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30x SunnyPatch individual resale packets in a Retail Display Box

24 patches in 1 pack
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Does your little one struggle with keeping calm? Say hello to ZenPatch! These fun, colorful, and safe essential-oil-infused stickers contain optimal amounts of essential oils like Mandarin, Sweet Orange, Atlas Cedarwood, and Lavender ​​​​to help regulate emotions and hyperactivity for up to 8 hours. Just stick ZenPatch on their clothes and let it work its magic!

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Safe for kids

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Hear that sizzle?... That's the sound of your little beach bum getting their UV dose without a worry in the world!

Introducing the SunnyPatch, UV-detecting patch that saves the day when the sun comes out to play. Just slap one of these cheeky patches onto your kiddo's skin, and it'll transform into a sun-safety superhero faster than you can say "no more sunburns!"

Safe for babies, kids, or even your Great Uncle Bob who still thinks sunscreen is optional!*

Here’s how it works…

Our SunPatch is crafted with a nifty, color-changing material that alerts you when it's time to reapply sunblock on your little adventurer. We're talking about a patch that's smarter than your average sunflower, folks!

Imagine your own personal sun-safety sidekick, right on your child's arm, always on the lookout for harmful rays. When it changes color, it's your cue to slap on more sunscreen and keep that precious skin protected.

So how does this sun-sational invention work, you ask? Simple! Just follow these steps:

  • Find the perfect spot on your child's skin and stick the SunnyPatch on like a temporary tattoo. (Bonus points for choosing a spot they won't pick at!)
  • Lather up your little one with sunblock, making sure to cover the patch too.
  • Watch the magic happen! The patch starts out clear, but as the UV exposure increases, it'll change color to let you (and your kids) know it's time for more sunscreen.
  • Reapply sunscreen as needed, and let the fun continue!

No more guesswork, no more burnt toasties, and a whole lot more laughter at the beach. 

And hey, it's way more fun than chasing your kids around with a sunblock bottle!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Michelle D.

SunnyPatch has brought a whole new level of excitement to our summer days. My kids are more enthusiastic about sun safety than ever before, and I can relax knowing they're protected. Thank you, SunnyPatch, for making sun protection a breeze!

Sarah G.

I can't recommend SunnyPatch enough! Not only is it a fun and effective way to monitor sun protection, but it's also a great conversation starter at the park. Other parents are always asking where we got our nifty color-changing patches!

Grace K.

SunnyPatch has been a fantastic teaching tool for my kids. They've learned the importance of sun protection, and they're even reminding me to reapply my sunscreen now! It's a win-win for everyone.

Ben L.

As a parent of a child with sensitive skin, I was thrilled to find a sun-safety product that's compatible with our favorite gentle sunscreen. SunnyPatch has made outdoor playtime so much more enjoyable and worry-free for our family.

Amanda S.

We tried SunnyPatch for the first time during our recent camping trip, and it was a huge hit! The kids loved the color-changing magic, and I loved the peace of mind knowing they were safe under the sun. We'll never go on an outdoor adventure without SunnyPatch again!