remind you to reapply sunscreen?

UV-detection stickers like SunnyPatch from NatPat remind you when it’s time to reapply sunscreen. They change color as the current layer of sunblock loses its effectiveness. Just glance at the sticker every now and then to see when it’s time to reapply.

How long does UV sticker last?

Use a fresh sticker every time you go out in the sun. Each one will work continuously as you keep applying sunscreen for around 12 hours.

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