Say Hello To Summer Fun And Goodbye to Creepy Crawlies

These easy to apply, all-natural bug repellent stickers keep mosquitos and ticks away all summer long. That way, you can keep your family safe without sacrificing your summer fun.

Welcome to your first itch-free summer!

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Introducing The Super Summer Sticker Bundle!


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Here’s Everything That’s Included 

  • KIDS TICK REPELLENT: Tick Repellent Stickers

    This brand new patch from NATPAT uses similar technology to our BuzzPatch stickers to keep you safe from ticks this summer! 

    This all-natural sticker uses ingredients to repel ticks. The smell makes them avoid their favorite food (that’s you!).

  • Buzzpatch: Mosquito Repellent Stickers

    If you’re used to summers spent waving away a cloud of mosquitoes, then welcome to a new outdoor experience. Thanks to all-natural ingredients, these BuzzPatch stickers are able to deter mosquitoes for up to 72 hours!

  • BUZZPATCH FOR ADULT: Mosquito Repellent Stickers

    You asked - we listened. Introducing mosquito repellent stickers specifically for adults. BuzzPatch offers a natural, safe solution for those who are tired of the discomfort from mosquito bites. Thanks to all-natural ingredients, these BuzzPatch stickers are able to deter mosquitoes for up to 72 hours!

  • MAGIC PATCH: Itch Relief Patches

    Forget your BuzzPatch stickers? Our Itch Relief Patches can still help those itchy red welts – all without ANY chemicals!

    By lifting the skin around the itch, these patches trigger your lymphatic system and encourage healing.

  • NATPAT DECAL STICKER: Decorative Stickers for a Gift

    Have fun with these exclusive NATPAT Stickers! Made from high qualify vinyl they’re perfect for water bottles, lunch boxes, or sticker books

  • NATPAT TOE SOCKS for a Gift

    Choose Your Sock Size:

    These silly toe socks are fun, comfortable, and perfect for active play. Made from high quality cotton so the fun never has to stop.

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What Are People Saying? 

  • Holly P.

    I ordered a couple of packs after seeing someone else talk about them on Instagram. I luckily don’t have a ton of mosquitos around my house but I was camping in the Redwoods a few weeks ago and we were completely swarmed morning and night - the most mosquitos I’ve ever seen. I passed them out to the group and they were a trip saver. After 4 days, the only bite I got was when we were packing the car and I changed out of the shirt I had my sticker on!.

  • Rhenz W.

    Super impressed with the itch relief patches.. they really work and they stay on whether in the pool for hours for days! The repellant stickers also effective. They do fall off certain materials so you need to key and eye on them.. but they work well!

  • Anne A.

    At camp last summer and this summer, I was one of the only people without mosquito bites. Most everyone was using the Off bug spray while I used a small sticker. I also love that they are stickers and easy to apply without having to spray my body. BTW - the camps were in 2 different locations. Highly Recommend!!

3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Peel

Step 2: Stick

Step 3: Adventure

Safe & Natural

Our patches use natural ingredients and holistic methods to achieve remarkable results. And unlike alternatives that use chemicals like DEET or Picaridin, our patches are safe and environmentally friendly!

Kid Friendly

Every parent knows how hard it can be to get your kids to stay still for bug spray – let alone re-applying!  With our patches, you won’t need to worry about that. And if they do end up with a bug bite, our ItchPatch is an easy fix.

Portable & Compact

Ever been on a summer trip only to find that you’ve forgotten your bug spray? Well, not only are our stickers more effective than bug spray, they’re also small enough to keep on you at all times. Never be caught unprepared again!

The stickers come with a resealable bag. When you’re finished applying, replace the stickers in the bag and seal it. When sealed properly, these patches will last up to 24 months. If you have a pack that is past its used-by-date, send a photo of the unopened pack to and we’ll send you a new one.

Our patches are formulated and designed in Australia.

BuzzPatch: Mosquitoes find us by sensing the carbon dioxide (CO2) we emit when we exhale. Certain compounds, including specific essential oils, overpower the CO2 we emit, essentially hiding us from mosquitoes.
ItchyPatch: The cross shape of the tape when stretched across the skin, adjusts the skin to increase lymphatic flow, and help drain the mosquito saliva which is what causes the itch.
TickPatch: This brand new patch from NATPAT uses similar technology to our BuzzPatch stickers to keep you safe from ticks this summer!
This all-natural sticker uses ingredients to repel ticks. The smell makes them avoid their favorite food (that’s you!).

All orders are dispatched the same day and usually take 3-5 days to USA, Canada, and Australia. However, with current travel restrictions, we’re seeing shipping times range between 10-15 days, and in some cases up to 25 days.

Yes! We provide FREE, worldwide shipping on all orders.

4 Packs + 2 Gifts

Super Summer Sticker Bundle

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Best Purchase Ever

too bad I waited so long but now we're stocked and loyal customers. we use the buzz patches for the whole family now after buying them for my 8 month old. they work like magic and we love in swampy hot climate perfect recipe for bugs especially mosquitoes. wearing the patches you will see them fly right on by.

Emma B.


Recently had a family reunion in the woods in Tennessee state. Purchased these beforehand in case there were mosquitos. It took about five minutes to break out the bag! Not one single bite! I’m usually a smorgasbord for insects! I’m a customer for life!!

Michelle W.

Definitely Worth It

I love the bug repellent stickers. My son has a bad reaction to bug bites and since using the stickers he has not had any bites. He went one day outside while away from home and suffered from over 5 bites!

Myrna P.

Works Even Better Than I Thought

I was skeptical but it works. I am the type who gets bit like crazy in mosquito season. I put 4 of them on. 1 on each sleeve of my shirt and 1 on the bottom part of my shorts. They smell great and I like this option for my kids as well. Highly recommend!

Sammuel K.

Such A Great Product

What an awesome product! Such fun designs for easy removal. They work amazingly well!

Jodie M.

These Are Fantastic!

I’ve been a customer for over 3 years. These work as promised.  So many people look at me strangely when I have them on me. When I tell them what they are & that they work great, they ask where to get them. Believe me, I don’t keep it a secret. Pay it forward. I even put them at the top of my car windows so I can keep the mozzies out of the car when I lower the windows for the dog. 

Arleen F.

These Patches Are Amazing

I bought them for my brother and his family and we all have been super happy with the product. I'm getting more for my classroom. 

Sandra B.

Love These Stickers

Amazing product. Completely recommend. My daughter is always prone to getting bit. I placed 4 on the first time; she’s 8 so 1 on each extremity…and she was able to be outside and enjoy playing without any bug bites 

Sheila B.