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*SleepyPatch Sleep Promoting Stickers

24 patches in 1 pack
Package: 3 Packs
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Safe for kids

Risk free, money
back guarantee

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Meet the world’s #1 all-natural, chemical-free sleep support for kids!

If you’re tired of the nightly “bedtime battle” with your little one, SleepyPatch offers a fresh, new approach for helping kids fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed.

Here’s how it works…

SleepyPatches use a specially crafted formulation of essential oils to bring on sleep. In other words, SleepyPatch is designed to help calm the nervous system, the mind, and stimulate an overall sensation of relaxation. It works by triggering receptors in the nose, which then sends messages from the nervous system to the limbic system — the system that controls behavior and emotions.

Plus, thanks to our unique nanomaterial, the patches diffuse the essential oil aroma consistently throughout the night (approximately every 30 seconds or so), so you can count on your patches working all night long.

Use 30 minutes before bedtime for the best results!

Does it really work?
It sure does! In fact, SleepyPatch is tested and formulated to start working within just 30 minutes for most individuals. Because of our unique nanomaterial, the essential oils in SleepyPatch will release over an 8-10 hour timespan once taken out of the pack - they last all night long! Plus, research from publications and institutions like the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, the Neuropsychiatric Rehabilitation Laboratory, and the National Institute of Environmental Health Services all report favorable benefits from essential oils.
How many do you need?
For kids and adults, just use 1 patch placed on pajamas, a pillow or bed-head. For the younger kids (0+) we strongly recommend you keep them away from somewhere they may grab them or otherwise put in their mouth. The package recommends that they are for 2+ years old, but kids of any age can use, as long as they are kept from being a choking hazard.
How long do they last when worn?
SleepyPatch lasts all night, thanks to our unique nanomaterial, which releases essential oil molecules into the air. But don’t worry — the scent is gentle and not overpowering so your little one won’t get overwhelmed.
Is it safe?
Yes, and that’s why we love it. Unlike melatonin, sugary sleep gummies, or prescriptions, SleepyPatch is just as effective without nasty side effects like dizziness, morning grogginess, or nightmares. If you find that other sleep aids are too strong for your little one or you’re worried about the ingredients in most other sleep support products, SleepyPatch is the way to go. With no known side effects, it’s truly one of the best ways to promote healthier sleep habits.
How long will shipping take?
All orders are dispatched the same day and usually take 3-5 days to the USA, Canada, and Australia. However, with current upheaval in transit times, we’re seeing shipping times range from 3-15 days, and in some cases up to 25 days, but rest-assured we will ship your patches from within your country.
Where do you ship to?
We ship to the USA, Canada and Australia. As more countries open up, we will update this frequently asked question.
How much is shipping?
We will always provide a free shipping option! For some orders, we are able to provide an express option for an extra fee. For most smaller orders, we ship them without tracking, for multiple pack orders we will try and ship with tracking.
Do you wholesale or supply to retailers
Yes! You can read more about becoming a retailer and buying at wholesale prices over on our wholesaler enquiry page. If you are looking to purchase from a retail location, please head to our stockists page.
Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, we do! The main way is to purchase multiple packs, but we are often running sales on our website.

Using SleepyPatch is both easy and fun.

🌝 First, make sure PJs are on.

🌗 Next, choose an emoji face sticker with your little one — they’ll love this part!

🌒 Lastly, stick the SleepyPatch on your kiddo’s pajamas. Or, if your child tends to move around at night, you can stick SleepyPatch right on their bedframe or pillowcase for the same, effective sleep support.

(And don’t worry — our adhesive easily un-sticks to clothes and furniture so you don’t have to worry about picking stickers off of anyone’s clothes or bed).

For kids and adults just use 1 patch placed on pajamas, a pillow or bed-head. For the younger kids (0+) we strongly recommend you keep them away from somewhere they may grab them or otherwise put in their mouth. The package recommends that they are for 2+ years old, but kids of any age can use, as long as they are kept from being a choking hazard.

Each pack of SleepyPatches comes with 24 natural essential-oil-infused emoji face stickers. These colorful patches are made with medical-grade non-woven fabric and a blend of Mandarin, Sweet Marjoram, Lavender and Vetiver essential oils. They will last up to 6 months from opening when resealed within their zip-lock bag!

SleepyPatch is perfect for putting on on bed frames, pillowcases or pajamas! Since they’re easy to peel, stick, and un-stick, you don’t have to worry about sticker residue.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 111 reviews
H. (Pittsburgh, US)
Helps My asd child!!

My son is 8 and struggles to fall asleep. He is autistic so I guess This can be normal. Well tried melatonin and yes it works but idk not a fan. Tried these and wow work great and as routines work for him using this daily works!! Bought many times so far and will keep purchasing. Thank you for making these. Even got the adult ones. And they help me If I need it.

E. (London, GB)
I was sceptical but 4 weeks in: LIFE-CHANGING

Our 2 year old was really sporadical in his sleep, a week or so of sleeping through, and then months on end of being up at least once a night, settling only after yet more milk and us losing between 2-3 hours of sleep a night. I bought these on a whim and the first night he was still up, but since that we’ve only had one night where he hasn’t slept for 11 hours, and that’s because he was uncomfortable with constipation.
He is also going to bed earlier - starting to settle himself and sleeping longer. But most importantly we are getting a solid nights sleep. We put them under his sheet as I do worry he would try and chew them but it still works. TL:DR -
these changed our life.
Could it be coincidence? yes, of course, but I’m not risking it 🤣

B.G. (Tauranga, NZ)
Best thing ever

Since turning 2 we have really struggled putting our son down in the evening up to 3+ hours. Since using the patch it takes about 20-30min and wakes less through the night. ❤️ also Caz from support was very helpfull with my order.

R.W. (Kennewick, US)
Worked for one toddler, not the other!

I saw an ad on Facebook for these right after having a conversation with my husband about our girls taking forever to get to bed (absolutely creepy how your phone listens to you like that, I know) and I decided to go ahead and just buy one pack to give them a go. I was honestly pleasantly surprised! It worked amazingly for one of my toddlers— I let her pick a sticker, she put it on and within 15 minutes she was out! At most it has taken a half hour for her to fall asleep, which is far better than the 1.5-2 hours it normally takes. It did absolutely nothing for my other toddler (a year older) unfortunately. In regards to the stickers themselves, the designs are cute and the smell is just subtle and strong enough, but they do fall off VERY easily. These won’t work on every child but if you’re on the fence about buying, I’d definitely suggest getting one pack to try out like I did. It’s too bad the stickers didn’t work for my oldest, but I’ve only had to wrestle one of my girls to bed instead of two the past couple weeks so I consider that a win!

K.J. (Melbourne, AU)
Customer service

The customer service I received during our experience using the sleepy patches was outstanding. Caz has been simply amazing. Definitely a loyal and trustworthy business who cares about each and every customer.